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Rooster III – Leap Day Edition – Waxhaw Express Recap

What is a Rooster?  It’s basically a male chicken.

However, today no chickens were harmed because this was THE Rooster.  A 5 (or two man) Marathon relay.  The 5-man rules were simple.  Each team member runs 1 one-mile lap around the business park and does this five times for a total of 25 miles and all 5 team members run the last lap together.  The kicker is the person who has to run the fifth leg has to run two miles to finish the race, but more on that later.

The goal was to meet at the Waxhaw Lowes at 4:55am per Deadwood so of course Deadwood comes screeching in on two wheels at 4:59.55am.

Deadwood lead the two-car caravan and it wouldn’t be a Deadwood lead if there wasn’t at least one audible right?  Well when we pulled into the business park he pulled straight ahead into a parking lot that clearly wasn’t the correct one.  Audible 1, check.

We met up with Smithers and Foundation who decided to do the 2-man team and each run 13 miles – have fun with that, and set up in front of Comporium with everyone else.  Deadwood brought a tent and a propane heater for inside the tent, sounds like a great idea, right?  Eventually the propane heater made it outside the tent amid fears of hearing a giant “whoosh” and looking back and seeing a fleece blanket nylon fireball if that heater were to tip over.

6:00am or so and the race begins.

The Waxhaw Express Starting Lineup:

  1. Easy Button
  2. Deadwood
  3. Dasher
  4. Gerber
  5. Hollywood

Round 1

Easy Button started off strong but so did the other teams.  As we were running a total of 6 miles at threshold pace the key was to start strong but not gas out too early.  Deadwood, Dasher, YHC, and Hollywood all had a great first round and were situated in third by about a minute by the time the first round wrapped up.

Round 2

Round 2 definitely saw a little slowdown from the group but not by much (maybe 30 seconds for five miles).  Everyone still ran strong and we were in still in third place by about the same amount.

Round 3

Round 3 is crucial because this is when the lactic acid starts to build a little from the two hard runs and standing around in 35-degree weather for 24ish minutes between runs.  We finished this round about 15 seconds faster than our round 2 and noticed the gap was but shrinking a little bit.

Round 4:

The penultimate solo round or “movement round”.  This is where our running solid consistent rounds was paying dividends.  We traded places between 2nd and 3rd place twice this round and finished the round in second place.  The heat was on.

Round 5:

This was our drop the hammer round.  Easy Button had a strong first leg and shortened the gap between 1st and 2nd.  You could see the other teams starting to really glance in our direction.  Deadwood took over leg 2 and dropped the hammer.  He may have looked gassed coming in but we had a solid lead after Deadwood finished and there was no doubt he left it all on the road.  The other team had their fastest guy (who also had the fastest segment today of anyone) run leg 3 and he was able to retake the lead from Dasher.  However, Dasher laid down an amazing leg and we were in a solid second place when YHC ran his leg.  YHC was able to run down the first-place team at the ½ mile mark and I was either going to puke or die because I wasn’t going to look back and I wasn’t going to let either team catch me coming into Hollywood.  Hollywood’s fifth leg was a smoker which is BY FAR the toughest leg because he had to

  1. Kick Ass and hold our lead and,
  2. Save enough in the tank for the team leg he would immediately run into.

Hollywood came smoking around the curve with a solid lead and we knew it was ours to win or lose on the team leg.

Round 6 – Team Leg:

Here we were.  All those Ignition workouts.  The Swarm workouts.  The “we don’t wake up at 4:30am to be average” dark and cold mornings.  Hollywood looked pissed when he came in from Round 5 as if he had just been punked into running another lap and he had, big time.  But no time to talk, we had to move.

While we were waiting for him Dasher noted, “I promise to give my best” to which was answered, “we don’t want your best we want your everything”. We start off letting Hollywood lead our pack since he was coming off a lap with no rest and we settled into a tight huddle.  We were about 100 yards or so ahead of the team behind us and they seemed to make some initial gains but that’s how this day had been.  Hold your pace and be steady and run OUR run.  And that’s what we did.  We stayed together, we pushed each other, and we extended that lead to about 200 yards by the time we crossed the finish line in first place.


