Frack misses tee time . . . Tee box is open

Frack misses tee time . . . Tee box is open

14 Golfers, including 1 FNG, jumped the fence at Bushwood and snuck in 18 holes before the sun came up.  YHC opened up GroupMe while using the Squatty Potty restroom and realized Frack sent out a late night plea asking for a substi-q.  I thought Why Not, and grabbed the Bushwood uniform (sleeveless collared shirt) and off we went.


  • Quick mosey
  • SSH, Merkins, LSS, Peter Parkers


  • 4 corners
    • Run 4 corners, do 36 reps
    • Run 3 corners, do 27 reps
    • Run 2 corners, do 18 reps
    • Run 1 corner, do 9 reps
  • Round 1: Merkins
  • Round 2:  Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch squat, heel click jump)
  • Round 3:  Flutters


  • Partner Foursomes
    • P1:  4 Pull-ups, 8 Merkins, 12 Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2:  Lap around track
    • 20 total times


  • On way back to COT, we got side tracked
  • Finish off Round 4 of 4 corners
    • Carolina Dry Docks


  • Welcome FNG Baby Face . . . Last name Gerber but I’m pretty sure LazyBoy was just looking at this guy when he blurted it out
    • Current FDNY firefighter commuting back and forth for a few more months before he officially retires to the South.  Welcome to New York South!
  • Congrats to Big Ben who continues to lose weight . . . Yelling out “245” in name-o-rama . . . If that is actually his age, he looks tremendous . . . I smell a VQ coming up!
  • Kudos to The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site is great and continues to pull in solid numbers and I obviously love the golfing angle
  • TERRIBLE JOB by The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site was built on integrity and proper Dress Code . . . Wayyyyy too many sleeves this morning
  • Thanks to Delta for joining YHC with the sleeveless today
  • Noonan and Fiji are getting fast!
  • Long Haul and Carb Load have always been fast and showed it today . . . Well done on that last round of CDDs
  • Wrigley and High Hat are hard workers . . . I hear those grunts


  • Christ’s Closet giveaway this Saturday 9am-3pm.  Need help during the event to restock and organize items (even 30 minutes) as well as before the event bringing furniture from the house (trucks especially needed)
    • Reach out to Dana, Shop Dawg, Ice 9, and/or Ackbar for more details
  • March 1 Q Challenge:  We will need 67 separate men to lead a workout . . . Each workout needs to have a different Q throughout the entire month.  Don’t wait for people to ask you, please reach out to the Site Qs:
    • Flash:  Rockwell, Chicken Little
    • Ignition:  Gerber, Hollywood
    • Asylum:  Damascus, Swimmers
    • Watchtower:  Doughboy, Smithers
    • Bushwood:  One Star, Knish, LazyBoy
    • Dromedary:  Goodfella, Dana
    • Chiseled:  Rudy, Fuse Box, Glidah
    • Floater:  Foundation, Carb Load (no, it’s not you Deadwood)
    • Clyent Dinner:  Centerfold, Bottlecap
    • Swarm:  Deflated, Hooch
    • Impromptu:  Ackbar, Recalculating
    • Diesel:  Chastain, Brutus
    • Homecoming:  Banjo, Posse
    • Commitment:  Run Flat, Rubbermaid

YHC took us out.  #CradleToGrave . . . Let us see and treat people the way Jesus did!

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