Day after the Super Bowl Beating

Day after the Super Bowl Beating

The day after the Super Bowl still brought 10 Pax out for an Ignition workout.  Some of the “regulars” were not present, and we heard at least 1 Pax may have spent “a minute” extra with the M which made him 15 minutes late.  Well worth being late, and he was able to join the Flash crew.  Maybe a bit too many Nachos, Wings, and Beer for others, but it was time to go to work.

Weinke planned, Playlist and Speaker rolling, DiCCS communicated…let’s go!

Mosey down the path towards Rudy’s Palace, doing various Warm-up exercises at different spots such as:

  • Butt Kickers
  • Walking Quad Stretch
  • Walking Glute Stretch
  • Toy Soldiers
  • SSH x 20
  • Low Slow Squat x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 20


Mosey to the dual circles for a Jacob’s Ladder of Burpees.  Run to top circle, 1 Burpee, back to lower circle, back up to top circle for 2 Burpees…repeat until hitting 7 Burpees at the top). Done!

Mosey onto the track for ¼ Miles x 4. At each goal post, alternate between:

  • (20) Merkins
  • (20) LBC’s

Reverse direction after each lap, totaling 1 Mile.  Done!

Mosey up the ramp to the Bleachers for exercises down low, and up top.  Headlamps were recommended for this portion since it’s pitch black on the bleachers.  We did:

  • (10) Derkins down low
  • (10) Flutters up top

Repeat until we got to the opposite side of the bleachers.  All-in we must have run up and down 9-10 times. Done!

Mosey the Benches behind the HS for some partner work.  Partners do:

  • (10) Box Jumps each
  • Run to the loop, partners split in one direction or the other
  • Meet halfway for (10) Merkin Shredders
  • Run back to the benches for (20) Dips
  • Repeat the sequence again


Mosey back towards COT where we ran 2 laps around the parking lot until the Flash crew arrived.  Done!


A great crew this morning, with everyone working hard.  We got in 5 miles from what some of the fancy watches read, and we moved a lot.  The bleachers have always been a great workout like back in the day of Commitment at WHS (R.I.P.!) so it’s great to work it back into a workout.

It’s impressive to see Mad Dog out at Ignition since he had to leave early for his first day on the new job. Great work, brother, and go get ‘em today in Rochester.

Of course, Dasher and Hollywood crushed it today around the track, and seemed to have the extra gear today.

Gerber was under the weather and still crushed it, leaving most of us in his dust.  Way to work when you’re down, brother.

Seeing Foundation working so hard during mostly running workouts lately has been awesome too. Keep it up.
I’m also proud of Smithers for how hard he’s been working, the improvement in speed and strength in a short time.  Keep pushing.

Legal Zoom is a staple at Ignition and worked hard again today.

We also had one of our “Seniors”, Recalculating, at Ignition today, and he took off during Jacob’s Ladder like Deadwood last week in the Mile repeats.  Now you’ve been exposed that you are a lot faster than you lead us to believe.  We are going to push you even more now, Recalc!

Shake & Bake always says “No”, but he keeps coming back for more and always pushes himself and the Pax hard.  It’s always great to post with you, brother.


It’s always a pleasure and privilege to lead these great Pax, and you guys push me harder than I would push myself.  We still had 22 total between Ignition and Flash, as well as 12 more at Asylum for Deadwood’s Q.  34 total the day after a late night and Super Bowl is awesome.  Thanks for always showing up, fellas, and let’s keep pushing for FNG’s to join us, since we all know how important the fellowship is in our lives.  Enjoy your day, and we will SYITG this week!



  • Q School on 2/8/20 at CMS. 630-730am workout with teaching. 745-830am Coffeteria and discussion about Q’ing.  Posse and I will be your hosts, so if you haven’t signed up already, you should!



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