What an awesome morning of 1st and 2nd F!  I’ve done relay races before like the Palmetto and Blue Ridge and those are great and I highly recommend them but they are long, take you away for 2 days, and not local.  The Rooster is right in our backyard, takes up a morning, and is relatively short at 6 miles which is no longer than a long Swarm or Ignition workout.

The mile loop is great because everyone can hang out at the start/finish area to observe and cheer on.  The time between laps goes quickly and the 2nd F in between is great.  It was also great to chat with our brothers from Rock Hill and Gastonia who finished 2nd and 3rd.  Great group of guys and one of them were the 2018 champs so there was some well-intentioned ribbing and rivalries going on.

I can’t say how cool it was to see Easy Button putting in round after round of low 6-minute miles.  All I can say is the jig is up.  We’ll see you every Monday and Friday at Ignition and Swarm.

Deadwood ran the fastest I’ve seen him run.  I don’t know if it’s the new diet, losing a few lbs (always helps) or what but he was clutch when it counted and was ran negative splits on every lap.  Well done.

Dasher had the trickiest leg because he was going against the fastest guy out there today on the other team.  To hold his own and put us in a position to take the lead was crucial.  When you were laying on your back on the road after the finish I knew you had given everything and this is what it’s all about.  Hell yea.

Hollywood had the toughest leg because he had to put us in a better position going into every round, get the lead, hold the lead, and increase the lead, AND run two threshold miles back to back.  I’ll never forget the look on your face coming in for the final lap but you kicked it out there and set the final pace that allowed us to hold off an attack and then increase our lead on the final stretch.  Way to go.

We were given the F3 Rooster trophy with Waxhaw Express 20’ written on the side with the past two years champions.  So, needless to say we have to come strong next year with the trophy to defend our title.  The target is now officially on our backs.

If you haven’t see our pictures from today, don’t worry, the Rooster trophy will be making its “Stanley cup” rounds to all the workouts this week.

Final Note:  We talked to a lot of people today. Everyone had pretty much the same reaction when we mentioned we were from F3 Waxhaw and it was one of respect and admiration for what we have done as a region.  Keep up the great work everyone.  We are an example of how a region can grow in all three F’s and it’s not our little secret anymore.

Final Final Note:  On the way home we had Deadwood audible #2 with a right turn too early and then a U turn in someone’s circle driveway.

The Grass Is Calling

How could YHC pass up an opportunity to Q Homecoming and return to the scene of the crime.  Posse gave a pre-post disclaimer that this may be your last opportunity to post at Homecoming with the track just calling my name.  Add to that the fact that the gates were unlocked and open, and it seemed like the planets were certainly for what could be our last Homecoming dance…


DiCCS provided



  • Mosey to basketball court
  • SSH IC
  • Downward Dog
  • Calf Stretch (just for my own enjoyment)
  • Merkins


The Thang

  • Round 1
    • Mosey to bus line
    • Suicides w/ 8 buses – 5 merkins at each bus
    • Circle for 6
  • Round 2
    • Mosey to playground and Partner Up
    • P 1 = 10 pullups
    • P2 = AMRAP dips
    • 3 rounds
  • Round 3
    • Mosey to track!!!
    • OK, just pass the track and shed a little tear
    • Mosey to the bottom of the yet to be named horrible hill (aka the Middle School entrance) and Partner up w/ someone of the opposite speed
    • P1 = Run a full lap
    • P2 = AMRAP Exercise
      • Lap 1 = Squats
      • Lap 2 = Speed Skaters
      • Lap 3 = Reverse Lunges
      • Lap 4 = 1 legged Roman deadlifts
  • Round 4
    • Mosey to the grassy knoll for some 7s
    • Bottom = Jump Squats
    • Top = Burpees
  • Round 5
    • Mosey further down the hill to the trees (4 of them) for a Doc McStuffins tribute
    • Backwards run up the hill / around the tree
    • Forward run down the hill
    • Circle all 4 trees w/ an extra backward run to the top
  • Round 6
    • Mosey to the front of the MS
    • Sprints around 1/2 the circle x 6
  • Round 7
    • Mosey to start for some Abs
    • Captain Thurkin (up to 5)
      • 1 Big Boi Sit Up x 4 American Hammers x 2 Merkins
    • Finish with 20+5 Super Mans



  • Thank you to Posse for the invite to Q an awesome site
  • I can honestly say everyone pushed hard today, but I need to call out 2 PAX specifically – Southern Tip was so fast in Round 5, I accused him of cheating…  Fuse showed that he has wheels when he needs them, leading the sprints.



