Let’s see if Posse taught us well…

Let’s see if Posse taught us well…

What a difference 24 hours makes. After making it through a windy but 60-degree warm workout yesterday, this morning’s 27-degree Q school @ Cuthbertson Middle tested the determination and desire of 15 PAX. Hard to tell how many were truly new to the Q but even the pros dialed down their experience levels to show us some of the mistakes they’ve “only ever made once.”

So with a campus full of frost ahead of us, and only one innuendo during the DiCCs, we ventured out.


Quick lap around the parking lot to knock off the frost and then circle up for a demonstration on cadence. Even though I’ve seen several examples of “cadence challenged” Qs before, Posse put them all to shame in a humble effort to highlight POINT #1, how the quality of the Q sets the tone for the grind. Better examples followed and then a quick round-robin of PAX-led warmups using proper cadence (mostly).

  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Mike Tysons
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • And more that currently slip my mind, all at different counts and cadence.

The Thang

Warm up complete and Goodfella sprints to the front of the school. Half the PAX catch up, half get caught off guard and left behind. Point #2 made and we regroup at the front of the school for partner work.

  • ROUND 1: P1 Dips, while P2 does a half lap, flapjack until you hit 50
  • ROUND 2: P1 Step Ups, while P2 does another half lap, flapjack until you hit 50 (numbers clearly not important as Goodfella and I lost track early)

Mosey over to the bus lot for exercises leveraging AO-specific structures. In this case, the covered walkway with columns. After throwing the next exercise out to the group, someone called for bear crawls to the delight of the crowd. Another PAX tried to subvert the exercise by demonstrating an “Alligator Merkin” and the group quickly reversed course and accepted the bear crawls. We originally tried to mix the bear crawls with squat jumps but quickly realized that squat jumps are not a distance sport. Swapped for broad jumps and we’re off. Alternate between the poles. Al Gore while we wait for the 6.

Next up, cross campus movement using landmarks for added pain. 5 burpees per light pole as we headed toward the shed. Plank and Plank Jacks till the group reforms.

Mosey to the rock pile to select a rock. No one told us we were going to shuffle rocks which left some PAX happier than others.

  • Curls x10
  • Presses x10
  • Thrusters x10

Point #3 (probably not as I’m sure we had learned more by now) about proper form and the handling of large rocks (no innuendos) and then back to the pile.

Getting close to time so we head back to the start using the back walkway. 5 Bobby Hurleys per light (thanks for showing me the move) and we’re back in the parking lot. Half the PAX circled back for the 6, other half took turns calling out cadence to keep us moving and warm. Monkey Humpers, Flutters, LBCs kept us loose.

Short mosey back to the cars and POINT #4 (?) delivered about how to fill time (or shorten time) based on the progress of the weinke. Low milage, varying intensity, but high on learning. Thanks Posse.

COT / Announcements

I’m sure there were announcements but I was wrapped up in some mumblechatter.

Posse with the inspirational quote to take us out.

Gerber with the ring light for visual proof of who he can get to Q next week.

The Moleskin

Great group of guys out there this morning. Special shout out to Posse and the site Qs who assisted for getting this group in shape. Hope to see everyone leading their first Qs in March.

Special shout out to Sprinkles who introduced me to the “Merkin Wave”. Gotta steal this as a “Point Break special” to stick with the beach/ocean theme.

Lots to think about as I put my first weinke together. I’ll be out @ Anvil in Area 51 on March 4th if anyone wants to see the results of actually going to Q school. No promises.

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