Waxhaw raids The Arsenal

Waxhaw raids The Arsenal

7 guys got tricked into showing up at The Arsenal.  Very slick gracious move by the Site Q (Happy Meal) to beg invite YHC to Q and then purposely not show up but unfortunately he was sick and couldn’t post.  With the horrible forecast, I was not sure what to expect but got good news when a few HCs popped up on Waxhaw’s famed GroupMe Playhouse.   Due to how whiny those Waxhaw PAX are the rain, YHC did a site visit last night and found a LONNNNNNNG covered area.  Showed up this morning to drop off some coupons at that covered area but got chased away by the Bus maintenance crew Chastain and Brutus (why were you lurking in the bus lot?).


  • SSH
  • Grab the weights out of the car
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Mosey to long portico


  • Partner work
    • P1 – Does Pull-ups (Audible due to lake) Curls, Shoulder Presses x 200
    • P2 – Runs length of portico inhales Marlboro smoke and returns
  • Partner work Part 2
    • P1 – Broad Jump Burpees
    • P2 – Runs length of portico does 5 Dorothy Hurley (heel touch squat exploding up with a heel click at top) and switch w/ P1
    • Go length of portico
  • Partner work Part 3
    • P1 – Frog Jumps length of portico
    • P2 – Merkin shredders x 10 and switch w/ P1
  • Circle work with weights
    • Various leg exercises
    • Various plank exercises


  • I appreciate the Waxhaw PAX coming and supporting my Q
  • It doesn’t go unnoticed when someone goes out of their way
  • I signed up to Q so I have to show up
  • You fellas drove further for this workout without knowing what to expect on a terrible weather day
  • This is another example of “THIS is what F3 is all about” . . . Set your alarm a little earlier, drive a little further, go somewhere new, support one of your fellow brothers . . . LIVE 3RD!
  • Being unselfish and/or realizing that somebody would feel better Qing a workout with some familiar faces
  • I am in debt to you clowns and plan to pay you back . . . Just let me know when you need me!
  • Chastain and Easy Button are getting fast
  • Frack was bored with a 30lb kettlebell (sorry)
  • C3PO crushed it today . . . Especially on the leg exercises
  • Brutus and Rockwell don’t get cheated at a workout . . . Great effort
  • Happy Meal owes me . . . When are you Qing Clyent Dinner?  Your name is MADE for it!


  • Frack was supposed to be on Q at ClyentDinner . . . Next week be ready!
  • Q School on Saturday:  0630-0830 at Cuthbertson Middle School
    • Stop thinking that “Somebody else will lead” or “I’ll lead when I get in better shape”
    • We need YOU!  Everybody needs to pitch in.  This Q School is a great way to get a better understanding and some tips on making a successful workout
    • This is also a workout so you get a 2 for 1

Q with the takeout . . . #CradleToGrave

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