Black Ice

Black Ice

Since Gerber has been bugging me about a BB he must want to see his name mentioned or he wants his participation trophy.

Mosey over to the back of the HS for some stretching warm-up. Keep it simple today.

The Thang
20 step up on the bench. Gerber and Hollywood go one way around the jungle island and Hooch and I went the other way. When we met up, we did 10 of a call exercise then back to the benches. Of course, Hollywood and GERBER beat us back every time. We did that 4 times.

Over to the track we mosey. Start with the bleachers skipping every other secetion with lunge walk and bunny hops between. Then run around the track to the pullup bars for 5 pullups. Once we got back to the steps to go back to the bleachers, we would circle back to pick up the six. We did these 4 times with 20 incline merkins, dips, and big boys replacing lunges. Forgot to mention Gerber did a great job again.

Start heading to the front of the HS and we stopped at each light pole for 10 runners bridge. Made it most of the way back before we had to call it and get back to COT to meet up with a small Impromptu group.

The only way I was able to slow down Hollywood and Gerber was to run bleachers. Gerber shared that some of his speed has come from foam rolling every night for the last 6 months.

Hooch doesn’t make to as many workouts as he would like but he’s putting in the miles every week on his own. It would be easy for him to skip all those days and he choose to get up early to put in the work. Great discipline Hooch!

Your biggest fears are opportunities for your greatest growth. Embrace the fear!

See Impromptu for announcements.

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