What are we going to do now, stand on the kettlebells and work on balance?

What are we going to do now, stand on the kettlebells and work on balance?

10 pax gathered for the 4th episode of Swole on what turned out to be the best weather we’ve ever had for the gear workout that is still in it’s infancy.

The Thang:

Quick Warm Up:

10 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Windmills

10 RDLs each leg

5 rounds of 90 seconds of waiter carry(spend 45 seconds with one arm going one direction, switch arms and turn around for 45 seconds)

5X5 Double Cleans with heavy KBs

5X5 Double Front Squats with Heavy KBs

End of planned weinke so YHC had to get creative….

Kettlebell Tunnel of Love(all kettlebells must travel through the tunnel of planked pax, about 30 bells ranging from 30-62 lbs)  #crowdpleaser

24 LBCs(for Kobe RIP)

1 minute of elbow plank

1 minute of hollow holds

A little more than 1 minute of glute bridge



Better weather, more pax.  Pretty simple.

The two workouts we are alternating with RDL/WC/2xcClean/2xSquat vs Press/Swings/FC and it seems the former consistently takes less time to complete than the latter.  YHC knew we’d have to have an extra 10 minutes or so of goodies to finish up with.  That led to KB Tunnel of Love.  I’ve pulled it out for Tweet and Meat in the past but it is more fun with more pax and kettlebells.

Voodoo provided the tunes for this week.  He has been doing a better job of picking good music than I have.


Pray for Madison’s daughter as she has an MRI on Friday and pray for Doc McStuffins during his heart surgery on Wednesday

Program continues this week at Meathead(Calvary) on Wednesday and Olympus(Elizabeth Lane Elem) on Saturday.

Plenty of Qing opportunities(ie every week is open) for Swole.  Because it’s a WIB at this point, perfect opportunity for newer pax looking to cut their teeth at Qing or more  seasoned pax looking to up their Qing totals in 2020.


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1 year ago

Thanks for leading, Mighty Mite. Thanks also for writing up a (prompt) backblast. I struggle to get them done, especially same morning/day.

That was a tough workout and the extra credit at the end was not welcome. Nice work out there!

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