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It’s like Meathead, but on a Wednesday

10 pax took the DRP yesterday and posted at Meathead instead of a lesser site, like WAMRAP. I was a little worried that some folks would get confused and post at Elizabeth Lane or show up on the wrong day or something, but I think it worked out. The Anvil pax and their fearless leader (Lorax) were very welcoming and only mildly heckled our vast selection of kettlebells. At about 5:31, they moseyed off and, after I disclaimed the pax, we got to warming up with some SSH and merkins.

The Thang:

Today was day 2 of week 1 of the SFG Level 1 strength program we’re working on. The workouts are pretty simple (not easy) and consist of 3-4 fundamental kettlebell exercises.

  • 3 sets of 5 deadlifts
  • 5 x waiter carries per arm
  • 5 sets of 5 double cleans
  • 5 sets of 5 double front squats


  • 2 x :30 of hard style elbow plank
  • 2 x :30 of hollow body hold
  • 2 x :30 hip extension

Joint COT with the Anvil pax. Thanks to Hammer for the speedy takeout.


  • Olympus rises again like a phoenix from the ashes on Saturday at Elizabeth Lane Elementary at 7:00 (by popular demand). It will be a 60 minute workout.


  • Thanks to the pax for their patience while we got through this workout the first time. We initially tried to have half the group deadlift while the other half did the carries. Unfortunately, the carries took a lot longer, so some people did extra deadlifts and there was general confusion. We eventually got it figured out and everyone got through all of the work.
  • I think the consensus is that everyone needs bigger bells. This workout (which alternates with Monday’s workout) is relatively low reps, but heavy weights. People should take this as an opportunity to challenge themselves. Quality is also very important and is something the pax should keep in mind while performing the exercises. The core should be tight and the squats should be as low as you can go (knee health dependent).
  • Going forward we’ll be doing single leg Romanian deadlifts instead of standard deadlifts because we don’t have enough weight to appropriately challenge the pax. We’ll also knock out the deadlifts first, then do the carries.
  • I hope to see you out there on Saturday!

Abandon Weinke!!ORRR Not

You will make time for what is important to you.  It was clear this morning that pax were committed to making health and connection a priority in their lives as 30 men showed up to push themselves mentally and physically.  That said,  I didn’t anticipate 30 some pax as I was putting my Weinke together in my head the night before,,,  I assumed 12,15….Maybe 18,  all of which I was prepared to give a solid beat down, mixing coupons and partner-work for 45 Min.  As I dropped off the coupons, bumped into our brother Goodfella on a pre-run and headed back to the launch point.  At first,  looked like about 11-12 dudes ready for punishment,,, just as i had planned for it,  awesome!  Then more pax came in, and more, and more. =My plan was looking a bit….shot

Warm UP: Mosey around the lot, get a little jog in so I can come up with a new plan,  oh wait,  one more comes in on two wheels,  keep the mosey going.  Head to the front of school,  25 SSH’s, some merkins,  Mountain climbers, something else.  DANG this is a big crowd,  what is this a convergence?? Did I miss something, Nope this is F3 Waxhaw and  clearly the plan for this and 9 coupons isn’t going to cut it for this hungry crowd.  =Time to improvise.

The Thang:  Light poles,  simple yet effective.  Pick an exercise and we are going to run these 6 lights for 20 min and give these men what they came here for.  1 set 10 Merkins, Second set, 10 lunges, 3 set burpees, 4 set Partner pull ups, 5 set CDD, by the way my partners Nails and Point Break killed it.  Everyone worked hard, seemed to be getting their monies worth but there was still….Time.  Can we modify some of my plan, yes,  two groups,  hand the reigns off to Goodfella to take one group to do a lap of Indian run Worm burners with 5 merkins while another group did a round of smash balls merkins and a lap. Worm burner group comes around and flap jack.  Just enough time to head back.

Mosey back for a quick…Kinda jail break to the launch point.  Goodfella made some pax carry the coupons back so he gave them a little extra challenge:)  END

Moleskin:  Lot of regulars and a lot of Cotters (i think that is how you spell it) WELCOME BACK.  Everyone worked hard,  keep coming for those that made it out for the first time in a while.  Culbertson Middle has two sites on Fridays 515 and 530 as well a Waverly (Viva Chicken)  at 530 for those a little more north.



