Her name is Rosalita

Her name is Rosalita

Proud to be the Q on Valentines Day.  Such an important holiday.  It was nice for eight other guys to share my enthusiasm for doing some exercises to help with your love life.  This was the call of the day.

Nice to have both Site Qs at Kevlar for the first time in a hot minute.  Good banter before the workout commenced, Whip let us know that not only is today Valentine’s day, it is also his M’s bday.  He was up early putting rose petals all over the house, etc.  He is a true romantic.

Beaver and Spack met each other for the fifth time, and Beaver took a liking to Spack’s new haircut.  #awkward #GAR

I decided it to be best to give the disclaimer at 5:30 and get us going.

Mosey down to the quad for COP.





Split groups into two.  Group 1 called exercise in quad (merkins, CDD, monkey humper); Group 2 ran up the stairs of your choice and back.


Mosey over to the pre-school area.  Group 1 does called exercise on benches (step ups, dips, incline merkins); Group 2 runs around large knob


Mosey to middle parking lot for Grinders.  Partner 1 stays at first pole, Partner 2 at far stop sign, Partner 3 runs middle.  Numerous exercises done

Mosey up to rock pile, grab one.  10 curls, 20 tricep extension, 30 overhead press; after each set, run down to curb of church and back.  x3

Mosey back to launch for some gassers and stomache.



Lots of chatter pre-workout, really good stuff.

During first round of Rosalita, Spackler queefed, not once but twice.  Really weird dry burner seemingly.  He was proud of a clean exit with no “spackle” left over.  Well done mate.

Tried to really engage the taint/grundle (sp?) area today with Rosalita, monkey humpers, freddy murchisons, dolly, you’ll thank me later.  The mention of Grinders helped guys get in the mood.  All planned, listen to me now, believe me later.

Pro tip, never ask Horsehead to be your timekeeper.  He let me know when it was 5:32, 5:35, etc.  I guess I need another $5 watch for Qs only.

Manziel was inquiring with Whip about the difficulty of doing the BRR.  If you have to ask, your body can’t afford it.  I’ve never even given it a thought, so at least Manziel means well.

I can’t nor don’t want to imagine Valentine’s Day at Cottontail’s house. I’m gonna start calling him Barry White.

Rhapsody was rippin and tearin out there today.  He’s been doing F3 since ’11.  Still the biggest beast out there.

Fault Line wore short-sleeves today.  Bad move

Total mileage today was, I don’t care.

That’s it, gotta get to the romancing.



Manziel continues to lead the charge with Billingsville tutoring on Tuesdays from 4;3o to 5:30.  He’s got 62 kids that need our help, so the more the merrier.  Had nine last week.  Bring it.

Beer mile (cSaup), Spakler’s going


Thanks to Cottontail for taking us out today

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