Mmmm,  there’s more than 12 on the pax list,  we had some defectors…. Apparently some them felt that running training was more important than bootcamp when preparing for a 50 miler.  WHATEVER (valley girl voice:)   For those that hung with us got a real workout.

WU:  1 mile run (8:30 -9 pace) Circle up.  Basic.  SSH, Merkins, runners stretch, and Moroccan night club things.  done

The Thang:  Stashed the gear I used earlier in the week.  KB’s, Plates, Smash balls and Dumbbells.  4 groups of 3,  variations of lung walks and plates back and forth with swings and smash-balls.   4 rounds, fun.  Quick worm burners around the lot with two teams each doing two burpees then run to the plate.  Mosey back  (6:40-9min pace)

Moleskin:  Love the Brave,  it’s culture brings out the best in me. I don’t always push myself as hard as I should but when you show up on Friday with a bunch of angry bulldogs around you the expectation is that your going to bring it. So for that I really appreciate leading this group.   Great to see Fahvra back on this side of town, HazMat had some mumble chatter about running, Fire-hazard was not disappointed with the hidden coupons.  Tuck is always smiling and glad he put me on the calendar.   Kudos to the pax training for a 50 miler, that is impressive.

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