  • Father / Daughter Dance (


People who experienced this:

Geraldo, Levi, iHop, Glock, Boerewors, Mr. Magoo,  Alf, Runstopper, Wojo, Beaver, Ductwork, Elsa, Mailman, O Tannenbaum, Horsehead


15 men of valor and curiosity posted for a potentially once in a lifetime leap-day RockZero extravaganza.  The next opportunity for a Feb 29th RockZero will be in the year 2048, so mark your calendars.  I’m already signed up to Q for those of you who will still be around.





  • Warmup run and COP, including some smooooth imperial walkers
  • 2 rounds of Mega Giant Starfish across campus – merkins, HTH, squats, & pax choice at the corners w/ burpee center
  • Tree suicides in the parking lot of pain and grievances – merkins, peter parkers, humpers
  • Jacobs ladder on the hill of dehydrated turds– burpees and jump squats
  • 3 sets of hotbox 10/20/30s – derkins, little Haze, LBC – run to the trash can each time
  • Around 4 miles – not Chad approved





After a somewhat awful Friday at work, I needed this one.  There really is no better remedy for a case of the grumpies than to fully smoke yourself Qing a workout.  Had I not signed up, I would probably still be lying in the sack, enveloped in farts.  Thanks for coming out guys.

This workout seemed longer than a CVS receipt.  I kept looking at the watch, and we still had a lot of chicken left on the bone every time I checked.  Speaking of watches, O Tannenbaum spent most of coffeteria talking about how much he loves collecting watches, even his collector’s edition Casio G Shock that he uses exclusively for being late to EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT.  We thought he had mended his ways this AM when he was actually there to hear his first F3 disclaimer ever, but he eventually fessed up to being 2 mins late for the 630 pre run.

No way to top that unless you are Hoover, who somehow overslept by 2 hours.  You know what though, the big guy probably needed the sleep after running around with backpacks full of lead and cinder blocks strapped to himself all week.

Runstopper likes his post-workout coffee in a reusable, sustainable mug with a wisp of cinnamon and nutmeg and just an ever-so-gentle drizzle of flannel.  He also saves water by omitting shorts from the laundry load and rocking the exposed Spanx.  The rest of us contribute to saving the environment by each driving individual vehicles to Starbucks and drinking out of paper cups.

Missed Spackler and his aromas today.  I think he and Bounce come as a BOGO package deal.  I hear they are off having a final showdown – Adams Tight Lies vs. The Orilimar Tri Metal.

Alf crushed us all.  I heard he had a pushup contest with Superman last weekend, loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.



Until 2048,




PS. Better read this quick, before it gets #Waxhawed right off of the front page.


Guess what day it is? Leap Day!

I’ve been cooped up in the house with the kids all week with the M away on a cruise. No posting for me meant I needed a good makeup Q to get out all the pent up aggression. Or something like that. It just so happened that this Q fell on Leap Day, so what better way to celebrate than with some leaping of our own.

Warm Up

  • Quick mosey down the gravel path to the bollards and back to the roundabout and circle up
  • 20x – Side Straddle Leaps (2 jump squats after every 5th SSH)
  • 20x – Peter Parker Leaping Spiders (5 bomb jacks after every 5th Peter Parker)
  • 15x – Merkins
  • 20x – Plank Jacks
  • 20x – Parker Peter Spider Leapers (5 bomb jacks after every 5th Parker Peter)


The Thang

  • Lunging Bear Leaps
    • Bear Crawl 6 paces
    • Lunge 4 total
    • Broad Leap 2 times 
    • Repeato the length of the lot
  • Paula Abduls at the trees
    • 2 trees up – 10 Dry Docks
    • 1 tree back – 5 Diamond Merkins
    • Repeato around the corner
  • Suicides in the parking lot
    • 10 Dips on the curb
    • 10 Bobby Hur-Leaps at the start
    • Repeato on all three curbs
  • Partners – Cindy – 10 laps (5 each partner)
    • Music playlist:
      • Jump Around by the aptly name House of Pain
      • Jump by Kriss Kross
      • Jump by Van Halen
    • P1
      • 5 pull-ups
      • 10 Merkins
      • 15 Squats 
    • P2
      • Lap around the lot
  • Gassers – curb and back
    • 10x – Curb jump burpees
    • 10x – Bonnie Blairs
    • 10x – Mike Tysons
    • Repeato to the second curb with 5 reps of each
  • Burpee circle
    • Run the roundabout loop
    • Do a burpee
    • Repeato and add an extra burpee each time

