A little more than stretching happened

A little more than stretching happened

7 Pax and 1 pre-runner posted on a chilly Saturday AM for #Tipping Point in Monroe.  Although Glass Joe was concerned that we would do yoga and awkward looking back stretches the whole time, we got in plenty of upper and lower body work.  Even some running for an asthmatic Q.

7 AM start.  7:05 Bernanke, keeping BOA hours, decides to post. A 5 burpee penalty for him.  PAX enjoyed his pain.

COP  and DSCC-mostly given.



Potato pickers X IC

3-2-1 down Merkin X IC

Mtn climbers X IC

Arm circles large and small OYO

Michael Phelps OYO


1) Mosey to Bridge – Pick a rock and partner up.

  • Push press Squat (partner runs top of road)
  • Overhead lunge walk (partner runs top of road)
  • Overhead squat (partner runs top of road)


2) Rocks in circle – My 2.0, Quidditch, q-jacked and ran this exercise.   He did a great job!   Circle up, complete called exercise, move left until done.  Much mumble chatter concerning the differing size and weights of rocks.  Bernanke’s rock almost crushed Glass Joe head alas he survived.  Maybe next time Bernanke. 

  • 10 curls
  • 10 push press 
  • 10 triceps
  • 15 curls
  • 15 push press 
  • 15 triceps
  • 20 curls
  • 20 push press 
  • 20 triceps

3) Lt. Dan –  Lunge/Squat 1:2, 2:4,….. until 5:20.  Opps need more time and length until we get to next station.  So reverse Lt Dan 4:16, 3:12,….  It was a very popular choice on YHC’s part.  😉

4) People’s Chair – Balls to Wall. – Mosey to bathroom building for a little Peoples Chair and Balls to Wall.  Smokey led the first count down for B2W. Apparently, Vols can’t count without having to pause, think, pause again…   If only he were a ‘Bama grad like YHC.   Subsequent rounds Smokey was forbidden to count down.

  • PC 20 -CC/B2W 10 sec
  • PC 30 -CC/B2W,15 sec
  • PC 40 -CC/B2W, 20 sec

5) Mosley to shelter for 3 Dimes and 1 Nickel.

  • Step ups X 10 (count right leg)
  • Derkins X 10
  • Dips X 10
  • Jump ups X 5


6) Mosey to playground and partner up 

  • Elbow Plank/partner Runs Hotdog Hill….flap jack
  • LBC/Run
  • Merkins/Run
  • Side Plank/Run

7) Mary/360 Plank-Merkins



Prayers requested Hairband’s daughter.


It is always fun to lead tipping point.  A great AO with lots of exercise options.  PAX worked hard and pressed themselves.  Jud’s after is always a second F treat!

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