Chisled? Because we’re all crazy?

Chisled? Because we’re all crazy?

A few weeks ago, Transporter asked me to head southeast of the border and Q a gear workout called Chisled.  I have familiarity with most of the Waxhaw AOs as I was one of the Journeyman Challenge(we should do this again sometime) winners during the summer of 2018 but it seems 5 Stones is newer to the AO game.

Through some texts with Rudy this week, I learned that the Asylum pax keep all their gear at the AO which was a new concept to someone who has always lugged kettlebells to every gear workout I go to.  I arrived a little after 5 and had Rudy show me everything and setup.  Definitely a lot of good stuff to work with; kettlebells, sandbags, dumbells, bricks, cinder blocks, tires, and weight plates.  Pax rolled in and we had 13 ready to go at 530, one rolled in about 5 minutes later during the warmup.


Quick warmup lap around the parking lot.

IW x 20

Windmill x 15

Arm Circles forward and backward X10

Pax each find a heavy weight to get a taste of the Swole/Meathead/Olympus program.  Pax used a mix of cinder blocks, weight plates, kettlebells, and sandbags.

10 RDLs

5X5 Clean and Squat

Main event:

Partner up.  One partner runs to the top of Mt Chisled and does 5 burpees.  Other partner stays with the gear and rotates through the different stations;

Tire flips

Tire pulls

Medicine ball throws

Hair burners

KB Swings and Snatches

Sandbag clean and squat

Weight plate Curls x 10, Presses x 10, and tricep extensions x 10

All while my 80s montage mix was playing over the bluetooth speaker

3 minutes of Rosalita, Freddie Mercury, and planking.


Announcements:  Beer Run is this Saturday.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  Hope to see some of you guys in SOBland sometime soon.


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