At this point I’ve had about enough of those burpees. Doesn’t help that I’m trying to keep up with Goodfella (not happening). Audible! There are some brand new picnic tables set up next to the bathrooms so we mosey over to break them in. Partner up and share some dips on the table benches while your partner takes a lap around the bathhouse. 50 dips. No, 100 dips. Well, how about switch to Derkins (bad idea) to finish us out.



For those wondering:

  • 130 Dry Docks
  • 65 Diamond Merkins
  • 25 pull-ups
  • 50 Merkins
  • 75 Squats
  • A bunch of other stuff

This was my first time as Q at Commitment. Only my 3rd time (I think) posting there, so I checked out some other PAX’ weinkes to get some ideas of where to venture out to. We didn’t get TOO far from the shovel flag but still managed to get around 3.2 miles in. Speaking of weinkes…a certain Italian/Jersey guy grabbed my weinke and put it in his pants while we were checking out Cindy. I think he saw the Gassers and was hoping if he stole it I wouldn’t remember what to do. Turns out I had it all locked down in the old noggin, plus a good Q always has a backup copy. So a caution to you other Qs out there…there’s a rogue weinke grabber on the loose. Keep your eyes peeled!



  • Q Source
    • Starting a new series in May
    • Friday’s from 0630 to 0700
    • McDonald’s at Cureton
    • Talk to Shop Dawg if you have questions

Shop Dawg had some words to share straight from Q Source. We all need to tame our King, Queen, and Jester. The King is the 1st F; it’s the physical work we put into shaping our bodies. The Queen is what we put into our bodies; you can’t out-King the Queen. Work on your eating habits. The Jester is the thing that drags us down, distracts us, and prevents us from accomplishing the goals we have for ourselves. This might be different for every PAX. Identify your Jester. Make a plan to tame it. Shield lock with a fellow PAX to hold you accountable. Attend Q Source to learn more.

YHC took us out. #cradletograve


Survival of the “Fittest”

6 contestants came out to a chilly Diesel to see just how stupid they could be. These men did not disappoint. Today’s idea is a spinoff of the UNCLE Q Chastain led a few weeks back. Simply said, we pick an exercise and continue reps IC until the last PAX finally quits.


Stand around and great each other, since it has been a bit since we’ve seen the Catfish and it was Sledge-O-Matic’s 2nd Post.


I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful charts.

View post on

Bottom line is that this was a ton of fun and great way to max out your individual effort. Deadwood might even approve. Chastain and I have been talking about this for some time, but our inability to secure a healthy Q put the plan into action.


It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to lead a group of guys like this. Diesel is a great way to avoid cheating yourself. It’s tough to hide when there is just the 6-10 of you circled up. Today was very motivating as the 1st couple contestants out would cheer on the other fools while walking, planking or some other exercise of choice. This really turned into a mind game a we continued to figure out the strategy of Survivor. Turnbuckle may have cheated by having his entire face covered.



Father/Daughter Dance.  March 6.  Ballentyne Hotel to register.

Sounds like Sledge-o-Matic may have received some of the good F3 Karma after his debut on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure he said that he got a job offer just after Chiseled on Wednesday.

Pray for Blades of Glory as he takes 33 HS kids on a mission trip to Guatemala

Mayhem is leading a mission trip to Nicaragua in September.  Akbar is a HC.  He is looking to get additional F3 guys to join.

“Whiteboard of Pain” for The Arsenal!

Leaving your comfort zone and bubble once in a while is important for growth as a man and a leader. The F3 Waxhaw bubble has everything we need on a day-t0-day basis (all 3 F’s), and we can lose sight that there are more opportunities to lead within a 10-15 minute drive.  We are blessed to have our brothers from Indian Land/SOB so close to us, and we often see them posting at the Waxhaw AO’s.  The Indian Land Elementary/Middle/High School campus is amazing, and there is a lot to do there. When YHC needed to postpone an Arsenal Q earlier this month due to a work obligation, I needed to get back on the schedule quickly. Thank you to to Happy Meal for allowing this to happen.

