“I ain’t no gizzard”

“I ain’t no gizzard”

This was a morning when the pax stayed in their cars until the very last minute, except Spackler who came flying in late…he likes the attention.  The pax was disclaimed and off we went for another edition of RockZero.  I think O’ Tannenbaum showed up at about 8:10am.

I’m not going to list everything we did, rather, I’ll list a few things we didn’t do:

SSH’s, Tunnel o’ Love, Plank Jacks, Chest-to-Chest Partner Carries

We did a lot of exercises to 20, some to 13 (of course), and others to 15 or 10

Did some backwards bear crawls up the turf hill in front of the rec building, some rock work, some work at the hot box including some double squat jump up’s, some burpees.

Spackler was overdressed, and kept whining about dropping off all his extra clothing at his SUV.  Um….no.

Hoover did a pre-run by himself.

Circuit City overslept and missed his normal DaVinci post.  He won’t admit it lest he anger the SOB’s, but he likes RockZero better, and it’s much closer to his home and allows him to sleep for an extra 1/2 hour on the weekend.

Cottonmouth talked with Bounce for about 40 minutes about taking Creatine or some such…I think they worked some deal in the parking lot afterwards as Cottonmouth is a supplier.  Runstopper wore manpris.

Jet Fuel was quiet today…and said he would likely not vote for Tommy Tuberville for governor of Alabama.  rolldamntide.

Stone Cold wore extra warm gloves…so he says.

Ductwork wore elbow length ski gloves….YHC noticed after the workout….weird.

Levi just puts in the hard work and wants no fanfare.

Boerewors was getting after it as well, but was not a fan of the rock work and runs.

Last week, Geraldo was talking about the launch of F3 Long Island…it was warmer there this morning than Rock Zero.

It’s getting to be dinner time, so I’m going to sign off, but must say thanks to Hoover and Geraldo for tapping me to Q.  Was struggling towards the end, but hope you fellas got your money’s worth.  We hit 2.8’ish miles, which is well beyond what I would normally do.  You’re welcome.

There’s a Beer Mile in April at a south Charlotte middle school near you.  Gummy is the Grand Marshall.

And Levi told the pax to give blood or platelets or some sort of bodily fluids at a center near you.

In the immortal words of Coach Norman Dale of the Hickory Hoosiers – “I love you guys.”

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