Burpees and More Burpees

Burpees and More Burpees

23 Men came out this morning for some high mileage and way too many burpees.  I let Smithers(who is down like 30 freakin pounds btw) know that we would be heading off campus and to bring some headlamps.  I really enjoy the neighborhood next to Watchtower.  It has nice wide roads, gradual hills, good lighting and well designed for our purposes.  My partner in crime Zin Man was coming off a 4 day party in South Beach so we were kind of touch and go on the ride there with his stomach rumblings.


That Thang:

Warm up lap and circle up in front of the school.

SSHx15, LSS x10, Merkins x15, stretch the hammy’s and calves for Bobby, Wide arm Merkins, 6 inches Plank Jacks and the blood is flowing.

Let’s Mosey to the Neighborhood, stop for 5 Burpees on the way to let everyone catch up.

First Exercise: 1 Dry Dock on one side, 10 on the other side with 5 Burpees in between and top of the hill.  Next round 9 and 2 and Dry Dock count, the idea is to continue to 10-1 reps have been completed in opposite ends of where we started.  Transporter put this exercise on us at Swarm a couple of months ago and it has stuck with me as being awful!  However, we did Merkin Shredders at each end instead of Dry Docks.  It was really Bad!  We probably could have done 3 miles if we completed the rep scheme but it was time for some pull-ups.  Let’s Mosey back to school by first partnering up with one partner going one way and the other goes the other way around the loop to meet back up at intersection on the way out for 10 hand slap Merkins.

Next Exercise: at the playground partner up for Cindy(5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 15 squats), one partner does this while the other runs a lap around the track.  Each partner does 2 rounds of each.

Mosey to front of school to hit one burpee at every light pole on the way back to COT.  Done!


Everyone I thought pushed hard this morning.  We had perfect weather that I’m sure will change by tomorrow with our lovely weather here in the Queen City.  I believe everyone clocked in between 3.5-3.8 miles so great job to all.  Great Job to FNG Man Touch!  He really did cringe when we named him  so job well done to whoever came up with the name!  Big Congrats to 0-69, who’s down 29 pounds since he started posting.  Awesome Man, keep coming.


Mark this Moment for Father Daughter Dance.  March 6th at Ballantyne Hotel.

Gladiator this Saturday, Place yet to be determined.

Rooster marathon relay, Rock Hill sign up


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