YHC showed up early to plant some “lighting fixtures” (lanterns) along the dark playground track behind the school (along with a sweet Whiteboard) since it was an important part of the Weinke. YHC met up with our brother, Boucher, for a pre-run around the campus to catch up on life, since he hadn’t posted in a while. Great start to the day.

The other pre-runners joined us soon after, along with Run Flat and his (R) FNG. Knowing what was in store, Run Flat agreed to stay with his FNG and help him “modify as needed”. Bluetooth speaker charged, Playlist loaded, “DiCCS” disclaimer give, and it was time to roll.


Mosey around the ES parking lot, making stops along the way for:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • IW x 20 (IC)
  • Low Slow Squat x 10 (IC)
  • Peter Parker x 10 (IC)
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (IC)
  • Upward/Downward Dog Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • DONE!

Mosey over to YHC’s car where the typical coupons/Cinder Blocks were ready to roll. Partner up, grab 1 Block per team, and regroup in the lot.  As a team:

  • P1 (150) Curls / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Bench Press / P2 runs half lap


Return blocks to the car, mosey around the back of the school, past the buses (be careful!), and to the small playground. The Pax noticed the strange lights on the track, so a quick explanation of why. The track is not only pitch black, but there was a lot of standing water on the track and grass. (4) strategically-placed lanterns helped navigate the course and keep us safe.

The “Whiteboard of Pain” was properly lit up under the covered picnic area with various exercises written. The goal was a repeating ladder, starting at #1, running a lap, repeat #1 and add #2, run a lap, repeat #1, #2, and add #3…you get the point:

  1. Derkins x 10
  2. LBC’s x 10
  3. Step-ups x 10
  4. Flutter (2 =1) x 10
  5. Dips x 10
  6. Heels to Heaven x 10
  7. Jump Tucks x 10
  8. Big Boy Sit-ups x 10
  9. Peter Parker (2 = 1) x 10
  10. Burpees x 10

YHC’s 5-minute warning went off so none of us completed the entire circuit, although Fire Hazard completed Round #8 easily. Most guys got through at least #6. Nice work, fellas.

Mosey back to COT to end this thing. Quick round robin Mary for the last minute or so. DONE!


Thanks, again, to Happy Meal for putting me on the Arsenal schedule to Q.  Great group of guys who post there, and it reminds me that we can all do a better job in posting and leading outside of our own Region / sub-Region. Great work by all who posted, and I hope the prep work done by bringing the Lanterns, Whiteboard, and Coupons shows how serious I take the responsibility of leading my brothers. We all owe it to the Pax to lead with Excellence.  That means prepping a solid Weinke, making sure the site and Pax are safe, showing Command/Confidence while leading, counting correctly, Executing on the Plan, looking out for the Six, taking us out in Prayer at COT (“Cradle-to-Grave”), etc.  Soap Box over!  “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!”.

Special shout-out to Run Flat for not only leaving the Waxhaw bubble, but for inviting an FNG from work, Weatherman (R).  Weatherman’s 57th Birthday was the same day, so I’m sure he got a “special gift” of some soreness the day after. Keep showing up, brother.

As we all know, the hard work during the 1st F is important, but it’s the connections to other men outside of workouts that matters even more. I was happy to post with my brother, Boucher, today since it had been a while. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN we will go through challenges as men, husbands, fathers, leaders so we need to have the backs of our brothers. Don’t forget to reach out to the Pax you know need support (grab coffee, lunch, a beer?) since it’s hard to think about working out when you’re going through a lot.

I look forward to posting and Q’ing again out at The Arsenal soon, and having The Fort Pax join us any time in Waxhaw. Iron Sharpens Iron!


  • Sandbox opportunity this Saturday, 2/29/20 from 10am-12pm. Soft Pretzel leading so reach out to him on Slack if interested.
  • The Arsenal needs Q’s in March. Please offer to lead there!
  • Welcome to our FNG, “Weatherman” (R), who works with Run Flat in Operations at Continental Tire.  He’s good at “Forecasting” so….Weatherman it is! (just hope he’s better at forecasting than Meteorologists)

YHC took us out in prayer.


