The People’s Balls

The People’s Balls

Remember you are on Q. Read backblasts to find out what was done last week as to not repeat

30s warning given. YHC was distracted by the 5 cop cars and a flat tire on a cutlass supreme.
We’ve got a 48 on corner of Ballantyne Commons and Community House
Disclaimer given.

Mosey behind Synder-Lance-Campbells
25 x Side-Strattle-Hops in Cadence (IC)
25 x Imperial Walkers IC
25 x Mountain Climbers IC
count-off by 2s

1s To The Right, 2s To The Left
10 Pullups
20 Merkins
Meet back up for plank-o-rama

Mosey to the Hill for 7s
1 Burpee at the bottom
6 Squats at the top

Up and Back on Ballantyne Corporate Hill
Fast guys no stopping. Circle for the 6.

Mosey to the Campbell’s Retaining Wall
Peoples Chair
Balls to the Wall
Peoples Chair – w/ Air Presses
Balls to the Wall
(The People’s Balls)
25 x Dips IC

Rock Pile
1s: 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Tricep Extensions
2s: 10 Pullups
All: 10 Bottom Curls, 10 Top Curls, 10 Full Curls

Mosey to Lochness Station 2
20 Full step ups with a knee lift or Hiyah (had to look the spelling up on this one, got the link from the google results, i did not click it. you have been warned).
25 Little Baby Crunches on-the-wall IC (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey Home with 20 Merkins Scattered About for Pleasure
Finish with 25 Heels-to-the-Heavens IC

Thine Only Moleskine
Thanks for reaching out to me to Q. Its been a hot minute or two. In researching my last bagpipe Q I realized that was 6/25/19. Always appreciate the opportunity to lead but often don’t go seeking. This is something I need to be better about.

If you haven’t Q’d a workout or you haven’t Q’d in a long time, now is your chance. Don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone a little. We step out every morning in to the gloom to better ourselves and support each other. If you are new to the game and nervous about taking an entire Q, split it. Reach out to me, I will work with you. I ran my entire first bagpipe Q on a Sunday to make sure I had it right or reach out to the site-qs and go over your plan. That’s what they are there for.

Usual @Kirby chatter at the beginning of the workout. Didn’t hear much more after we got to business. YHC thinks it was a plan to mess with his count. Had a planned weinke that came up a little short so had to improvise with a second round of rocks and the lochwall stepups. Great crowd as usual. Love the mumblechatter with @madame. I’ve been ferning the last few weeks at the YMCA with the M out of town. Happy to be out again. Solo gym workouts are NOT my thing.

Announcements (same as swift)

  • Please keep Doc McStuffins in your prayers as he is home from his open heart surgery and doing well but with lots of recovery still ahead of him. If you are able, please sign up to take his family a meal to help them through this hectic time.You can sign up here (and note the dietary restrictions — low sodium, lean meats, med style diet):
  • Prayers for Madison and family that their 2.0s MRI went well today.
  • 1st Speed for Need Race of the season. Run Jen Run 5K on March 7th in Symphony Park. Contact Frasier if interested.
  • SOB Beer Run this weekend. Contact Tuck for details or see #beerun on slack

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Thin Mint
1 year ago

Great BB (and even better speed at getting it out), Wingman!

Brought back great memories of Van Pelt calling People’s Donkey Balls at Fahvra’s first post. I remember him looking at me and asking if this guy was crazy 🙂

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