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Ziz, Leviathan, and Behemoth

Week 8 of 11 in our program.  Wild Turkey was on the sidewalk jumping rope when I got there.  The last couple weeks, I’d park in a spot and carry my KBs to the sidewalk where we get our work in.  Today was different.  I introduced Ziz(28kg/62lbs), Leviathan(32kg/70lbs), and Behemoth(40kg/88lbs) to the family.

By the time 530 hit, Retread, Ickey Shuffle, Gilbert, and C3PO joined us.

A quick warm up:  Windmill X 10, Arm Circle X 10, Reverse Arm Circle X10

Main Event

Waiter Carries:  5X 90 seconds

Double Cleans:  5X5

Double Squats: 5X5

2 Handed Swings 10 rounds of 10 reps + 60 sec of rest.  The weinke called for a 40-44 kg KB for this one.

A few minutes left for 1 min of elbow plank, 1 min of hollow hold, and 1 minute of glute bridge.



YHC made a trip to the Kettlebell Store this weekend for a couple of reasons 1.  Voodoo tells me I need to lift heavier bells pretty much every time I see him.  2.  I’ve been relying on other pax with larger KB collections whenever the weinke calls for doubles or heavy weight 3. Heavy weights are really cool.

Like most Clean/Squat days, I’ve been encouraging pax that find the weinke too easy to go up in a couple KGs in weight.  Same went for the first time 2H Swings appeared on the weinke, you should be going heavier than you did for the 30 minutes of 1 handed swings from a few weeks ago.  This instruction saw all the pax step a little out of their comfort zone and swing HEAVY.

For those of you that don’t understand the references; Ziz is the King of the Birds according to Psalms 50:11.  Leviathan is a ginormous sea serpent alluded to in Psalms, Job, Isaiah, and Amos.  Behemoth is the primordial beast of the Earth, referenced in Job and Psalms.

See you at Meathead on Wednesday.

Carry the Blocks!

20’ish Pax showed up at CMS this morning to start the week off right/wrong?.  Weekends can be tough to stay “on the wagon” of working out, eating right, and staying engaged with the Pax. Last Saturday was a great example of a trifecta of 1st F (3 separate workouts), 2nd F (Board meeting at 530am,  coffeterias), and 3rd F (Christ’s Closet service event).  There are many ways to stay involved, but showing up at 530am to workout with your brothers is the foundation of it all.  So…let’s go to work and incorporate the 3 core areas that make up a solid F3 Bootcamp:


Warm up by heading towards the front of the Middle School, en route to the HS Stair. We did:

  • SSH x (20)
  • IW x (20)
  • Plank Jacks x (20)


Partner up at the top of the stairs for some Partner CORE work with SPEED, each partner completing (2) rounds of each of the following:

  • P1 H2H / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs
  • P1 Rosalita / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs
  • P1 LBC’s / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs


Mosey towards the football field circle where we paused for a Merkin Ladder.  Option given to Pax to either start at 1 up to 10, or start at 10 down to 1.  Choice was 10 down to 1, so that’s what we did.


Mosey over to the football lot where some pre-planted Coupons/Cinder Blocks were revealed. Once again, partner up, grab a Cinder, time for STRENGTH work with a little SPEED.

  • P1 (200) Curls/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee
  • P1 (100)…(50)…(30) (25’ish) “Man Makers” (Burpee with Block)/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee.  *These were harder than anticipated and most guys were spent at this point. 


Each team grab a Cinder and head back towards COT. Quick stop for a simple 1-minute plank & hold CORE & STRENGTH exercise.  Didn’t realize this would see so many Pax on their knees, but clearly we need to do more STRENGTH work!  5-minute warning given on YHC’s “stupid”, old-fashioned Timex Ironman watch.

