Where did all the mubblechatter go?

Where did all the mubblechatter go?

E ala ‘oe!!  e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F:
Thank you Slimfast for taking out the Peak51 and Sparta PAX today.
TAP:  Madison and his family as they continue to work with specialist regarding his eldest daughter’s migraines and back pain
TAP: Dr. Thunder’s father as he adjusts to the amputation of his leg this week.
TAP: For all the brothers of F3 needing a silent pray today

2nd F:
Sign up for a Speed For Need race.  The 2020 calendar has been updated and can be seen here:


1st F:
Nothing much to say about the Sparta workout today other than it was a good ole’ fashion old school Spartan back to basic BEATDOWN. (5 miles of running and plenty of exercises)
Arrived at 5:15 and usual suspects were in attendance plus a few extras. Disclaimer given and away we go.  Time to put in some work.

1st stop is half mile down the road in the parking lot of the United Methodist Church of Matthews.
Quick COP:  Imperial Walkers IC to 30 and slow Windmills to 20

1 Mile of 7’s
They had a perfect sized parking lot for a Run focused Bootcamp version of 7s
At one end of the parking lot we performed standard Merkins, the other side was standard Squats.  (You know the drill 6/1, 5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6.)  A little preplanning was required to find the right place in the parking lot to start and stop to make the 6 trips equal exactly 1 mile, but it was identified and the PAX did great with this one.
LBCs for the 6.

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Always face EAST 7’s
We continued down Trade street past Arthur Goodman park to Chaphyn Ln.. Those that are regulars to Sparta know it has a nasty little hill at the beginning with a median we like to run around.
For this one, we were to run up the hill backwards, perform Hand Release Merkins at the top, then run back down the hill to perform Sumo Squats.  WE should have always been facing east, but a few refusniks were starting to show up now and modifications were beginning to be made.  But for the most part, the PAX knocked this 7’s out and we Planked for the 6.

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Karaoke 7’s
WE headed back up Trade street the way we came in and turned into Whitefriars LN (Hampton Green neighborhood)
There is a road that connects Whitefrairs to Fullwood … but its a court that is not a court; Talbot CT ?? that makes about sense as the next called exercise.
This set of 7’s was CALLED for Karaoke right up the hill perform Carolina Dry-docks at the top and Karaoke left down the hill performing Jump Squats at the bottom.
1st trip up the hill and Omaha was called.. YHC forgot how long that hill was.  Modified to Karaoke half way up the hill then switch to karaoke other side to the top and recover run back down the hill.  (You know the drill 6/1, 5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6.) Plank for the 6

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got work to do!

Mary time
WE continue back to the United Methodist Church of Matthews for some Mary.
1st exercise: Flutters IC to 30
2nd exercise: American Hammers IC to 20
3rd exercise: Flutters IC to 15
4th exercise: American Hammers IC to 10

Time to mosey to next location:  WE got COT to do!


That was awful and I am not sure it if was the 66 degree temps this morning or if it was the whole: Things look better on paper than in the GLOOM!
Not much to cover in the moleskin today because the mumbblechatter was surprisingly light today.  I thought when I saw my buddies Fault Line, Horse Head and No Regerts in attendance that the chatter would be epic today.. Those 3 guys typically have some interesting things to share.  But today.. it was pretty silent..  maybe my breath stunk extra bad and they didn’t want me responding.
Full House was out killing it again; that dude has gotten fast and I look forward to trying to chase him in the 10 miler this weekend… at least until that stupid hill at mile 8… (i’m walking that one.).
Box Truck is some kind of anomaly:  He take months off at a time from Sparta and come back to 5 miles of bootcamp and still knock it out.  WTH man!!  You are not normal bud!!
Benny:  What can I say bud??  I know you hate the hands on the ground part… but you keep showing up.  I think you hate merkins as much as I hate running … but we both keep doing them.
Retread has to be the most consistent Spartan there is.  I was trying to think of a time that I was at Sparta and Retread was not?  I couldn’t do it.  I’m pretty sure he actually lives in the Matthews Elementary school parking lot and days dreams all week about 5:15 on Thursday mornings.

Anyway… I got RL work to do..
Thank you guys for allowing me to lead today.



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