60 Seconds Goes Quick When You’re Having Fun

60 Seconds Goes Quick When You’re Having Fun

23(ish) men showed for this morning’s installment of #F3Swift. Everyone thought they were getting off easy when we audibled away from AYG hill sprints to laps in the Ballantyne Corporate Park. Almost all changed their minds when YHC called 10 seconds left in our first rest period, which went by incredibly quickly.

The Workout: Warmup, 5-6 intervals of 5 minutes on/1 minute off at 10k pace, Cooldown and COT

With 5 minute intervals, we typically rest for 2-3 minutes between so that we can fully recover for the next work effort. Today was about something different. We were not fully recovered, we barely recovered before going again. Not only is this workout great for improving your Power Endurance (your ability to maintain a hard effort for a longer period of time), but it is great for improving your self-control (don’t go too fast, don’t be a wuss) as well as your capacity for suffering.

I don’t know about you guys, but whether it’s in my racing or just in everyday life, the ability to face suffering with confidence and experience, rather than panic and fear, is something I can never have too much of. The ability to lean into pain and unease and know that you have practiced doing hard things — maybe even have learned to love to do hard things — is incredibly liberating but requires constant reinforcement. Today it was reinforced.

I am happy to report that, despite much grumbling, I saw every man out there push himself to places he wasn’t sure he was capable of going to when we set off on our warmup. Well done, guys.

Kotters to Fahvra who looks to be just about over his injuries as he led the PAX. T-claps to all the guys wearing reflective gear, blinkies and headlamps. There were a lot of cars out there today (including at least one high speed chase), but we were a lot more visible than usual. Keep wearing that stuff. You own it, wear it. You might not realize the day it saves your life or that of the man next to you, but that’s a whole lot better than the other way around.

I am DR next week so Gold Digger has your Q and then I will be back for the last 2 weeks of February. (Hint: Woodson knows what one of the workouts is going to look like. Fletch knows the other. You are welcome to ask them, but you might not like the answer.)

I think I got everyone, but if I left your name off the PAX list please sound off.



  • Please keep Doc McStuffins in your prayers as he is home from his open heart surgery and doing well but with lots of recovery still ahead of him. If you are able, please sign up to take his family a meal to help them through this hectic time.You can sign up here (and note the dietary restrictions — low sodium, lean meats, med style diet): https://takethemameal.com/OFHO0279
  • Prayers for Madison and family that their 2.0s MRI went well today.
  • 1st Speed for Need Race of the season. Run Jen Run 5K on March 7th in Symphony Park. Contact Frasier if interested. https://raceroster.com/events/2020/24811/run-jen-run-5k
  • SOB Beer Run this weekend. Contact Tuck for details.


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1 year ago

also a good backblast. 2/2 on SOB backblasts so far.
I stole the announcements from you. Totally forgot that part. #rusty

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