Christ Closet folding on Saturday morning

Toothbrush and soap collection:  I think its Dancing bear and Bottlecap

The hills have eyes

The Wednesday morning Trail run started with Just me running by my self.  I was surprised right before the turnaround by Hollywood passing me as he normally does.  We did meet up at the end both completing the full 7.9 miles.  As I was running the last ridge I looked down the hill and saw at least 10 sets of eyes looking up at me.  I am going with they were deer as it was hard to tell height as I was above them.  I hope it was not the pack of coyotes I had been hearing the whole run.

Running, Rucking and Walking

10 Men of F3 met to run a Boomerang loop for an hour.

Is Anybody Listening to Me?

Accuweather had us right about 30 degrees, and 18 hearty souls decided to join me in slaying the Hydra.

Arrived fairly early (Q school rules), but not earlier than Cheese Curd who ran in (props) and Clover and his FNG James Dallas.  Everyone else started meandering and starting the chatter which was the call of the day.

You can’t come to Hydra and not have a good time; that is, unless you are Gummy, Harley, Runstopper, and all other unnamed Qs that have decided to have the heart of their weinke to be running up and down Summerlin.  That is just plain dumb, stupid, idiotic.  For all future Qs, don’t do that, your PAX will hate you.

Seriously though, Hydra is truly awesome.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Gave a disclaimer and we were off.

We ran down Rea, took a right on Summerlin, then a quick left that adjoins OP to Stonecroft.  Moseyed halfway down to the T intersection of that road into the other road, and stopped for COP.






Recover and continue running on that road until it dead ended.  Call was for 30 CDDs.  Some did them, some didn’t.  Spackler didn’t and said as much.  #trifusesnik4life

Run up the little hill to the next T intersection for 30 more CDDs.

Keep running down that street (entrance of Stonecroft), take a left on Colony, then quick left into parking lot of business building at Colony Place.   I think the businesses in there are made up of financial advisers, optometrists, physical therapists, and the oracle.

Partner up, Partner 1 does called exercise, Partner 2 runs around the building.

R1 merkins


R3 Sister Mary Katherine (stupid)

Get everyone back in and mosey to the wall behind the restaurant that never survives.  Sleepy said he heard rumors that we are looking at a Char Bar coming in there.  Very interesting indeed, in that 1) there is a Char Bar no more than five miles away, and more importantly 2) direct comp to the impervious Lodge.  We will see.

Wall sits with two rounds of arm raises.

Get up, mosey over to the fountain that is under construction.  Partner 1 does step ups, while Partner 2 runs and touches the bank building and back.  Two rounds

Mosey to the entrance of Colony Place on Rea Road, and instruct PAX to run back to launch, while stopping at each light pole on the right, drop and give 10 merkins, which then changed to LBC.  I think there were something like 12 poles.

Got back to launch a tad early, 6:09 by Gummy’s trusty watch, so do some Mary.


Freddy Murchison (after, Gummy told me it was only 6:11 at this point)


LBC (Snowflake was the only one counting, until we got to 31 and he even stopped, wheels off)

Flutter (Sprox took this one over as the natives were getting resteless)




Moleskin notebook

Even in much cooler temps, Hydra can still draw a crowd.  It has become a really fun place.  It is that place that brings together veteran and new, young and old, fast and slow, and just a good ole’ slice of Americana.

During the fountain set, I started singing the song “Brandy”, which is an ode to one of our newer Pax (Brandy), and quickly asked our resident Alex Trebek of 70’s & 80’s music, Geraldo, who might have sang that song.  He didn’t know.  What???  Fear not though, Deep Dish came to the rescue with Looking Glass.  Whew, good to know we have another person with much useful knowledge like myself and G-man.  I can handle 80’s, but 70’s is past my pay grade.

Gloss asked me before the workout if we’d be running quite a bit as he has an ankle knock that happened on NYE.  Says it was done while digging a hole or something, but Gummy and I think it was done after saying one of two statements 1) watch this, or 2) hold my beer.

Gloss’ Mountainbrook cohorts were rocking some serious gear this morning.  Buc-ees was rocking a blue Buc-ees t-shirt from Texas this morning, and wore the red counterpart at HawksNest on Tuesday.  Motorboat was donning a collared LSU shirt, and looked damned good in it too.  Probably the first collared shirt I’ve seen at F3.  Mountainbrook has some serious swagger going on right now.  I wish it had this much swag from 2000-2003 when three buddies and I rented a house in there and tore it down every weekend.

I’m shocked that Spack and Bounce haven’t hibernated back into the 70 degree temps of OTF Arbo.

