Cadence is not my strong suit

Cadence is not my strong suit

Old Man Winter decided to poke his head out today and by the time the 16 somewhat regular pax arrived, it was a balmy 20 (feels like).  A few prerunners 3.1 miles: Happy Meal, Nard Dog, Fire Hazard, Wild Turkey and YHC.  Among many of the topics I will touch on down below, I want to highlight that this was Fire Hazards Q, but he is a liar and still showed up to the prerun and the main event.  If you did not like any or all the workout, blame him or take it up with management.  Also, special shout out to Sprockets and Sling shot who made it all the way from A51 to try something new.  A wonderful disclaimer was provided, most were talking and away we went.


Warm up 

Run to the most wide open parking lot that I could find next to the pond.  ENGAGE MUMBLE CHATTER


The Thang

Count down from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Every exercise was in some form of cadence and we completed  4 exercise for the downward pyramid

-6 count merkins

-Hand release merkins

-Monkey humpers



Short Mosey to the pond

Triple nickle on the hill

– Incline merkins at the top

– Heels to heaven at the bottom


Wheel Barrow to the top of the stairs (I did not ask this time)

As you arrived, grab a partner and wheel barrow to the top (Mary while we wait)

Back down stairs and repeat with partner


Jog back down the stairs back on the main road (pausing along the way- planks, boat canoe) to the path entrance


Complete 2 trips (1/2 the pack go right / half the pack go left and switch)

– Pull ups x10

– Wide Arm merkins / Diamond merkins x20 (supposed to switch for each trip)

– Squats x30


Mosey to rock pile- grab a lifting rock (ok…a moseying rock) and head to building #1


Building 1

– Curls x20

– Presses x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)

Building 2

– Curls x20

– Overhead press x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)

Picnic benches

– Curls x20

– Presses x20

– Overhead press x20

– Step ups w/rock x20 (total)


Drop rock and head back to launch (few pauses on the way)


2 mins of Mary (thanks sprockets) and DONE


Announcements: 0

Thank you Fire Hazard for taking us out in prayer


Ye Olde Mole skinny 

– Given the amount of chatter on slack about what, I am still not sure.  Well I know it was about Stonehenge and not about Da Vinci.  Unsure of the numbers, I scrapped my plans for a gear workout. Also due to the cold, some of my garage toys are had to pick up with gloves- next time

– You can also blame Sprockets.  He hit me up last minute and gave me a HC for his 1st post at the primer Sat workout in SOB land.  According to his BACKBLAST, he had just Q’d a deck of cards workout at Rockzero.  To be a good host we should go exploring today and give the parking deck a break

– So you are welcome…for what?? For stepping in when Fire Hazard bailed, but then showed up anyway

  • In all seriousness, I committed to myself in 2020 to step up when there is an open q for a workout that I can attend.  Maybe even rearranging the schedule w/ the M
  • Q’ing is not hard, cadence can be, specially if you are already a winded 🙂
  • Also, don’t be afraid to call cadence.  Yes, it is easy to have the pax count OYO, but with cadence you force everyone to do every (almost every) exercise
  • I typically don’t prerun a q, that could have something to do with my cadence count in the beginning

– I legit stole the first part of the workout from a Metro workout I attended a few weeks ago.  Yeah, I gave him shit to for messing up cadence.

  • I thought, “how hard can that be”? Well, pretty damn hard.  I knew before I called it that I was going to have to focus on many things: what count, what exercise, etc.

– I heard a lot of things this am: Could we find a more open lot in 20 degrees- Goldburg, longest warm up ever- Madam, lots about the cadence- BG and many others (feel free to commit below…I was deep in thought)

– It was pointed out that I broke plank…I was thinking!  Also my squat form was being questioned-FH…I was thinking

– Kirby- Do you actually look at the temperature before a post?  Dude was in short sleeves and a t-shirt- STRONG (well he wined the whole time:)

– NEVER ask the Pax about doing the wheel barrow.  My question was merely to pair up the Pax with injuries so everyone else that COULD do it WOULD do it.  When I saw 10 hands go up for wanting to pass, I knew you all were getting soft, so we did it anyways- great work

– The pond area was sloppy, sorry way to push through and get your shoes dirty

– Goldburg talks a lot! Welcome back to the AO and feel free to take that back to Conway?? Wherever that is

– General, sorry for almost missing you during COT

– MT had me rolling, on the steps ups, I asked him if he was ok because he was slow to get started and to really do many at all.  He told me, No,  you can never be to careful.  Truth!

– Apparently the rocks and the pull up bars were cold for some, I suggest warmer gloves

– If you want to see what Strawberry did at the other AO, good luck…he already gave 100 reasons why it would be late (or not at all #justsaying)

– Happy meal has requested acess to the F3 South CLT site to post BB, someone is feeling guilty 🙂

– That’s all I got.  I drifted away from boot camps in ’19 and really realized how much I like to hear all of the mumble chatter, even if it is pointed at me.  I give it out, feel free to give it back


Thank you for pushing, have a great weekend!









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