Number 5 Is Alive

Number 5 Is Alive

YHC pulled into the parking lot with only 2 other cars in the parking lot,  with Dollywood and Smokey tucked warmly in their cars.  Red Card then showed up as did Puddin’ Pop and his grey shirt. Suddenly we were five,  and properly disclaimed, then we were off

The Thang:

We started with a quick lap waiting on Floor Slapper to show up, when he didn’t show up at his normal 05:32 so we we went ahead with the workout.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 8 Count Bodybuilders x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Low Slow Squats x 15
  • Windmills x 20

Now properly warmed up, we headed down to Davie Park, and did some Mary while waiting on the six. With the six in, we ran down Windswept towards to  the dog  park, stopping at every street light, with the exception of the unlit one, along the way for 5 squats. When we reached the parking lot we did some Mary.

We moseyed back to the playground, again stopping at each street light, except for the unlit one, for 5 LBCs. At the playground, partner up Partner 1 performed called exercise while Partner 2 ran the hot lap, flapjack. We completed 3 rounds, with Merkins, Dips, and Step ups for the exercises. 

We moved over to the rock pile, picking a lifting rock,  for 3 rounds of Curls, Presses and Tricep extensions.  A quick check of the watch and it was time to head back to the start point for some Mary.


  • Flutter Kicks x 15
  • LBCs x 20
  • Hello Dollys x 15



  • With the amount of rain we’ve had the past week, it was good to leave campus for some drier pastures. 
  • YHC had  planned out the workout last night, but Omaha’d a majority of it with an uneven number of PAX, 
  • It was close to 60 degrees this morning, yet somehow it felt chilly. Dollywood stayed warm in his truck , which he’s known to nap in while waiting for 0:5:30, even sets an alarm for it. 
  • Dollywood led most of the workout, if not all of yet. Red Card was not too far behind him, both of them making it look easy. Good to see him stay for the 45 minutes. 
  • Smokey put in strong work as usual, and was keeping up with our soccer playing pax .
  • Puddin’ Pop did some of the exercises (I think) #Refusenik was in place. 
  • Unlike previous episodes of Death Valley, there were no hills or #TripleNickel, YHC felt like we needed  a day off from both. 
  • The trivia game was slow today, Puddin’ Pop must have been too focused on the workout.  
  • Thanks to Puddin’ Pop for taking us out.
  • Thanks to Dollywood and Smokey for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter.


  • Off the books 50 trail race 2/22, some pax are doing all three loops or rucking 1 loop, check Slack for the details. 

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