Learned that Marge is doing a 26 hour stint to NOLA and back for the natty on Monday night.  From past experience, you better do an all nighter if you plan on making that 6am flight Tuesday morning.  #pat0brianstill4

Good to see Curd back in the fold.  He has his Doc on speed dial these days, stay healthy brother.

Gummy played not only co-site Q and lead heckler this morning, but was also the resident Timekeeper.

Now to our FNG, James Dallas.  From what I recall, James is from The Bronx, went to USC (Cocks) for undergrad and Wake for grad school.  Has a wife and three lovely children, works for one of the banks, and his high school mascot was the Maroons (what the hell is that???).   Soooo, we seemed to be stuck on the “Dallas” theme.  Someone immediately threw out JR, but that is way too strong.  I asked what the chick’s name was (Bobby’s wife), and Sleepy immediately said Sue Ellen.  Thought that was the stone winner until Sleepy let us know there is already one of those in the Nation.  Motorboat then quickly mentioned South Fork, which is the name of the ranch in this classic, and alas, there’s your name sir.  Come on back anytime.

Thanks to Gum and Sprox for the opportunity to lead at the old stompin grounds.



Watchtower BB

This will be my first to the last Q in the Waxhaw area.  I’ve grown a lot over the past few years and thankful for all you guys. I’m going to keep this short before I get something in my eye but the battles we have faced in the gloom will forever stick with me! Come out to CO anytime and visit, we would love to have you.


The Thang:

MT/Ab Web – 1/4 2/8 etc

Suicides using light poles in the front with merkins and squats down and back…We hit around 3 miles and I made it all up as I went. If you were there you know it sucked! Thanks for letting me lead.


Announcements: NONE

We Lost A Lot of Good Men Out There….

And for my 38th Q, I will pull a rabbit out of my…nah. We are going to destroy some Strava segments together after being personally annoyed as to how the timer starts and stops. Most will read that last sentence and have zero clue what I’m talking about. That’s ok too, you will earn the morning!

What would I do? So many hills but how many can we hit in 45 minutes? How many can we jail break? First weinke was destroyed after mapping out my run and it was 4.2mi. That ain’t happening in 45 minutes so I removed a 1.25mi section which would have upset a lot of pax this AM.

More guys than I was expecting this morning. A lot of the usual suspects, some familiar faces and two guys running from their recent FNG tags.

DiCCS given. Goooooo…..


Mosey towards the safe place to cross on the other side of the gas station, over towards Dreamchasers, across the bridge and to that random dimly lit parking lot we go. Circle up:

• 20 x SSH

• 10 x Imperial Squaker

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

Let’s mosey passed the snow cones and make a right to head towards the library and over to the basketball court. Find yourself some room and it’s time for some Compass! Well that was awful.

Mosey back towards library. Prep everyone for the full jail break up Bad Idea which is about 320 meters-ish. Kid Rock owns the record at 47 seconds and today more than one person will conquer this damn thing. So help me…and everyone hates me. I ripped off my headlamp because it would help my breathing probably and also because I didn’t want to look like a dufus while the paramedics revived my limp, lifeless body. Holy sheet that was terrible but everyone gave it what they had.

Mosey over to graveyard for 4 corners. 20 x monkey humpers, 10 x Merkins, 20 x Gas Pumps and 10 x Carolina Dry Docks. 2 rounds.

Mosey to the other side of the graveyard. Teams of 2. Partner 1 Burpees. Partner 2 Hot Lap. 2 laps each. Rinse and repeat but switch to Speedskaters. Did some of us not count right? No idea. I was mentally prepping for what was to come next.

Now it’s time to run back down Bad Idea in an attempt to beat the record which Kid Rock also owns at 45 seconds. LET’S GO!!! And we are all dead again….

Mosey to cupcake parking lot. Time check. Ab work in the shopping center to relax the legs a bit? We need all our strength to get up the hill to beat Deadwood’s 57 second record. We will never know because we didn’t make it.

Is it closing time yet? Yes, thank you lord.


19 total posted this morning for a shot at the title at my home base, The Floater. Thank you to everyone that joined me because I love coming up with ideas to inflict a wine drunk version of pain on myself and everyone with me. I think we did it you guys!

As for the Strava titles, son of a B! Some how I started my watch on “treadmill” which means it doesn’t track GPS. Total and inexcusable BS. I was mad for like 45 seconds, I moved on to annoyed and now I’m just upset. Lots of steps during such a rough loss and the grieving process. I left it all out there with nothing to show. Such bummer.

