Save the Hole

Save the Hole

It was a warm and windy 66 degree morning at The Fishing Hole.  4 veteran PAX rolled out of the fartsack and here’s what we did:


*Disclaimer was disclaimed.

*Mosey up Little Ave. to the Panera Bread shopping center for COT:

*IW X 15

*Toy Soldier X 10

*LSS X 10

*Little arm circles each way x 20


*Merkins X 15

*MC X 10


#1 – mosey to base of shopping center for:

*5 burpees and run up the stairs and around and down the stairs and back;

*10 burpees and repeat up and around and down;

*15 burpees and repeat up and around and down.

*people’s chair w/ air presses X 50


#2 – mosey to McMahan Dr. and stopped in middle of street for:

*10 merkins at center

*10 LBC’s at stop sign, then back to center for 10 merkins

*10 jump squats at end of parking lot, then back to center for 10 merkins

*10 heels to heaven at the Wells Fargo, then back to center for 10 merkins



#3 – Mosey the long way around campus and around football field and back to launch for Mary and then we called it.



It’s always an honor to lead, especially at the Fishing Hole.  This is one of my favorite AOs.  Not only because it’s the closest one to my house, but it’s also the one that I could always go to when I was recovering from my leg surgery last year.  It’s considered a “moderate” workout, but don’t let that fool you.  That means lower mileage but higher intensity.  With lower mileage, this AO offers plenty of opportunity to modify the called exercises which accommodates those of us who are coming back from injuries, recovering from races, etc.  And it’s very FNG friendly.  The numbers have been off for a while due to whatever (too many other competing workouts, too cold, too wet, too tired, blah, blah blah) so I was very appreciative when 3 veteran PAX rolled in at 5:27 am ready to put in some work.  It’s a great AO with a lot to offer.  Come pay us a visit sometime.  We’ll make you feel welcomed.

Frehleys stayed busy providing helpful feedback for YHC during the workout.  He was particularly thankful for the lengthy COT where we made sure he was all limbered up before getting too far into the workout.  However, I don’t think he was so thankful when YHC called out so many burpees at the 1st workout station.  I can’t repeat what he said here…

Chopper put in a solid effort as always and continues to amaze me.  I hope I can get around the AO like he does when I’m 60.  Much respect.  We’re also thankful for his clean bill of health from his recent prostate cancer scare.  God is good!

Cooter, Sr.’s new job is going well and we’re happy for that.  He hasn’t been able to post much lately due to his new work schedule so it was good to have him back out in the gloom.  And yes, that makes 2 Cooters at the same workout.

Great work today, men.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


* Cooter, Sr. takes the Series 7 on Friday, 2/21.  Prayers for him while he make final preparations this week.

*Chopper is running the Charlotte 10 miler.  Prayers for a safe race.

*Frehleys’ mother-in-law is in the hospital with bronchial issues.  Prayers for her healing.

*Prayers for YHC’s friend who’s having another reconstructive surgery stemming from her breast cancer.  Cancer sucks.

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