Amazing Race Feb 2020

Happy Friday everyone, Ackbar here! Today was another cold southern morning, which may be muggy and warm the next. It’s the last of the month, so that means Recalculating’s Amazing Race! Distance-wise, my Pokemon Go’s tracker clocked in 3.5-4 kms. It’s what I got…I’m a dork I know it. Everyone busted their tails today, well done, and here’s how it went down.


  • Mosey to the Middle School parking lot, as usual.
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops (Recal sorta ended at 19, many were confused)
  • 20 Merkins
  • A beloved Calf Stretch (I can hear Damascus’ approval from afar)
  • (It’s possible I missed something, I was in a fog)
  • One more Mosey around the parking lot


Recalculating divided us into teams of 3 for the Amazing Race. 5 stops. And it went like this:

  • Stop #1: 50 Bobby Hurley’s in front of the path toward Rudy’s Shed. Hurley indeed…
  • Stop #2: 50 Donkey Kicks at Rudy’s Shed (They add up.)
  • Stop #3: 40 Overhead Presses with evil cinderblocks in the HS parking lot (“It’s a trap!”)
  • Stop #4: 25 Mike Tysons in the other HS parking lot (there was much rejoicing, yay).
  • Stop #5: 50 Step Ups in front of the HS (they add up quickly!).
  • After each stop we return to the front of the MS for 5 burpees. 

Here are our teams and results, and thank you Recal for sending me this!

Gold Medal Team #5
Silver Medal Team #3
Bronze Medal Team #2
Aluminum Medal Team #1
Ricky Bobby
Tin Medal Team #4

After the race, there was a lot of Mary-ing with extra time available, as every team finished! Moseyed back to the MS Parking Lot, and wrapped up.


  • Everyone busted their butts today. It was also awesome to see that everyone finished with extra time! We all finished the race, so everyone won! Gold stars for everyone!
  • I confess that I was not in top shape today, DRAGGING…but my teammates Bottlecap and Schneider were super encouraging. Thank you my brothers!
  • Sorry I can’t post the map on the Backblast…I like to think I’m computer savvy, in this case I’m stumped. You’ll have to use your imaginations!
  • Thank you Recalculating for leading Impromptu today! Indeed it was an Amazing Race! 


  • The Father/Daughter dance is on March 6th. Sign up is at
  • There were many prayers lifted, spouses, parents, in-laws, and I believe many left unsaid. Pray, think positive thoughts, we carry each other, lighten the loads, and the world is made right.

Signing off, may the Force be with you!

XFL took over Swarm

7 potential draft picks came for XFL training camp and championship game today at Swarm.  Overall, I believe we all clocked 5+ miles and found out that our frisbee skills are a little challenged.


  • Mosey towards High School parking lot with a mix of butt kickers, cariocas, and backwards run.
  • Circle up
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Calf Stretch
    • Merkins


4 Corners around the perimeter of parking lot.

  • Complete lap and do 5 burpees, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 3rd Corner and do 10 mt climbers, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 2nd Corner and do 15 merkins, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 1st Corner and do 20 speed skaters, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • Mary until 6 is in

Burpee Indian Run around perimeter x 2 laps.  2nd lap increase pace of pax and go towards baseball fields

7’s on the hill by the circles

  • 1 x squat along fence, 6 dry docks at bottom circle
  • Rinse and repeat until complete 6 x squats and 1 dry dock

Return to High School Parking Lot

Round 2 of 4 Corners around 1st island only by entrance

  • Complete lap and do 5 burpees, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 3rd Corner and do 10 mt climbers, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 2nd Corner and do 15 merkins, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps
  • 1st Corner and do 20 speed skaters, mosey back  to start and do 10 x Big Boi Situps

Finish with Ultimate Frisbee Championship

YHC completed team assignments:

  • Dallas Renegades: Deflated, Rudy, Hooch
  • Houston Roughnecks: Shake & Bake, Rockwell, Rubbermaid

Compelling game with lots of terrible throws great defense, ended with 1-0 score with a catch in the end zone as time expired. Dallas Renegades win!

