Well you was doing fifty-five in a fifty-four

Well you was doing fifty-five in a fifty-four

13 men posted in some good old fashioned Gloom at Rock Zero this morning.  40 degrees and foggy.  12 regulars and one FNG from Churham.

I gave a disclaimer as McGee came in on two wheels, but the mumble chatter was in full rage so not sure anyone hurt it.

Let’s Mosey.

Circle up in parking lot and get in plank.   “Who knows the speed limit Jay-Z broke in 99 Problems.”  My short armed compatriot, Sprockets, was quick to point out he was doing 55 in a 54.  Not coincidentally the same number as the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Lot’s of 54’s coming your way today.

Start off with 27 Merkins in cadence (That’s 54 merkins)

27 Lunges in cadence

54 Imperial Walkers (I think I heard a double dog dare to take the IW’s to 54.)

Mosey some more.

18 8-Count Body Builders

Mosey to Hot Box

27 Left Legged Little Haze’s.   Run around light post.

27 Right Legged Little Haze’s.  Run around light post.

again with the left and again with the right.

Mosey to front parking lot.

Island suicides with 9 stops.  Down there do 6 Flutters, down here do 6 full sit-ups each round.


18 8-Count Body Builders


Island suicides from the other side.  Down there do nothing, down here do 6 burpees each round.


18 8-Count Body Builders

Stomach and sprints to kill time.



Good group who ground out 4 miles today without leaving campus.  No quitting out there even on the long suicides.  Mule was an FNG from from Churham who’s boss told him to come.  He had a job where he did insurance valuation for marijuana that had been stolen.  (And other lost crops, but I stopped listening after marijuana).  Anyway, Mule.  His boss is Uzi, not asking how he go that one.

FWIW – McGee knows jack squat about NFL football.

Missing a name that was jumbled on the voice recording.  Apologies.

Other stuff likely would have happened, but the mumble chatter shut down quickly after Round 1 of the 8 count body builders.

Thanks to Sprockets for the takeout.

Continued prayers for Doc McStuffins recovery and Madisons’ daughter.



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