The 300 (or maybe the 2100 is more accurate….)

The 300 (or maybe the 2100 is more accurate….)

14 Pax met up at Commitment for a little Spartan Challenge….300 style.  I will admit this workout seemed like a better idea on paper.  I knew it would be hard but it was a page out of the Iron Pax.  Anyway…here we go.

DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done.  Pre-DICCS we broke up the Pax into teams of four.  Each team went to the coupon pile to grab two coupons per team.  Pax Mosey’d to the top parking lot at the elementary school.

The Thang:

This workout as broken into four intervals.  During each interval the team of four would split in two.  Two of the Pax would run with a coupon for 100 yards and back.  The second pair would work on the exercise.  The pairs could not switch until both runners were back.  When the team finished the total reps of each interval, they did burpees until all teams finished.

Interval One – 300 Merkins and 300 Overhead Press w/coupon

Interval Two – 300 Coupon curls and 300 Reverse Lunges

Interval Three – 300 Coupon tricep extensions and 300 Tyson’s

Interval Four – 300 Coupon clean and press and second pax holds plank

Finished up and mosey back to return the coupons to the sheds.

COT – Prayed for Doc and Centerfold and various sundry prayers.


  • Site Q School on 2/8 – get with Posse to sign up.  The basic message is this, even if you don’t plan on being a site Q soon, step up and attend.  We need more men more deeply involved.  We are growing by leaps and bounds and even though you may feel “new”, there are many more “newer” guys than you.  We need you.

Short and sweet for this backblast.  This is an example for those of you not blessed with the ability to write literary prose that you can simply bust out the basics and get a backblast written.  Peace.

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