Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser

10 PAX made their way to #F3Skunkworks for some KB work and a bit of running.

The Thang:

The PAX was properly disclaimed and got right down to it.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • 8 Count Body builders x 10 IC

Catch Me If  You Can

Partner up, like sized  bell, Partner 1 farmer carries both bells while Partner 2 performs 10 merkins and chases Partner 1, then flapjack. Continuing around the church.

Hill Suicides

Staying with your partner , Partner 1 runs to the first median and back; second median and back, to the road and back, while Partner 2 performs called exercise, then flapjack.

  • Goblet Squats
  • Swings
  • Flutter Kick Presses

Dora 1, 1, 1?

Partner 1 sprints across the the parking lot light while Partner 2 performs called exercise, flap jack.

  • Overhead Presses x 100
  • Teabag Squats x 100
  • Upright Rows x 100


Return to the launch point with a few minutes left for some Mary.

  • Flutters x 15 IC
  • Rosalia x 11 IC


  • Great effort by the PAX today, I really appreciate you guys coming out and supporting this site.
  • Stone Cold aptly observed that YHC doesn’t post to Skunkworks often. In fact , the last time I posted here was the last time I Q’d here back last August. Kettle Bells have been off the menu for a while, mostly due to my poor form. 
  • It really has been some time since I’ve been to the site, it is a lot better lit then I remember. Horsehead pointed out that there were a whole bunch of trees were removed from the loop around the church.
  • Horsehead was on the fence as to which of his bells to choose for the workout until YHC informed him of the planned CMIYC around the church. Or as Horsehead called it the “stupid long way around the church “
  • Stone Cold was none too pleased when YHC called for  3rd round of hill suicides, something to the effect of “Oh Come On!” You’re welcome.
  • Red Card beat out Smokey in the overdressed category this morning with a fleece and sweatpants, which looked like capris by the end of the workout. It was 50 degrees, come on man.
  • I think Lois liked the workout, he said something to the effect of “it was good, but sucked”
  • Red Card, Smokey, and SC were killing the hill suicides.
  • Header has to make an early exit for work or something. He was quite chatty during COP.
  • Eight Count Body Builders seems to be a real crowd pleaser. Quite a bit of parts to this exercise, the plankjack in particular, which throws some people off. 
  • Funky Cold is on IR, hope he makes it back real soon.
  • TCLAPS for the 3 pre-runners Stone Cold, Horsehead, & Hitchhiker?
  • Thanks to Funky Cold and Tulip for opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.


  • BRR & Christmas Party

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