Mosey with the Cinders, alternating between partners until reaching COT. Not sure how others felt, but running with a ~35 lb. Cinder Block over about .50 miles is not joke. It may have felt heavy after a while, but carrying the “weight” or extra burdens in life sometimes feels that way.  More to come on this later in the BB, as we look to help alleviate some of the burden of one of our brothers right now…



It’s always a privilege to lead this group early on a Monday.  Flash was the first F3 Workout YHC attended back on 10/31/2016 with Ice9 on Q, and this campus is our flagship AO. It’s easy to plan and visualize a Q at CMS/CHS as often as we post there, and knowing how/where to keep the Pax safe becomes easier and easier as the Q.

The goal in leading today’s workout was to take into consideration the various levels of fitness, speed, strength among the Pax and create a Weinke that worked for all (and didn’t leave anyone behind).  Thanks to our Site Q in attendance, Chicken Little, for keeping an eye on the Pax and the Six, and allowing YHC to focus on leading.


We never realize the impact and support of F3 until we are faced with major “life events”.  Loss of a family member/friend, birth of a child, 2.0 teenager “mistakes”, loss of a job, etc.  We are all human and will face difficult challenges in our lives. As the leaders God created us to be in our families, we will come under major attack from the Enemy who seeks to plant “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in our heads.  If he is able to do that, he has a slick way of taking us and our families out. We need to remember this as we go into battle every day, and make sure we are putting on the FULL Armor of God to defend against his schemes. (Ephesians 6:11)

Our brother, Posse, shared today that he was laid off from his job last week. This is the extra burden and weight mentioned above.  No one has been more intentional about helping other Pax through similar situations, and he has truly made his Misery his Ministry among the Pax. It is now time to help our brother out and keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities for Posse. If everyone throws him just 1 lead/contact/connection, then this will build momentum in his job search.

We know that God will take him through this, but let’s rally around him as we did today in our Ball of Man during COT.  Posse…When I was laid off in 2012 after 10 years with Johnson & Johnson, one of my buddies sent me this Bible verse that has become my family’s verse:

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28



  • Church on the Street – Sunday 3/1 – F3 Waxhaw’s time to serve this month. Reach out to Foundation for info.
  • Christ’s Closet Folding Party – Thursday 2/27
  • March is “No Repeat Q Month” in Waxhaw
  • YHC on Q this Thursday at The Arsenal, Indian Land Elementary School.  530am.
  • “Mark this Moment” event on 3/6/20.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for allowing me to lead you today, fellas!

Ignition Gets Back To Its Roots

12 of Waxhaw’s finest (yes, Moneyball, we include Mineral Springs as part of Waxhaw . . . but not Monroe DW) adhered to the call for headlamps and reflective gear as we were going old school.  When Hollywood and Halfback started this workout, they created a strict set of rules to follow so YHC wanted to ensure this long list was followed to a T.


  • Toughest workout in Waxhaw
  • Minimum 4+ miles
  • No Mary
  • Opening 1 mile at faster than mosey pace


  • Opening mile to Lawson clubhouse
    • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Mike Tysons
  • Mosey to an open garage and steal some heavy weights
    • P1 runs with weight / P2 does 10 T-Tap merkins and catches P1
  • Bottom of Dearmeadows nasty hill . . . Do we have a name for this hill?
    • 3 burpees at top of hill
    • Exercises at bottom of hill
      • 3 sets of shoulder presses (Reps = 70 minus # of lbs of your weight)
      • 3 sets of bicep curls
      • 3 sets of goblet squats
  • Mosey back the garage
    • P1 runs up 2 mailboxes and does Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2 runs with weight overhead
  • Fast mosey back to COT with some exercises along way


  • Hollywood also created the Ignition MVP award where he gives out a “Party Rock” shirt to the winner
  • If you haven’t received one yet, you aren’t trying hard enough in his eyes
  • Not sure who was the MVP from today as Hollywood likes to give the award in private but I have my guesses
  • Thanks to Carb Load for bringing the phone (that is a MUST if you are going any distance away from COT)
  • Legal Zoom was a heck of a partner today . . . Thanks for getting to me so quickly on that last weighted mosey
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . Dude was crushing the hill today
  • Glidah and Gerber were seemingly getting faster up the hill each time
  • Wolverine and Hollywood aren’t human
  • Zinfandel back strong today after Mr. Mom weekend
  • Recalculating and Deflated impressed me today with no slowing down despite nagging injuries
  • Dasher is so consistent . . . Always up front and pushing


