Tour de Frozen

Tour de Frozen

Well its Rubbermaid’s fault. He invited me and then said that we had places we could run. Since I had never been to the site before I relied on all of the wonderful suggestions on where we could run. I am pretty sure we saw most of the AO and a lot of mumble chatter was had about how close their home was. This group was either too intimidated by my authoritative leadership style to give me any mumble chatter my way, or they were just very polite. This group all joking aside while grumbling the hills and the stop sign burpees were some hard chargers. Shop dog and Chainsaw only smiled as it got harder and encouraged the group.

Now some of the highlights are that the entire entourage got a full 5 K. Sorry for going over 1 minute but we were going to get it done. We had the sub zero joke off where the rules are made up and the scores mean very little but everyone had a good time. Beige is the best color for ceilings. You had to be there to get the rest of the joke. If you don’t show up you don’t get the fun stuff. We learned a new way to stack the cinder blocks.  Plenty of good mumble chatter this morning and if you know me the worse the conditions the more I like to hear. It was a true honor to lead this group of men. Thank you for having me and I hope to be back again.

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