Millenials only eat Tide Pods and Avocado Toast, right?

Millenials only eat Tide Pods and Avocado Toast, right?

Another Monday in 2020, so it was time to start week 7 in the kettlebell program.

The Thang:

Some pax did a little warm up OYO

Overhead presses 5 x (1-2-3 reps) each arm.  You should be lifting HEAVY

Snatches 5 X (10 snatches each arm + 20 Sec of rest)

4 Rounds of Farmers carries for 90 seconds


Announcements:  None


This was the first day we switched from doing swings to snatches.  The last time we did swings at Swole, we did 30 minutes of 10 1 handed swings per minute.  The snatches were a big step up in intensity.  The weinke called for 20 seconds of rest between sets but I have no problem admitting I took more than that.  I was smoked.

Due to the amount of time we’ve needed for swings recently, we haven’t been able to finish the farmers carries at the 45 minute workouts.  With the snatches not taking as much time, everyone had enough time for all sets of farmers carries.

Wild Turkey has been a regular attendee at both Swole Mondays and Meathead Wednesdays.  He has commented how he feels himself getting stronger.  Great work!

YHC wasn’t as motivated to put a playlist together on Sunday night so we listened to Guns N Roses Pandora(GNR, Bon Jovi, Lynard Skynard, Ozzie, AC/DC).  It also had commercials for TidePods which, resulted in an interesting discussion about Millenials.

See you at Meathead on Wednesday!

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1 year ago

Thanks for leading and writing a backblast. I’ve been delinquent of late…

PS – snatches are brutal

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