  • March is “1 Q” month:  60+ workouts need 60+ PAX to step up and lead . . . Do your part and ask somebody.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be a leader!
  • Prayers needed:
    • Posse:  Lost his job recently.  Looking for title of CEO, Chairman of the Board, or Housewife (I believe I caught that correct but I’ll defer to Goodfella’s backblast).  Reach out to him on LinkedIn and see how you can help.
    • Gator Cub:  His son has been battling an illness and was recently diagnosed.  Thankfully it appears treatable.
    • Easy Button:  Him and his wife (who is a lot faster than him) recently became foster parents to a teenage girl.  Lots of adjustments for them so reach out if you can help in anyway.

Goodfella took us out with a Ball of Man around Posse . . . #IronSharpensIron

Triangle and a Rooster

Not sure what happened, but I fought off all my alarms today until I looked over at the clock and completely panicked.  Little after 5 to do my routine and then the drive to the 15 min to The Matrix, which is why I have not been to this AO in years.  I have been wanting to come to this site for quite sometime, so why not Q it.  Thankfully, the drive did not take as long as I thought,  I arrived at 05:25 with plenty Of time to spare.  Not sure of the arriving order, but I stepped out and OT and Cage joined me and at 0530 we kicked it off.


Warm UP

Took a lap (memory lap) around the school.  More lit then I remembered and most of the holes had standing water in them.  However, the field behind the school is as dicey as I remember.  End up by the small track

In cadence: SSH, Arm Circles, IW and a few hamstring stretches


Main Event

Deconstruct the burpee

At each corner do the following (below) once back, take one more full lap and then 6 count burpees x10

  • Squat x20
  • 2 foot plank ups ?? x20 (this was to recreate the thing in the burpee when you bring you 2 feet from plank position)
  • Merkin x20
  • Jump Squats x20
  • Run a lap and 10 burpees


Ab work then Mosey to the jungle gym


3 rounds of the following:

  • Dips x20
  • Decline merkins x10
  • Incline merkins x10
  • LBC x20
  • Pull ups x10


Mosey to the Rock Pile/ grab lifting rock

Instructions: Lift then drop the rock/ run to the 20 and back / lift-run to the 40 / lift-run to 60 / lift- run to the 80 / lift run to the port-O-potty (well over 100 yards)

Here is what we lifted: 15-20 depending on the size of your rock

Bi / Tri / Over-head press / Squat


Ab work – Mosey to the school

Wall sit / Donkey kicks x2


Mosey to Parking lot…..DONE


Take out- O’ Tannenbaum- thank you!



  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead, even if was a desperate plea for help from Poptart (sounded REALLY desperate..heal up??)
  • Again, I was really looking to get back to the Matrix, it was the the first Monday in A51 .
  • OT and Cage were getting after it today.  We stayed close and got it done today
  • Still one more then my last Q on Friday, so we ended on a Triangle v Circle of Trust
  • I am not sure why the rooster thought it was time to wake up everyone at 5:50, but he was tearing it up.

Assafari at Asylum

11 Pax broke the week open at 5:fricken15 to check out the fresh virgin Q.  A pleasurable 43 degrees, just warm enough to leave the heavy layers at home.  As the debutant, I thought I would show my suitors a good time taking them to places of my youth…the jungles and plains Africa.  Oh the places we will go and things we will do. 

DCCS given.  Mosey…maybe a little to0 far for my warm up run, like many virgins, I was out of breath and forgot to count the SSHs.  Recovered with Merkins mixed with stretching the baby Buffalos.(calves)  Began the African adventure at the Moroccan Night Club…no counting, but I regaled the suitors with the stories of the adventures we would have.

