98-96 (OT)

98-96 (OT)

Another Monday, another Base Camp.  A very detailed work-out plan with signature clover insignia via satellite imaging was scrapped due to cold weather, very soggy fields, and construction machines lying in wait near the baseball fields.  12 PAX were lucky to endure a very on-the-fly regimen instead.

The theme of the day was 14, i.e., the number of points scored by the winning team on Saturday.  Secondary theme, Brad Pitt is dreamy (I think that’s what was said?)


SSH’s x 14 (almost messed that up due to zero execution on the cadence)

LSS x 14

IWs x 14

(perfectly executed turns to face each PAX for each rep on the above three by yours truly)

Mountain Climbers x 14

Plank Jacks x 14

Fully prepared for it, but no revenge-demonstrations requested by Hopper (thanks!)

Mosey to Rosecliff with 14 CDDs at each speed bump.

Triple nickle time: 5 merkins at bottom of the hill “by the mailbox on the right”), 5 squats at top o’ hill, plank for those finishing early (clarification by Geraldo as to “if you finish early” vs. “if you finish” noted).

Mosey to Fairway Downs Ct to partner up for core work.  Partner 1 runs to cul-de-sac (translation: bottom of the bag, which is what this workout plan felt like), Partner 2 LBCs.  Flap jack.  Second round, Freddy Mercuries.  During said runs, Sardine and I discussed the finer points of both koozies and running lights.

Mosey to the rock pile (on the way, PAX noted again that the lights on South Fork’s fancy car were still on).  Same partners, grab a lifting only rock.  Partner 1 cycles through 10 x curls, shoulder presses and tri extensions, Partner 2 does “that run, you know, the angled route towards the bleachers and then back via the stairs”, flap jack.  Two rounds total.

Mosey to the front of the school for 14 x step-up and dips.

Return to launch for overtime of 14 x American hammer aaaannnnndddd time.

My Steve Jobs watch – which tends to exaggerate – had us at 3.6 miles.  Is that possible?!

Announcement: Christmas Party (probably) October 2020, be on the look out for tickets soon.

There is a crazy 100 mile relay race from Hickory to Boone on March 14.  Mailman mentioned a 50K’er on Feb 22 as well – but the 100 mile relay race info is at: https://f3hickory.com/2019/11/11/mortimer-100/    A group of Boone F3ers are running and raising money in the 100 miler.

The 50Ker info is at http://f3southcharlotte.com/2020/01/27/absolutely-unofficial-and-completely-unorganized-south-mountain-50k/  – several Charlotte folks have talked about getting together for this one (the legend Mermaid one of these people apparently).


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