It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I am NOT a big man.

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I am NOT a big man.

After an inspirational text from Hops yesterday, (“If I were not site Q, there is 0% chance I would post”), I arrived this morning pleasantly surprised to find 14 gentle men ready for the weekly assault on one of many Area 51 private school AOs. The rain stopped just before launch, so it was a pleasant morning. We did some exercises, mostly involving partner 1 doing something here while partner B runs over there and back, up the stairs and back, around the thing and back, etc. Just over 3 miles, so I’ll probably get dinged by Hops in my review.

Topics of discussion:
– Scratch n Win insists that “40% chance of rain” means that 40% of the geographic area will get rain. I don’t believe him. He crumbled upon cross-examination. He probably fell for the “NASA said today is the only day a broom will stand up” thing yesterday too.
– Despite sparing no expense on the water feature and curved bricks on the new building, somehow the staircase beside the building holds water like the South Charlotte MS track.
– Thanks to Puddin’ Pop for helping me with the hand signals so the guys knew when to stop.
– Reebok showed up in full fleece sweat pants, ready to absorb all the rain he could.

Do yourself a favor. If you haven’t heard Flight of the Conchords, “Business Time”, look it up on your favorite streaming service. Comedy gold. It came up at RockZero because Bounce had his business socks on. It’s business time.


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Tiger-RagPosted on4:30 pm - Feb 11, 2020

Jemaine = Donkey Kong.

HopsPosted on4:47 pm - Feb 11, 2020

I did say that, didn’t I. I meant it….I think though 60 and rain is not bad. 40’s and raining – not posting. 3 miles was a bit much….actually not really. Didn’t seem like that much. Felt like a lot when I about puked up my pancreas on the 400 meter run.
Some other sundry observations:
“full fleece sweat pants” – that’s funny. Doesn’t Nike make other kinds of pants that don’t get so moist?
By Scratch’s flawed info, there was a 57% chance of jump squats and merkins on the triple nickels as only 8 of 14 did it. Check my math, Gummy. And there was a 93% chance of flutters (13 of 14). Only Puddin’ refused. WTH? Is there no limit to what you won’t do, Pop?

One of the funniest exchanges of the morning was as follows:
Hopper: “Little known fact: the 400 was my event in high school”
Gummy: “Really. Doesn’t show.”

Marge can’t (or won’t?) do lunge walks. It hinders his unique running style which also has limited knee movement.

Cottonmouth needs a plumber. Quickly.

HopperPosted on5:43 pm - Feb 11, 2020

Run this through Fact Checker if you see fit: The year was 1987. I was a Senior in High School and Dave Eagleton was THE fastest kid in the greater Youngstown, OH area and went to an opposing school, Struthers High. We both ran the third leg of the 4 X 400 at a track meet and I BEAT him by 0.50 seconds! I repeatedly puked for the next hour, but I beat him. Problem is that was 33 years, 30 pounds and many beers ago! Therefore……..I choose not to run!!

HopperPosted on6:23 pm - Feb 11, 2020

Dave had a big day because was a bad @$$! And I beat him! OK…let’s back up a little…..the article you found via the Salem Quaker paper (which is awesome that they even archived that stuff, I might add) was in reference to the Mahoning Valley Conference meet. When I took down Eagleton, that was a 1 on 1 school meet, not a conference meet. Back to the MVC…..sadly, Poland High (my high school) came in 6th (last) in the 1600 relay at the MVC. HOWEVER, I developed Mono in mid May 1987 (because many girls wanted to kiss me back then…..again, back then) so I was not able to run in the 1600 relay at the MVC, hence Poland came in last and Dave Eagleton did not need to worry about dropping the baton due to sweaty, nervous hands!

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