Ultimate KanJam

Ultimate KanJam

14 guys decided to pull themselves out of bed to throw a frisbee in an empty parking lot.


I arrived early to the site to set up in a completely dark parking lot.  I knew the lights would turn on by the time we started, I just couldn’t remember which ones so I set up the two “goals” under what I thought were the two areas that would be lit the most (spoiler, I was wrong).  Grabbing frisbees from Posse the day before, all that I was missing was the KanJam can’s.  I had no worries, Swimmers is a dependable guy….but just in case I brought back up cones for us to throw at.   7 minutes to start, no swimmers.  I begin to worry.  Perhaps I better go set up my back up plan just in case.  2 minutes – DICCS…and still no swimmers.  5:15.  Time to go, no Swimmers.  Lets Mosey!


Mosey to round about then around the target parking lot.  Smokey up front turning back saying he wasn’t sure where to go.  I said I would give him a heads up when it was time to turn…..or better yet..take your gazelle butt to the back and pick up the six for some extra running.  He smiled instead of scowled (thank god) and took off to the back.

Circle up under a light (at which time I notice is not of the the lights I put a goal under).  I also turn around to find Blades of Glory on my heels as I yell to circle up.  I see that weight loss is helping you to gain to more speed.

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

20 Side Straddle Hops

Jimmy Duggan

Calf Stretch for the Site Q (Who wasn’t there).



Mosey to hill at entrance of neighborhood for triple nickle.  10 Atomic Merkins at bottom of hill.  Run up hill.  10 Jump Squats at top.  Repeat 5 times.  To no ones surprise, Smokey and Transporter killed this part.  Because they were so far ahead, I asked that they keep going.  Smokey’s smile turned into a scowl this time…uh oh.  Posse asked if we would recover at top or bottom of hill.  I told him top, but it was a lie (sorry Posse).  I wanted everyone to finish out and meet me at the bottom and if I said recover at bottom, some would skip that last hill sprint.  Marry at bottom of hill with In/Outs (no Merkin and I expected pax to be vocally happy about that considering we just did 50, but they weren’t).  Give it all you got to light pole – oh wait….there’s swimmers with KanJam!  Awesome.  Grab KamJam as we sprint to light to divide into teams.



For those that don’t know what KanJam is….its a game played with a frisbee in which you score points with a partner through a variety of ways.  Being that this was ultimate kanjam with multiple players, we modified the rules to the following:

  • hit can = 1 point
  • put frisbee in top of can = 2 points.  (figured there would be no other way of scoring than this)
  • Each team had their own frisbee.
  • Goalies had a cinderblock in hand and performed 20 each of Curls, Presses, Dips, Rows, and Side Squat Hops.  Rotated Goalies once 100 reps were done.
  • Goalies couldn’t use hands to block goal and had to have cinderblock in hand and only use body to defend.
  • If you drop the frisbee or it gets knocked down – entire team does 10 Carolina dry docks and you start back over from where the frisbee is.  (This became contentious later).
  • If the team intercepts your frisbee – the entire team does 10 atomic merkins and goes back to their goal to start over.

As with any sport, rules are broken and modified.  Defending teams started chucking dropped frisbees back towards the other teams goal.  Transporter (and rightfully so after Swimmers threw their frisbee a mile) protested and we modified the rules to no more than 10 foot throw if dropped.  Teams quickly adapted and started covering the frisbee before performing dry docks to prevent the other teams 100 10 yard throw.



Fuse Box, Nails, Bounce, Smokey, Loafer, Posse, & Swimmers


Transporter, Akbar, Big Tuna, Chipolte, Blades of Glory, Rebuild, & Shop Dawg



As with anything you try, there are always lessons learned.  I attempted to balance the amount of rules against the time we had and the comprehension of pax.  I didn’t want so many rules that it was hard to remember or that it took 10 minutes to explain.  Thanks to the pax for modifying on the fly.

Nails is a stone cold defender.  Two interceptions by my count.

Bounce, myself, and Posse had quite the rally going downfield.  Quick moving passes had us in striking distance quick.

Shop Dawg can throw a pretty mean hip check.  I caught a couple.

The Big Tuna/Chipolte tag team was tough to defend back at our goal.

Akbar was also sneaky good near the goal moving stealthfully between defenders.

Posse almost decapitated Rebuild, followed by several “I’m Sorry’s, are you ok?!”

Apparently Smokey had some good battles near the goal as well.

Transporter is a stickler for rules and a hard nosed competitor.

Blades and Loafer were active on both ends.  I tried several times to split the D for a can hit but blades kept blocking the goal.  Loafer doing his own defending as goalie several times blocking shots with the cinderblocks in hand.

Teams started strategizing at the end and pulling defenders to go all offense when the other team’s frisbee was intercepted.  Teams also realized that a dropped frisbee by the other team left an opening to quickly advance the frisbee downfield.

Teams kept trying to figure out the magic number of offense to defense ratio.  It started out as 4 offense and 2 defense (plus goalie).  Then as one team got up, they dropped a defender back to protect the lead.  I would imagine another game would bring more strategy to the mix now that we have a game under our belts.

I was surprised by the final mileage.  We didn’t move very far – basically staying around the target parking lot, yet I logged 2.2 miles.  Max heart rate of 174 with an average of 129 means we kept moving.  When time was up I was breathing hard;  which was the goal.  Competition brings out more in us.  I ran more than expected and had one of the higher heart rates I’ve had in awhile.

Final Score?  No clue.  It wasn’t so much about the score.  I can tell you my team had 5 points (I think).  No idea what the other team finished with, but last I heard we were up.  We all had fun (I think), and I’d say based on that it was a success.  Who can take this version and build off of it to make it better?


Site Q school this Saturday: 6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Sign up in advance (Posse to post a link).  Sign up now before Posse nicely taps you on the shoulder – or worse clotheslines you like Rebuild today.

Q School next Saturday (Feb 8th).  Same deal.  Sign up ahead of time.

Q Source Monday’s at Asylum.  Glad to see some new faces over there this year.  Blades and Nails adding some additional perspectives has been great.  Rebuild joined for the first time this morning as well.

3rd F opportunity with Christ Closet.  Twice a month folding party on Thursdays (I forget which Thursdays – maybe second and forth?).  See Shop or Dana for more info.

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