*Official petition has been entered by Shake in regards to inflation of frisbee and game remains under league review


  • Great work by the group of 7 to run few miles this morning, believe everyone got north of 5 miles
  • Rudy continues to live up to his name and gut out performance and not one I want to go against on a short sprint, good job
  • Rockwell pushing the pace all day and appears ready for upcoming 10K
  • Shake continues to ensure excellent form and digs deep to compete on each rep/round.  Every lap appeared to be giving just a little bit extra on the run
  • Rubbermaid man can just run for days on end, also YHC reviewed the tape and that Frisbee was uncatchable as it hit you in the hands/chest
  • Deflated is the Shane Falco (Replacements) of Ultimate Frisbee, you can see the former pedigree in him but just age/injuries caught up to him but provides few glimpses into what he used to be as an athlete
  • Hooch appreciate the guest appearance at your AO today, YHC still upset that I did not receive proper prehype marketing and had to settle for stock gif


  • Father/Daughter Dance on March 6th – sign up:
  • Keep prayers going for all that were mentioned in COT and unmentioned by pax
  • Weight loss competition ends next week.  Scale will be out all week to get final weigh ins.

A Pyramid Scheme

When I told Margo and Mermaid I would Q Centurion a month or so ago I was thinking work would still be in that busy but not hectic stage yet.  We are approaching hectic, so I knew this weinke may not be by most studied and researched one.  I also knew that both Site Qs were on IR with Mermaid sick and Margo with a bum knee.  Mermaid did Q Anvil Wednesday after a puke and rally before the workout so not much I can say there.  I also knew Brilleaux and Point Break are at Disney, not together but I’m ok if we start that rumor.  I was hoping one of them would have been on the Jungle Cruise boat that took on water yesterday that made the news but to no avail.

But the show must go on.  So yesterday while checking how the markets were doing after a rough week on Wall Street an ad or some pop-up was showing me the best of the Office.  Not sure what I googled to deserve this but I’m glad I did and it had my attention.  My favorite scene has always been when Michael was selling calling cards explaining the pyramid scheme.  Oscar even gives Michael a this sounds like one of those get rich schemes to which Michael replies yes!  This scene made the cut and I had my bait.  Had been a while since Centurion had headed to the Bermuda Triangle and figured it would be an easy weinke to make up on the go.

Temps dropped again, below 30 at launch.  4 others joined and off we went.


Windmill x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

The Thang:

From the top of Palantine Hill the Pyramid Scheme would begin.  We would run the Bermuda Triangle with the following:

Round 1 – 10 diamond merkins at the top of Palantine, 10 derkins at the benches, and 10 monkey humpers at the road.

Round 2 – Same sets of 10s, but add in 15 wide arm merkins at the top of Palantine, 15 dry docks at the benches, and 15 squats at the road.

Round 3 – Same sets of 10s and 15s, but add in 20 merkins at the top of Palantine, 20 dips at the benches, and 20 walking lunges at the road.

Round 4 – Drop the 20s, same sets of 10s and 15s

Round 5 – Drop the 15s, same as Round 1

Mosey back across Carmel Commons stopping in front of Tropical Cafe for some Mary.

LBC x 15

Flutter x 15

Dolly x 15

Mosey across 51 to the rock pile on McMahon, grab a lifting rock.  Same 5 round scheme as above, no running.

Round 1 – 10 tricep extensions

Round 2 – Same 10, 15 push press

Round 3 – Same 10s and 15s, 20 curls

Round 4 – Drop the 20s, same sets of 10s and 15s

Round 5 – Drop the 15s, same as Round 1

Mosey back to launch for the last round of Mary.

Heels to Heaven x 15

Boxcutter x 15

Over/Under x 15

American Hammer x 15

Hold plank for the last minute.

No announcements and YHC with the take-out prayer


Easy group today, all well versed vets, and even friendly with the mumblechatter.  I think the worst I got was Escargot saying he misunderstood my “last round on the way up” before Round 3 at Palantine with Rounds 4 and 5 still to come on the way down.  He is doing some strong work in Nicaragua by the way.  Funding is coming in for a 40 x 80 pre-fab building that will be shipped to Nicaragua next year for storage for supplies, etc.  Sounds like some serving opportunities coming down the road for the Pax to get involved.  I asked Ickey when Meathead 101 Kettlebell day was to which he replied they are on week 8 of a 12 week set.  I took that to mean, no.  Snuka seemed interested in some Champagne private tutoring.  Bout Time and Snuka set the pace today but the group stayed together.  Bout Time with 4 young kids still finding time to run in and stay in shape.  Snuka is still hogging the fountain of life of it’s treating him well, fast dude.   Hope everyone else heals up and travels safe, thanks for the Q spot Mermaid and Margo.