Mosey down to the mouth of the Nile.  Run up the Nile, two lights up-one back 10 Boat Canoes to the top of the Hill.  When done come get the 6 and we will recover together.  Mosey to the first Animal Sighting.

The Egyptian Goose, basically the canadian goose of africa…but with a higher voice.  Duck walk up to the top of the Hill…Get those tails down.

Next two sightings as we made our way around the 4 Corners of the Globe.  Monkey Humpers on a virgin-q was a little rough…especially since the green monkeys were presumed to be the first carriers of AIDS. 40x,30x,20x,10x    Oh!  Ze bras!  Zebra Butt kickers at alternating corners. 40x,30x,20x,10x  Gosh Darn-it!!!  All the other animals were in hiding due to civil wars.

Wait What!!!  Giant Fruit Bats!  bat wings 20,20,20 mosey and repeat.   More Egyptian Geese!  Sadly no more animals.

Head Home with partner runs 100 LBCs 100 Merkins.

The Moleskin.

Clocked in 2.6 miles.  Traveled the Globe and literally worked our Assylums off.  My butt is sore and I found standing slightly difficult.  I hope the rest of your day is filled with Travelers diarrhea to give your cheeks a little more of a work out.

Lift up Fuse’s Uncle-just lost wife.

March 6th-Daddy Daughter Dance-Fuse has the info…due to technical difficulties I couldn’t record the announcements.

Great Christ Closet give away.  Next one is the first week of April.

Mosey over to CFA for learning about the King!



I distinctly ordered the Antartic Blue Super Sports Wagon with C.B. and optional rally fun pack.

9 men loaded up the family truckster and gathered in a middle school parking lot this morning. My disclaimer included a warning that my pregame routine was not all that I hoped, so we’d be staying close to Semi Gloss’s office just in case. I was alarmed to learn from the boys that the restrooms are now locked. Uh oh. Somebody should tell Semi.

We headed down to the track for a moving warmup, then lined up abreast on one sideline for some back and forth across the field with moderate level jogging and exercise reps. Congrats to Geraldo for chattering enough to knock me off my game and forget my own instructions. Despite some pregame chatter about the good ol’ days in the mud and Runstoppers muddy Hydra Q last week, a few guys would only do their reps on the paved track. Geez. There was some Mary recovery, then we jogged up to the (new!?) benches in front of the school for some partner work. We did some parking space merkins (plank walk sideways, down on each line) and lunges to let everyone catch their breath. Then down the stairs to the sidewalk for more partner work on the stair loop. A quick watch check told me I had to kill some time, so went over to the nearby left field for 10 sprints with 10-count rests (veteran move). Then up to the bathroom building walls for some people’s chair (with head, shoulders, knees and toes) and BTWs. AYG 10 yards to the parking lot. Done.

Hat tip to Cheese Curd for a 10:45 pm Slack post questioning my popularity, fitness and leadership. Scoreboard. Also shout-out to Hopper for convincing La-Z-Boy to post this morning then not showing up himself. Veteran. Snowflake ran in and out – beast. Thunder Road and Magoo are jealous of the way we run the Hydra Q schedule and are considering a move to the “Here’s your Q date. Thanks” approach that we use. Sure, it creates a little more Q-swap drama along the way, but we’re scheduled into August I think. Of course Strange Brew ran the wrong way on the partner loops. Canadians. Mailman was putting in solid work this morning in all black. Old school. I hadn’t had a chance to talk to Point Break much before – he has his VQ at Anvil next week under Lorax’s gentle touch.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. No many how many times I’ve Q’d, fear and doubt creeps in right before I start. I’m thankful for you guys.



Fun Facts for Reps on Presidents Day

Warmup:  Ran to the track where we started with 10 side straddle hops, followed by 10 imperial walkers, 10 low slow squats, 10 mountain climbers, and ending with 5 burpees for a total of 45 reps in honor of our 45 Presidents.

