18 PAX earned a second helping at the Super Bowl dessert table

18 PAX earned a second helping at the Super Bowl dessert table

A crisp, damp morning welcomed 18 PAX out to the local Movie Theater parking lot.  After being subjected to a front row seat of Kirby getting dressed as he exited his car, the group gathered in normal fashion waiting for all to arrived.  YHC inadvertently called Brisket “Goonie” (they do look alike, amiright?) followed by a disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang

Moseyed out in front of HT for the Warm Up:

– SSH x 15

– IW x 15

– Daisy Pickers x10

– Mountain Climbers x15

Headed across the freeway known as Rea Road and circled up back by the Autobell.  Shortly after crossing Rea, One Star inquired if we were going to be in that vicinity for a while — YHC confirmed — and off he went to lighten the load at the 7-Eleven.

*** Count off by 3’s and separate into groups.

GROUP 1: Head to the Hilton for 15 Merkins — return to home base
GROUP 2: Head to the Piper Glen Cleaners for 20 Monkey Humpers – return to home base
GROUP 3: Head to the Residence Inn for 25 Flutter Kicks — return to home base
HOME BASE: 7 Merkins OYO

YHC failed to state clearly (or at all?) to the group how many rotations or when the pain would end. After what seemed like two full rotations the trucks and buses starting rolling thru the area and YHC called an audible to move to a safer location.

Back over Rea Rd towards Smashburger.  YHC can’t imagine they had the grill fired up at 6am but Long Haul and myself caught a whiff of something grilled …. and …. delicious.

Circled up for 7 more Burpees, just because.
Ran to Firebirds at 90% for a quick partner exercise:
– ROUND #1: Partner #1 = Dips on the wall; Partner #2 = Run around the median — backwards on the way back;        ROUND #2: Partner #1 = Derkins; Partner #2 = Same run
– People’s Chair with 100 air presses.  Extra credit to One Star for the enthusiastic counting.


  • Praises for a successful heart surgery for Doc!!  Challenging road of recovery ahead but great news with his surgery.  Bucky will (and has) send out information on how to help with meals, etc.  Keep praying for Doc and his family.
  • Beer Run = Feb 8th.  Check Slack for details
  • Load up on reflective wear, lights, etc.   Good safety reminder from Olaf.
  • Delta led us out in BOM.

Side note: Today marks 6 months since YHC has been posting.  Pales in comparison to the MUCH longer commitment many of you have made to F3.   The experience has been great and the encouragement along the way has made all the difference.   Always an honor and privilege to lead!


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