Say Uncle!

Say Uncle!

Road closures and a super windy morning didn’t stop 5 PAX from posting and playing a game of “Say Uncle”.


Warm up:

10 big arm circles forward and back
Windmills (very fitting this morning)
Potato Pickers

The Thang:

Everyone grab a coupon and do some of the following:

  • 30s – 10 lower half curls, 10 upper half curls, 10 full range curls
  • 20x Kettle bell swings
  • 15x Imperial Squawkers
  • 15 Burpees

And now a game of “Say Uncle”. Full disclaimer, I made this one up last night, but I think it turned out really well and we’re definitely going to do it again. One PAX starts as the leader (YHC in this case) and the leader gets a cinder block coupon. All other PAX get 8 lb dumbbells. All PAX do the called exercise until the leader says “Uncle!”.

The idea was the leader has the heavier weight and should say “uncle” before the other PAX tap out, but the competition factor and being the leader everyone’s watching really made things interesting. After each exercise, the leader rotates and trades his coupon for some dumbells:

  • Curls
  • Overhead Presses
  • Goblet Squats
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Merkins
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Romanian Dead Lifts
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Negatives

We did several rounds of these so everyone got a chance to be the leader a few times. Brutus is a BEAST. He held the 38 lb coupon in a straight armed Negative longer than the rest of us were able to hold 2 8 lb dumbbells. He also crushed us with 50 straight overhead presses.


Diesel does gear. Diesel doesn’t do running. It makes it quite a bit different than your standard bootcamp. One thing it’s great at, though, (besides wearing out muscles you didn’t know you had) is encouraging the morning mumble chatter. This morning we spent the entire 45 minute workout in a small circle facing each other, lifting, talking, and occasionally saying “uncle”.

Welcome back Big 10!

YHC took us out


Q School tomorrow – Cuthbertson Middle – 0630

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