I hate them too

I hate them too

So I have a secret.  I’ll get back too that.

WU: Mosey over to the brewery.   2 more days for those of us whom stuck to it! soon we can par take!  Any ways,  20 SSH, Squakers (sorry I screwed up the cadence at first) and MC’s

The thang:  Run the road 3 burpees for the 10 light poles circle for the 6.  Quick feet and burpees.  Mosey toward Bojangles,  10 jump squats at each light.  Mosey to the tire place some high knees with burpees.  Mosey to the parking lot.  4 teams,  1 smash ball, 1 runs the lights,  rest run through cycles of Burpees, CDD, Merkins,  Forward lunges, back lunges, and a plank until everyone runs twice.  Rudy foolishly let us know it was his 42nd birthday so we can break these (burpees) up, 21 here, mosey,  10 at the bank mosey,  6 at the bottom of the hill and 6 at the top 42.   Finish with COT and flip flop let us know he turned 45 so we had to finish.

Moleskin:  Secret.  In order to grow as a human being I find ways to keep accountable to others,  I have failed more times than I can count but what keeps me going is progress.  Many aspects of life I have failed at but I don’t consider them failure because I don’t give up.  In my opinion, that is the key.  Some of you know I used to be a pretty big boy (peaked at 252) and the idea of running around and being able to do a mile in under 6 minutes wasn’t even a pipe dream.  Now I can, I can do a lot more than I could even in highschool. I don’t say this to brag so here’s the point.   The burpees you all had to participate in today was a punishment for failing at a commitment.  Any day I eat dairy I have a burpee penalty with my brother.  So, sorry brothers you had to participate today but its all good, you don’t have to be there for the rest of them I have to do.  It was a the penalty chosen because I hate them!

I knew January was going to be stressful for me and I knew my natural propensity to stress eat (that’s why i was a big boy) and over consume alcohol.  So,  what do you do about it? Put some guard rails up and use your brothers to help you with them!  Join Dryuary with a bunch of Beer connoisseurs and encourage each other on.  Get up every freaking morning  especially when you don’t want to and get after it, take q’s you don’t have time for,  put some punishments in place if you fail, whatever it takes but don’t give up.  WE all have excuses,  what defines us is our ability to overcome our excuses, learn from our mistakes and push each other to become better men.  That is what I saw this morning, thanks for letting me lead.





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