Was it the snow, ice, cold or YHC

  • When:02/21/2020
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Was it the snow, ice, cold or YHC

In a tweet about today’s upcoming activities at Joust, I may have mentioned about ringing the bell and we would head to the mountains.  Either the cold weather kept the Pax way or Pax caught on we were running to McHorsey.  Either way, site Q extraordinaire- Duct Work figured out the plan and still drove in.  I coaxed him out of his truck at 5:28, small talked until 5:30 and besides the car coming into the lot that was facility staff and not another F3er, we took off.

.7 mile run to the bottom of Old Bell and Blue Ridge (basically the gate of hell for hills).

The Warm Up

Since no disclaimer was given, I knew DW was not a SSH fan, so I offered to modify the workout as needed.  Although he and I both thought it would have been funny for me to do SSH in-front of him…and not like a short version of SSH, the long 50 or 100 and just have him watch me the whole time, here is what we did.


Arm Circles

Brief stretching

Maybe something else


The Thang


We were already at the base of the hill, so here was the plan.

Start with:

Calf Raises x20

Wide arm merkins x10

LBC x20


Run up to the driveway on the left, Monkey humpers x20 and backpedal down


Repto to second driveway

Run to the flag pole and wait for the 6…well, we just planked to catch out breath


Gather the Pax (just made sure Duct Work was ready to go) and we ran to the base of  Old Bell & Wilby/ Mountain View


Triple nickle up Old bell hill to first light pole, Diamond merkins at the top / Wide arm merkins at the bottom.


Moseyed on to the flag pole for some Mary

– Right over left/ left over right crunch x10

– LBC x20

– Boat / Canoe

– Heels to heaven x20


As tradition has it, pause for an intimate rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance at the mighty green lit flag pole.  If you have never seen it…#worthy


Mosey to the bottom of Wilby and Sardis and wait for the 6 (catch our breath)


Run back to the lot…few more minutes to spare


2 rounds of:

– Step ups x20 (10 per leg)

– Dips x15 / Incline merkins for DW



Announcements: None

Take out: We did not have a formal ending pray / encouraging words, but we did talk about the personal work that DW does for a close friend that he meet at the church.  Not that he needs it or asked for the following, but DW is a good dude and takes amazing care of this guy.  It started by mowing his law and blossomed into much more.  If you know DW, this is not the only thing he does in his spare time.  However, this individual  doesn’t have any family and really needs help and guidance as he gets on in years.  It’s honestly the best example being a better man! Helping others in need and extending yourself including your spare time to make someone else life better.  #strong


Ye Old Mole Skinny

– I am not going to take it personally, I blame the low turnout on the weather…which was no worse then any other cold wet day

– Thank you for keeping me on the Q list DW, having gotten sick earlier this week it was nice to get moving

– I am not saying that we had a 6 today, but DW and I have a sort of interesting past.  At Fast Twitch (years ago), I apparently was early and standing around with all of the runners that showed up, so when I saw him pull into the lot and step out of the car, overly eager to have someone to run with, I said, “Great, here comes the 6”.  He did not take that as a complement when he exited his vehicle?  Wonder why??

– This is an awesome site (although we did not see much of it today), keep supporting it.  I had other plans of gear, but with the threat of rain and snow, I did not bring it.  Then happy that I did not pack the car up for a full gear workout with just him and I.


Have a great day!


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