Triangle and a Rooster

Triangle and a Rooster

Not sure what happened, but I fought off all my alarms today until I looked over at the clock and completely panicked.  Little after 5 to do my routine and then the drive to the 15 min to The Matrix, which is why I have not been to this AO in years.  I have been wanting to come to this site for quite sometime, so why not Q it.  Thankfully, the drive did not take as long as I thought,  I arrived at 05:25 with plenty Of time to spare.  Not sure of the arriving order, but I stepped out and OT and Cage joined me and at 0530 we kicked it off.


Warm UP

Took a lap (memory lap) around the school.  More lit then I remembered and most of the holes had standing water in them.  However, the field behind the school is as dicey as I remember.  End up by the small track

In cadence: SSH, Arm Circles, IW and a few hamstring stretches


Main Event

Deconstruct the burpee

At each corner do the following (below) once back, take one more full lap and then 6 count burpees x10

  • Squat x20
  • 2 foot plank ups ?? x20 (this was to recreate the thing in the burpee when you bring you 2 feet from plank position)
  • Merkin x20
  • Jump Squats x20
  • Run a lap and 10 burpees


Ab work then Mosey to the jungle gym


3 rounds of the following:

  • Dips x20
  • Decline merkins x10
  • Incline merkins x10
  • LBC x20
  • Pull ups x10


Mosey to the Rock Pile/ grab lifting rock

Instructions: Lift then drop the rock/ run to the 20 and back / lift-run to the 40 / lift-run to 60 / lift- run to the 80 / lift run to the port-O-potty (well over 100 yards)

Here is what we lifted: 15-20 depending on the size of your rock

Bi / Tri / Over-head press / Squat


Ab work – Mosey to the school

Wall sit / Donkey kicks x2


Mosey to Parking lot…..DONE


Take out- O’ Tannenbaum- thank you!



  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead, even if was a desperate plea for help from Poptart (sounded REALLY desperate..heal up??)
  • Again, I was really looking to get back to the Matrix, it was the the first Monday in A51 .
  • OT and Cage were getting after it today.  We stayed close and got it done today
  • Still one more then my last Q on Friday, so we ended on a Triangle v Circle of Trust
  • I am not sure why the rooster thought it was time to wake up everyone at 5:50, but he was tearing it up.

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