Just give it time it always works”

Station work for 16 at MT Chiseled

WU: Mosey, SSH, Merkins, Stretching and something else

The thang: 4 stations,  2 running patterns.    3 stations,  1 min run,  3 more stations 2 min run.   did this 2.5 times.  Mixing up KB swings and shrugs.  Smashball shoulder toss and smash.  Dumbbell snatch and row.

Moleskin:  Fun group of guys, more than I expected so I had to add worm burners as an extra round. Saw a lot of hear, ChainSaw is a monster, better work hard if your going to be anything like him when your 60.   Glider and swimmers led the charge on the runs.  Doughboy killed the smashballs.  Frack really struggled with the weights, but will get him stronger yet.  The mark mosey is picking up pace. Posse always has a encouraging word and the rest of the crew killed it. Thanks for letting me lead.



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