A Windy Gloom and a Few Brave Souls

A Windy Gloom and a Few Brave Souls

My goodness was the weather confusing this morning. Got up and it said it was 57 but then quickly dropped to about 50 when the workout started. But then add in all the wind it probably felt more like 45. What to wear, who cares we are real men, right? We don’t worry about those things… 🤔 Well, after a crazy day of tornadoes, rain and storms I think the PAX welcomed the dry air.

So about this time a month ago I Q’d the Brave and wanted to see if we could make it all the way to Morrison Y, Bradshaws, Murderhorn and then back to COT within the hr while stopping for a few dance routines. Ok, maybe the dance was on the weinke but again these were manly men so we laced up our running straps and did burpees instead – a lot.

This time around being the original Q that YHC is, i decided we would do this route again but this time in reverse. So for those that were privy to last months workout, you were able to receive a second dose – don’t you feel privileged?

Let’s start from the beginning. To my surprise Fahvra had made a return, but exclaimed this had actually been his second time posting this week – impressive. Especially for a guy that lives all the way over in Tega Cay, living the high life. Well, he decided to grace us with his very fast presence this morning.

Lively group this morning and was excited to see so many posting on such a windy day. It got me motivated a little. We had an overall fast group today so I knew we would be ok doing the same route (in reverse).

We quickly marched up Ballantyne Commons and into Thornhill to find the murderhorn playground where we did 3 sets of 5 pull-ups and 10 LBCs by the road.

After that a quick mosey up murderhorn and onto the staircase above Bradshaws we did 7s – Burpees and Jump Squats. Fire Hazard and Fahvra took off and led the whole way. I believe they even got an extra round in. Taco Stand was carrying me through and I tried to keep up but I am pretty sure he passed me. Dude is getting fast and is posting a lot – great job!

We were now half way through and already at 2.4 – as Fire Hazard exclaimed. I didn’t tell him but I already had 2.5 even though I was behind him. He must have been talking breaks somewhere.

”Let’s go”, YHC exclaimed and we were off to our next destination – the Shell station at the corner of Elm and Bryant Farms. At each pump we did 5 burpees and Bearcrawled in between each pump – total of 5 pumps I believe.

A long dark jog to ‘The Flats at Ballantyne’ we crawled into the parking lot – literally…forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards and maybe one more time, my arms were shot at this point.

Time to head home, we grabbed some pavement with our feet on Community House and mumblechattered our way back to the light at Ballantyne Commons. 5 Merkins and we headed to COT for some Mary.

Man…..great showing today. Proud to get out here when I can. Always love the push my F3 brothers provide in the gloom. As many of you know, I struggle with sleeping (a lot) and have not been able to get out near as much as I would like. Almost to the point now that posting during the week has become almost impossible. So although I had 1 kid and the M throwing up at home this morning, I made a commitment to you guys and made it happen. By the way, the M actually understood and she knows that I love you all and F3. I was already up at 4a changing kids sheets so might as well go at this point. 🙂

Well, have to get back to kid duties so can not write too much more. Love you all and hope to see in the gloom again soon!

One-Niner out!


Prayer Request: Please pray for Lee, Softies father in law. He had a heart attack and is now going to be approaching each day with the understanding that it could be his last. I am glad Soft Pretzel shared this prayer request this morning because it all gives us something to think about. We never know when our last day may be so fellas, live as if it is your last. Hug your wife, your kids…call your parents. But most of all love Jesus and let others know this! He is the greatest gift ever given.

Announcement: Run Jen Run 5k. Check it out. There will be 4 chairs being pushed and a great opportunity for F3 to show up and support.


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