These go to 11!

These go to 11!

On the night of Valentine’s Day, the banter began about the Area 51 Cold War era of The Rock vs. Day Zero (the combined entity which is now Rock Zer0).  Good vs. Bad.  Capitalism vs. Communism.  Hope vs. Suppression.  Horsehead launched the grenade saying The Rock should just reclaim its name, now that Good, Capitalism and Hope have won out (fine, those are my words, not his).  Sad, misdirected commentary followed from both Prohibition and Purple Haze as if the were journalists from The Daily Worker.  Horsehead later commented that we were clearly crushing Valentine’s Day by re-opening old wounds and taking time to comment on Slack instead of being with our M’s.  He had a point!

But Saturday was a new day!  A fifteen year old (Skipper) was ready for his co and VQ and my daughter was turning 11 (hence the rep count on most everything we did).  This was a day to move forward, not backward.  Hence, that is just what we did as sixteen sleepy studs showed up for a Rock Zero soiree.


After a half-butt disclaimer, we jogged toward the basketball court areas of Calvary for:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Plank Jacks

Hopper Q:

The pax was told to run fellowship-style to the corner of Elm and 51.  They did and we did 11 Monkey Humpers at the intersection, much to the disgust of the oncoming traffic.  We jogged into Rea Woods and found two hills and partnered up.  One partner runs up hill 1 and does 11 of something, while partner 2 runs up the other hills and does 11 of the same thing.  Meet back and do 11 of something together.  Flapjack the hill:

  • 11 merkins: 11 handslap merkins
  • 11 heels to heaven: 11 prarie fire mary (or some phrase like that)
  • 11 LBCs: 11 WWII sit-ups with partner planking at feet

Skipper Q:

We ran back to the Calvary campus (thanks to Spackler we found a shortcut in the fence line), and went to the hotbox:

  • 11 dips
  • 11 step-ups
  • 11 decline or incline merkins
  • Run to the last garbage can on the sidewalk next to the pavilion

The above was completed for there rounds.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Skipper called for tunnel of love.  Spackler played supervisor.

Hopper Q:

Wall work and some sprints to one of the light posts and back.

Skipper Q:

North Face challenge.  Three rotations up the hill and LBC’s in between each one.

Hopper and Skipper Q:

8 or so 50 yard dashes with Mary in between each one  for working recovery.

Skipper finished us up back at the cars with a round of called angles on the protractor.

That’s a wrap!


Observations by Skipper during his VQ:

  • Geraldo is fast!
  • Cottonmouth has a nice truck, even though it’s a Ram!
  • Runstopper can crawl like a beast during tunnel of love!
  • Boondock should star in Men In Black 7 (awesome shades)!

There you have it!

Thanks Geraldo and Hoover for giving my 2.0 and I a chance to co-Q!  That was awesome!  Thanks to the pax for giving him encouragement while he was leading….he enjoyed being with y’all!  Alf rightfully asked at one point when we were going to get some real leadership and have Skipper Q…..couldn’t agree more, man!

Happy 11th birthday to Rowan Smith!  I love you.

Levi, thank you for a great take-out prayer!


Doc McStuffins is recovering well after heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.  He is up and walking and making progress.

Keep Bugeater and his family in your prayers.  His family had a fire at their home, but it was contained and everyone is OK.  Remember to clean your dryer vents!

Hops on Q next week!

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1 year ago

Great to revisit NorthFace. I had missed her so. Spackler continues to stretch the refusenik limits. Can’t remember a workout with so many timekeepers…I’m sure Hopper & Skipper were grateful for the help. OT puts Floorslapper et al to shame with his tardiness. Solid, confident work by Skipper on his VQ

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