Demonstration, please?!

Demonstration, please?!

The Monday morning after a Super Bowl….we haven’t had one of those where no one was expected to attend F3 in four years!  As a result, twelve brave studs showed up on what is expected to be a global warming fantasy week of warm temps and sweaty men!  After a Charlotte School of Law inspired disclaimer, we headed out for a workout!

Warm Up:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • LSSs
  • Hillbillies (I think this was the first exercise Clover asked for a demonstration)

Jog down Woodfox stopping at each street light for 10 CDDs.  Final destination at Burning Tree Drive and a little planking to finalize our warm up.  Partner up. Partner #1 runs the Burning Tree  distance to the cul-de-sac and back while Partner #2 does stated exercise.  Flapjack upon return.  Our 4 rounds included:

  • LBC’s
  • Flutters
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Heels to Heaven

Sashay back to SCMS, stopping at each street light for 5 plank jacks.  Grab some curb space near the school for a ski drill (3X) inspired by Tagalong at a Centurion workout I attended (other way of saying I stole it):

  • 10 sideways jump ups (to the right)
  • 10 incline merkins
  • 10 sideway jump ups (to the left)
  • Lunge walk to the cars, reverse lunge walk back to the curb
  • Stationary squat while waiting for the six

Clover asked for a demonstration for all of the above……typical!

Mosey to the western side of the parking lot.  Partner #1 runs the parking lot loop while Partner #2 runs the loop toward the track, down the ramp, back up the stairs.  Meet your partner for 10 handslap merkins, then flapjack (2 circuits)

Little working recovery via wall work (leg raises, arms raises)

Partner up again with one rock per pair.  Partner #1 runs the distance of the parking lot to the fourth and final basketball pole, then back while Partner #2 does stated exercise with rock.  Flapjack.  Four rounds including:

  • Curls
  • OH Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats

Clover informed me during this stint that my instructions were inferior and that any improvision was due to my inabilities as Q…..noted, and not necessarily argued.

Return the rocks and finish up with 25 LBCs.

That’s a wrap!


Phenomenal work this morning men!  No one lagged behind and the whole group stuck together….makes Qing a dream.  Great to see Baracus out there!  Kotters brother and glad to see you back at it….looked like you are laughing at that surgery!  Mr.  Magoo played Jedi Site Q as this was his first official workout as a Base Camp boss….guess that makes Thunder Road the Yoda of Base Camp!….that sounds less flattering than I mean it.  Hammer lasted the entire workout without having to use the boys room/outhouse.  Must have worshipped the porcelain at home prior to posting.  Clover’s constant requests for demonstrations has become a staple timekiller for the veteran….brilliant!  I may have missed a few observations beyond those noted so please sound off below!

Thunder Road and Mr Magoo, thanks for the privilege to Q at BC!  Great AO!  Great men!


  • Mr Magoo just attended a F3 ski trip with several Metro pax.  He highly recommends this trip to Utah as the skiing was superb!
  • Doc McStuffins is recovering well from heart surgery last week. Posts on Facebook showed a strong, resilient brother making very positive strides!


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1 year ago

For the record, I was asking ON BEHALF OF the very new Pax’ers in attendance, such as South Fork, so that they understood the exercise and proper technique so as you avoided being sue given your legally ineffective disclaimer.

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