The new spicy chicken strips biscuit at Chick-fil-a further justify Da Vinci’s superiority over Stonehenge

The new spicy chicken strips biscuit at Chick-fil-a further justify Da Vinci’s superiority over Stonehenge

The clouds and mist welcomed a motley crew who avoided the fart sack determined to get their Saturday started off on the right foot.  Temperatures hovered around 40ish degrees letting you know you were alive without being too much of a nasty bite as we made our way out of our cars.  Quick disclaimer and we were off.

Mosey all the way too kids r kids stopping along the way for warmup.
-SSH at the first stop and the mosey continued
-Mountain Climbers at the second stop down perhaps one of the longest continuous parking lots in SCLT
After making our way nearly to Union county (the parking lot is that long), we started our morning with a series of BLIMPS, stopping at the end of each building for an exercise.  Focus on form over speed in honor of Doc.  The form police didn’t last too long, however effort was made to not shortcut through the exercises.
5 burpees
10 Lunges
15 Imperial walkers
20 merkins
25 plank jacks
30 squats
Mosey to 131 Main stopping a few times for Mary along the way.  Upon reaching the 131 parking lot, I contemplated if we had enough guys to pick up one of the Maserati’s parked our front and move around back, but that idea faded about as fast as it appeared.  We partnered up for a silent killer – partner pulls.  Grab a partner, face each other and lock hands.  Partner 1 moves backwards across the parking lot while partner 2 holds on and provides resistance.  Make your way across the parking lot and switch rolls.  10 hand slap merkins when reaching the start.  Repeat 4 times.
Mosey to wall for wall jumps x10
Jaunt over to the Target parking lot for a 4 corners ladder session
14 jump squats x 1 triangle Merkin
13 jump squats x 2 triangle Merkin
so on and so forth until we worked our way to 1 jump squat and 14 Merkins.  Some opted to go wide-armed merkin in place of triangle on occasion.
We made our way to the fountain area to wrap our day up with a few more rounds of partner work.  Partner 1 ran to Banana Republic for 5 Mike Tyson’s while partner 2 worked on combined exercises.
100 Step ups
100 Lbc
100 Dips
Rinse, repeat until teams knocked out all exercises.  Made our way back to Chick-fil-a just as one of the employees was walking out to the parking lot with carriers full of water for us.  (I would bet such attentive service is non-existent over there at the bagel shop.  Heck, they’re so laissez-faire, they put the plastic water cups out for self-service as an effort to not serve you last I checked).  I’m pretty sure we even received a “my pleasure” as he took the initiative to bring us the free water before we had even made it to COT.  Now that’s service!  Great work by all the guys today – lots of sweating, a few grunts, and I was questioning a few of my choices of exercise by the 45 min mark.  I guess that’s a good sign.
Prayers answered for smooth surgery for Doc – looks like he’s already knocking out burpees in the recovery ward, and probably with better form than the rest of us.  Gilbert took the cake when he surprised our fearless leader Bucky with a cookie cake and specialty 6-pack in honor of Bucky’s birthday (I think he’s turning 32 this year if memory serves me correctly).
Paper Jam and Soft Pretzel joined shortly after their 13 mile tour around SCLT.


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