So where did we go and where did we hit? Here are the facts:

• Bad Idea uphill towards the Cemetery (about 320 meters, just short of a 1/4mi)

• Record: Kid Rock @ 47 seconds

• NEW RECORD: Chastain @ 45 seconds!!

• Bad Idea downhill towards the School (about 320 meters, just short of a 1/4mi)

• Record: Kid Rock @ 45 seconds

• It was not broken today but Hollywood crossed @ 52 seconds!!

Semi congrats and no I don’t care if you came in 2nd, including myself. If you ain’t first, you’re last. That’s the motto. I think Carb Load would have broken the downhill but that’s only because I watched it first hand while drafting him. Great push by everyone, that wasn’t easy. Even funnier when DW told us at the end of COT he thought he won all the titles on the segments. He said, “I passed so many guys!” but if you start from the back that’s what happens big boy. Enjoy 3rd and 4th place today you loser (but only because Carb Load and I have dumb watches).

We might need to edit a name I gave to one of our newest PAX, Floppy Disk, at the New Years Eve workout. Dude is killing it and keeps showing up and he reminds me of a young Carb Load, someone who keeps showing up. Just keep posting man and you will be called Hard Disk in no time….that doesn’t sound right.

Also Sambuca! Day #2 for this FNG who started yesterday and he brought out all dry heaving this morning. I didn’t hear it but DW mentioned he might barf from hearing him barf. I wish that would have happened….

Great to see Swimmers! That dude Site Qs like 6-7 sites in-between managing male urethras and its always good to see you.

Lastly, Trojan and Blades of Glory. We miss you guys. Great seeing you both today and keep on, keeping on. See you both tomorrow and Saturday. Pressure is on!


Saturday, 8am – Christ Closet’s Organizing and Folding party!

Nails has his VQ tonight at Clyent Dinner at 5:30pm!

Transporter has Swarm at 5:15am tomorrow!

Wedding Singer has Impromptu at 5:30am tomorrow (and he better freaking finish these damn BBs)!

Damascus has Diesel at 5:30am tomorrow

Operation toothbrush and toothpaste for the kids in Waxhaw closes this week! The 3rd F team has gathered a bunch and more is still coming in!

Getting in the way of the 6AM shift at Whole Foods

Start of WAMRAP 2020 today.  Come join us if you want to get better.  Here’s what we did today.

Run to back of Whole Foods.

Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run to railings

5 Supine Pull ups and 5 Derkins with feet on the rail

Back behind Whole Foods to Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run up the deck stairs.  5 burpees on Level 4, 5 Heels to Heaven on Level 3, 5 Donkey Kicks on Level 2.  Back to the bottom and head out behind Whole Foods.  Start over with 25-yard Lunge Walk

Add 5 reps each round.  All men were on or complete with the 6th round when time was called.


Back of Whole Foods had a lot of traffic for the arriving 6am shift.  Clearly quick decision making isn’t part of the training program at WF as most of the cars struggled to decide on where to park in an empty parking lot.  Hot Yoga making himself a permanent fixture at WAMRAP, showing up and grinding nearly every week.  Fingerless glove Job did not get full gloves for Christmas.  Must have missed being on the good list.  Surely he enjoyed grabbing that iron railing for pull ups.  Astro posting back regularly to build back some upper body after a long fall of run-only workouts.  For some reason Horsehead couldn’t find a more appealing option and posted at WAMRAP.  I don’t think he enjoyed all the burpees, but good to have him out.


Thanks to Astro for the takeout.



Scaling Mt. Chiseled

13 PAX, including two FNGs, braved the icy cold this morning to climb the slopes of Mt. Chiseled. A quick check of the weather app last night led this guy to believe we’d have temps around 34 degrees. Cold, but nothing out of the ordinary. On the ride to the AO at 0500 the truck temp read 27. Frosted Coupons. A frozen tire. Ice in the buckets? This is no time for an audible!


The Warmup:

Quick jog around Mt. Chiseled to get our bearings and get those creaky joints moving. Back to the start and each PAX grabs 2 bricks.

AMRAP – 1 minute each with a 10 second transition period between

  • SSH
  • Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Speed Skaters
  • LBCs
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Box Cutters
  • Dry Docks
  • Curls
  • Flutters
  • Mike Tysons

Not much mumble chatter. One PAX mentioned it might’ve been cause everyone was secretly thinking how much they hated me.

