State of the Fast Twitch

State of the Fast Twitch

13 men, most with normally functioning Pancreases (or is it Pancrei?) posted on a balmy summer day for some old school Fast Twitch miles and merkins.

3/4 mile zig-zag mosey through campus to Rain Tree Lane and 4 Mile Creek.  6 or 7 1,000m to 1,200m intervals with 20 merkins at the end each time.  Several on the Rounding Run loop.

Per the Strava Pax got between 5.5 and 7.5 miles.

Per the concave/convex pectoral muscles Pax got 0 to 140 merkins.


13 would have been 14 but Turkey Leg and his airpods ran by and ignored us as he did some Marathon training.  Apparently his 7 miles is better than our 7 miles.  Great to have Baracus back out after extended hiatus on the IR and Gypsy making his way back into true form after his fall (at the Gumby yoga workout).

Gummy was there, even if he was offended by my Pancreatic jokes.  Mr. Brady, his partner with the poorly performing Pancreas was not there.  Unfortunate not to have him, but on the up side it left a couple of extra hits of insulin for the rest of us. #Doping

Purell was first on all the intervals in case there was any question.  Joker was second on all down hill segments, but his winter tights slowed him down on the up hills.

Utah turned back when we got to Rounding Run.  Apparently he doesn’t like the flat(ish) section of the run and chose to get more work on Raintree Lane.

Astro ran strong, but oddly maybe a bit slower without his super power beanie hat.  Too warm for the beanie today and he went with the flat bill.

Retread making steady work on the Rounding Run loop.  Likely plenty of experience on that one from the Mountain Goat Q.

Duct Work was all smiles on the outside, but inside a ball of anger.  Can’t push sales of new heating systems when it’s 70 degrees in February!  Thoughts and Prayers for the 100 degree days and dying AC units in just a few more months.  His guys are probably bored, good time to call him up and negotiate deep discounts on a HVAC tune-ups.  For 10% off use discount code:  Pancreai

Benny did a merkin or two.  He says 25.  But who knows.  He did post and run strong, not quite sure why he is so averse to the merkin or getting his hands dirty at all.  I’d call him a soft millennial but he might be younger than that.  What comes after millennial?  Google says they are the “iGen.”  That sounds dumb.  I’m calling for a rename.

After what seems like 18 months of Garden Leave followed by two at the new gig, One-Eye seems refreshed and enjoying life.  He said this Coronavirus will pass and he’s long on Chinese restaurant chain investments.  That’s good news for me as a Malmacian cat connoisseur.

Keeping coming out to Fast Twitch it’s the suckiest, most fun hour you can have each week.


Please keep Madison and his daughter in your prayers today as they visit the doctor.

Same for Doc McStuffins is back at home resting from heart surgery.  He’ll be back kicking our butts in a few months only now with a better scar.


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