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

20 of Area 51’s finest PAX assembled on a clear and somewhat chilly Thursday morning in the Olde Providence ES staff parking lot to tackle the behemoth known as Hydra aka Where Legends are Made.  Singing her siren song, Immortality beckoned the PAX into the gloom (after a brief and wholly inadequate disclaimer was delivered by YHC to the veteran crew).

Mosey to the OPES Bus parking lot aka The Asphalt Jungle.


  • LSS x17 IC
  • Slow Descending Merkins x10 IC
  • IW x17 IC
  • Peter Parker x10 IC
  • Parker Peter x10 IC
  • Hip Stretch i.e. Broga
  • Plank Jacks x10 IC (YHC’s shoulders were quivering at this point)

The 17 rep count represents the age of YHC’s middle daughter as of today, 27 February, in the Year of Our Lord 2020.  YHC is currently a Father to 4 teenage children which is mystifying, exhilarating, frustrating, and wallet emptying all rolled into one messy package called LIFE.  Are there times when YHC would rather ship his children to boarding schools in upper Montana?  Absolutely, yes.  Are there times when YHC is rendered an emotional, blubbering idiot incapable of speech because his children acted with tenderness and love towards one another and/or me?  Absolutely, yes.  Would YHC trade being a parent for all the Korean Kimchi in the world?  Absolutely, not.  Point being, especially for the younger PAX, it all goes by SO FAST.  Savor the journey.  “Life moves pretty fast.” – Ferris

Back to the epic Weinke…

Mosey to Church rock pile.  Partner up, grab 1 running rock per pair, and get ready for greatness.

Partner A w/ rock – runs Rea-Windyrush-Edinbridge loop CW

Partner B sans rock – runs same loop CCW

Transfer rocks at meeting point.  Continue the loop.


Flapjack loop

Mary  i.e. excuse to catch our collective breaths

Mosey to baseball fields.  Starfish to 4 ea. Center field fences.  17 ea. Merkins, Jump Squats, LBCs, and Plank Knee Ups.  16 SMC’s at the launch.

Mosey to rear of school for People’s Chair.  Overhead Press x17 IC.  BTW x10 secs.

Mosey to basketball court.  “He’s going to do those stupid basketball drills again…”  You damn right, son.  Bear Crawl, Reverse Crab Walk, and Burpee Broad Jumps baseline-to-baseline.

Fast Mosey to Rea Rd and back to Launch per Spackler’s request.




Naked Moleskinny

The 2nd rock carrying loop caused significant wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Phrases such as, “Don’t do it!”, “Who does he think he is?”, and “Bad, bad, bad call Jet Fuel” were slung amidst the PAX directed at YHC.  Running with rocks is somewhat challenging and it had been years since YHC Q’d it; as a result, today was the day.  As Sargent Barnes says in “Platoon” to the severely wounded soldier, “Shut up and take the pain!!”  You are all better men for the double rock loop, simply admit it and thank me later.  Or better yet, thank Foghorn for sporting the man tights with tucked-in workout shirt.  Untucked be damned!  Foghorn was YHC’s partner for the rock loop extravaganza, and he absolutely crushed it in both directions, thus earning street cred to wear those camel toe tights.

Solid effort by all PAX today.  YHC was in survival mode, trying very hard to perform all exercises with laser-like intensity while not passing out.  Henceforth, YHC missed most of the banter and looks forward to the PAX filling in the blanks below.  And yes, YHC did hear the flatulence.  YHC reckons that 4 trips to Korea, 1 trip to Japan, and 1 trip to Maui since October have rendered my body clock inoperable until sometime in 2023 and wrecked my fitness level.  The only way to recapture physical fitness is to get out of bed, grind, repeat.  “The only way out is through.”

As a general comment, all of today’s PAX are exemplary citizens who pay taxes (mostly) and respect their elders (sometimes).  YHC typically has comments for each PAX, but the size of today’s crowd coupled with YHC’s mental banter block have eliminated individualized comments from this BB.  You are all awesome in your own special way, so don’t change a thing.  On the other hand, “You’re all worthless and weak.  Now, drop and give me 20.”  – vicious mother

Always an honor to lead the finest AO in Area 51.


Announcements:  None suitable for print