It is scientifically proven that you gain more muscle if you lift to 80s movie montages

It is scientifically proven that you gain more muscle if you lift to 80s movie montages

Today kicked off week 6 of our kettlebell strength program.  7 pax showed up to swing some iron around.  It was deadlift/waiter carry/clean/squat day and we have been finishing the weinke pretty quickly the last couple times we’ve done it.  I encouraged pax who have been breezing through this weinke to take a step up in weight today, your thighs should be burning today like your forearms do on swing/farmer carry days.  It worked, we didn’t get finished with the weinke main weinke until 6:10.

The Thang:

Quick Warmup:  IWx10 Windmillx10 ArmCircle Forwardx10 Arm Circle backward x10

10 RDLs each leg.  Pax were encouraged to have doubles and to go heavy if possible.

Waiter carries:  5 rounds of 90 seconds each with a 30 sec break in between

5×5 Double Cleans

5×5 Double Front Squats

5 mins left to burn out so I had the pax circle up in plank.  First pax does 1 merkin, next pax does 1 merkin, all the way around the circle until everyone has gone.  Next everyone takes a turn doing 2 merkins.  Pax that fail with their merkins or put their knees on the ground are out.  Time ran out during the 8 or 9 merkin round with most pax still alive.


Announcements:  Program continues on Wednesday.  Rumor is we are going to switch to some snatches instead of 30 minutes of swings.


Here is the playlist

  1. Montage/Team America World Police
  2. Heart’s on Fire/Rocky 4
  3. You’re the Best/Karate Kid
  4. I’ll Make a Man Out of You/Mulan
  5. Eye of the Tiger/Rocky 3
  6. Push it to the Limit/Scarface
  7. Maniac/Flashdance
  8. Danger Zone/Top Gun
  9. Gonna Fly Now(Rocky Theme)
  10. The Final Countdown(not an 80s movie montage but it should be)

The playlist generated a lot of fun mumblechatter as pax described the scenes and plots from the movies.  Unfortunately movie montages are relatively short songs so these 10 hits didn’t quite fill up the 45 minutes that is Swole.  YHC would appreciate another song or two to add to the list for the next time we need extra motivation.


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