Valentines Day with a Chicken and your Date

Valentines Day with a Chicken and your Date

do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed, anyone CPR certified and who has a cell phone


The Warm Up
Mosey around parking lot for 1/2 lap then run around One Stars Car and bang on the hood while he is getting out before finishing the rest of the 1/2 lap– Word on the street is he had a longer bathroom break this morning than expected which created his tardiness.

Circle up for 15 low slow squats, 15 imperial walkers, calve stretch, 5 very slow merkins, 5 very slow wide merkins, and stand up for stretching right/middle/center..

The Thang
Since today is Valentines day the I decided to give the PAX a warm up for tonight to make sure they take care of their significant other today/tonight, either their sweet heart, wife, in some cases of a few PAX members who should remain nameless, each other…lol   All Pax had to grab two bricks out of the back of the Chicken wagon and this will be their date for the rest of the morning—If any of the PAX dropped their date, did not pay enough attention to their date,  put her down on the pavement, or even became to aggressive during the workout and broke their date they would have a large burpee penalty….. Basically be nice to your date and show her love…
Mosey up to long road in front of school and at every other light do 5 jump squats with your date and 10 walking lungees with your date all the way to the stop sign.

Next up is a slow mosey back towards the school and circle up in the small parking lot so we can stop playing dodge cars on busy road for some ab and arm work …

5 big boy sit ups with your date- 25 air jabs with your date in cadence, 5 big boys with your date- 15 air jabs with your date in cadence, 25 LBCS- 15 air jabs with your date in cadence, 25 LBCS- 15 air jabs with your date in cadence

Mosey to the school for some wall work with our date

20 air jabs in cadence with your date, 20 air presses with your date- 5 Mike Tysons with your date- rinse/repeat

Mosey to large parking lot for 4 corners with our date- start in middle then proceed to a corner of your choosing then return to middle after each corner exerciser for 10 curls with your date, 10 bent over rows with your date and 10 triceps extensions with your date. — Each corner was done two times

corner 1 – 10 Bobby Hurley’s with your date

Corner 2- 10 Merkins with your date

Corner 3- 5 Man Makers with your date

Corner 4- 5 Burpees with your date

Mosey Indian run style in 5 groups from parking lot up through the school cafeteria area to transporter shed. The Pax in the back of the Indian run does a burpee with his date before sprinting to the front. When we all get to the shed do 10 Mike Tysons with your date on your own before a nice slow mosey with your date back to COT.

As always I really enjoy leading this group of men and leaders within our community and I am glad Hooch ( before he left for greener grasses at Swarm lol…) let me Q again. Today was a little different due to we all brought our dates to the workout but it seemed everyone pushed themselves as usual and like showing their dates what they do at 5:30am with a bunch of dudes. I am proud to say no PAX member disrespected their date, dropped their date, or left their date behind — solid group of dudes!!! Everyone have a great Valentines day and have a great safe weekend– I better see some of you fools out in the A.M tomorrow.


Rudy is going for the 9er– good luck brother

Chicken Little is going for the Octuplet

Thanks to Hooch for taking us out

Christ Closet next weekend 9am-3pm having give always and always looking for help especially if you have a truck.

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