Followed the warmup with an Indian run around the track recognizing the Trail of Tears and the correct answer of which President was associated with it, Andrew Jackson.

1st Series:  Three laps around the track for the three impeached Presidents, Johnson, Clinton, and Trump, with four exercise stops, first 50 yard line, 10 merkins, first endzone, 10 LBCs, second 50 yard line, 10 squats, and second endzone, 10 heels to heaven, followed by 4 burpees in honor of the 44 men who have served as President since Grover Cleveland’s two nonconsecutive terms, 22nd and 24th, are both counted.

2nd Series:  Ran to the concession stand and gathered lifting rocks.  There each did 15 curls, 15 presses, and 15 triceps, again in honor of our “45” Presidents.  From there we ran to the bleachers and did 8 step ups with each leg in honor of the 8 Presidents who died in office, Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt (FDR), and Kennedy.  Followed by 15 dips, 15 derkins, and 15 pullups for our “45” Presidents.  From there we ran around the northeast baseball field on the gravel road back to the concession stand where we repeated our lifting rock exercises.  We repeated this circuit three times, one less than the four planned to honor the four Presidents assassinated in office, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.

3rd Series:  Casually ran to the parking lot where we ran a suicide stopping at each goal post followed by 3 burpees in honor of the 3 Presidents born in NC or possibly SC (Andrew Jackson is listed as born in NC/SC).  Ran a sprint to the last goal post and back followed by 2 burpees for the 2 Presidents listed as born in NC, James Polk and Andrew Johnson.

4th Series:  Circled for Mary’s where we started with 31 dolly’s in honor of the 31 days William Henry Harrison served before he died.  Followed with 17 flutters honoring the 17 Presidents elected to two or more terms.  Then 14 LBC’s for the 14 Presidents that actually served a full two or more terms.  When time expired so did our rep counts in honor of our Presidents.

Snowflake closed us out with a prayer.

It was cold as ice

5 Pax gathered at Weddington Middle School at 6:30am on a Saturday with the temperature at 24 degrees.  Diccs given, mosey along the backside of the school, along 12 mile creek back to front of school.  Warms of Potato Pickers, Calf Stretch, Moroccan Nightclubs.

Goal was to keep warm.  We did that by running a total of 3.2 miles and completing 1,000 reps of various excercises, mostly 100 reps each, of the following:

Mt. Climbers, Bobby Hurley’s, Merkins, Donkey Kicks, Mike Tyson’s, LBC’s, Squats, Flutters, Dry Docks, Step Ups.

YHC took us out.

See Group me for Daddy Daughter Dance info, 2/27 Christ Closet Folding Party 7pm.

Tour de Frozen

Well its Rubbermaid’s fault. He invited me and then said that we had places we could run. Since I had never been to the site before I relied on all of the wonderful suggestions on where we could run. I am pretty sure we saw most of the AO and a lot of mumble chatter was had about how close their home was. This group was either too intimidated by my authoritative leadership style to give me any mumble chatter my way, or they were just very polite. This group all joking aside while grumbling the hills and the stop sign burpees were some hard chargers. Shop dog and Chainsaw only smiled as it got harder and encouraged the group.

Now some of the highlights are that the entire entourage got a full 5 K. Sorry for going over 1 minute but we were going to get it done. We had the sub zero joke off where the rules are made up and the scores mean very little but everyone had a good time. Beige is the best color for ceilings. You had to be there to get the rest of the joke. If you don’t show up you don’t get the fun stuff. We learned a new way to stack the cinder blocks.  Plenty of good mumble chatter this morning and if you know me the worse the conditions the more I like to hear. It was a true honor to lead this group of men. Thank you for having me and I hope to be back again.

I’m not lost your lost!

Tuck picked a good course.

Somehow only 4 of us found our way and then we spent the next hour playing hide and go seek.