The Thang:

Hearken now and hear my tale of a band of adventurers. Brothers. PAX! Who braved the chill and wintry morn’ to challenge themselves, test their mettle, weave this tale of gallant daring, and impose their will upon the mountain!

To the far side of Mt. Chiseled they strode and gathered up the great bricks of stone.

At last they were off with ten goblet squats that had broken down many lesser men. Then down with the stone and up the icy cliffs, across the far side of the frozen tundra where they warmed themselves by doing a single, solitary burpee. Alas, no rest for these weary souls, so back across the icy plains to the slippery peak of the mountain and descend, descend, carefully… gracefully, down the treacherous mountainside.

Again, again! Nine squats, two burpees. Eight squats, three burpees! These brave adventurers pushed and forged ahead on a quest that seemingly had no end. When their bodies felt they could surely handle no more, at last reprieve was upon them. In total, no less than five and fifty burpees and five and fifty goblet squats were vanquished by these brave PAX.

With the dreaded peak now behind them, the determined warriors strode forth to steel themselves against one last test.

In teams of three the PAX found themselves strewn across a vast battlefield. On one end they toiled to lift great coupons to row, curl and press. On the other the men speedily skated, pushed down the earth, and scaled the ground like a web crawler. And in between, the hearty PAX sprinted with great haste to relieve the brothers of their onerous burdens.

It was on this set of tasks the determined brotherhood labored until the final trek to where their journey both began and would now end.



If you actually read that then I’m sorry. Sitting at the courthouse while awaiting a hearing means a lot of bored free time.

Big thanks to Fuse for showing up early to assist with the coupons and then making another run to storage when the PAX count exceeded expectations.

Another thanks to Xerox and Mayhem for helping with the clean up.

Welcome to Sambuca and Uncle Si (double respect. Not sure if those guys were warned what they were getting into but they looked like regulars to me. When you meet them, be sure to ask how they got their names.

Welcome back to Offline. After some injuries and an extended time off he was back and sweating with the rest of us


  • Christ’s Closet – folding opportunity this Saturday. 8am at Union United Methodist Church. Some big piles of clothing and many hands make light work
  • Mayhem let us know about a mission trip he’s co-leading to Nicaragua that will assist with projects like building schools, roofing homes, and more. He’d love to have several PAX join the trip, but I’m sure donations would be appreciated as well. More info here:

Thanks Recalculating for taking us out.


The air was chilly but still warmer than average for early January as YHC stepped into the Scout Hut and cranked up the heat to “sweltering” in preparation for this morning’s workout.

Disclosure was given and Devo started as Pax continued to filter in (not calling you out here, you know who you are).

Devo: Three New Year’s Resolutions to Keep by Ann Marie Chilton


Imperial Walker – 10IC

Low-but-not-so-slow Squats – 10IC

Slow Giant Arm Circles – 5F/5B R/L

One-legged side-straddle-swing (AKA “agility test”) – 10/leg

Vinyasa – 1X slow together with 10 calf raises in DD position

Vinyasa – 1X together at regular speed

Vinyasa – 1X OYO


Main Thang:

All movements are 4 times at 5 secs hold, then 1 more time at 45 secs hold.  (4-5-45)  Vinyasa between each stretch.

Low lunge

Seated forward fold w/strap

Quad stretch

Gate pose

Prone shoulder roll

On your 6: Dead pigeon then straight leg cross-body stretch

Toes pose



After a long and distinguished tour of duty as Site Co-Q, Tweetsie passed the mantle (and importantly, the keys) to our new Site Co-Q Julip.


Good crowd for today’s edition of Gumby.  YHC wanted to mix it up a bit with “different” music, a few minutes of actual warm-up (never stretch a cold muscle), and an approach to stretching modeled more on what you’d get at Physical Therapy then a yoga studio.  I’d love feedback in comments here or DM on Twitter @SwissMissF3 or Slack.  (Already noted: standing quad stretch seemed to go better with wall support.  “Agility test” in warm-ups was a bust.)

Check out the full devo in the link above.  Good stuff that we should all take to heart and make part of our life this year.

Thank you to Tweetsie for being a great site co-Q for a long time (over two years, I think).  His millennial technical prowess saved this near-Respect’s bacon from getting tossed into Q jail too many times to count.  Fortunately for me (and all of us, really) he’s not going to disappear even though he’s moved.  He’ll still be in the Q rotation at Gumby and probably other A51 AOs.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and try new things,

Swiss Miss