3 for LRC

3 for LRC

3 Pax met at Stephens Square Lane (Poop Island) for another rendition of LRC.  Today’s course was the “Standard Loop” which is approx 1.5 miles.  Each pax completed 4 laps and finished with 6 miles total.


  • Check out the f3waxhaw.life app for new badges available (ie: Forest Go, Passport, Q School, etc)
  • Craft Beer Half Marathon and 5 mile race on 3/28/20  sign up at – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Charlotte/CraftBeerHalfMarathon?remMeAttempt=
  • Monthly F3 Waxhaw Social Event this week Thursday (2/6) at Queens South
  • Q School Saturday February 8th – Come learn and earn a badge
  • Rooster Run on February 29th – https://www.f3rockhill.com/2020/01/10/preblast-rooster-iii-the-rooster-crows-again/
  • Deadline to order F3 Waxhaw Shirts on 2/7/20 – check Playhouse for details
  • F3 Beer Run! 4mi+ 6 breweries this Saturday 2/8 starting at 12:00
  • 3-2-1 Dash for Down Syndrome (Speed for Need Event) – 3/21 coordinate with Zin/Deadwood to get involved
  • F3 Denver New AO recently launched – look for Wedding Singer on Q or if looking to add Passport Badge book flight to stay at his house and post on upcoming Wednesday
  • Weigh in competiton – be sure to get weights logged and if in bottom 1/2 be sure to complete weekly penalty

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