Mile Repeats

Mile Repeats

The Thang

DICCS given, big group today, let’s roll …

Warmed up with mosey headed to CHS parking lot, had to dodge a bus coming on our left, we detoured and circled back to get us on route.

I’m not creative, period. I dug into F3 Exicon’s to find one or two new exercise and I changed up the typical warm-up drill for something different …

After our warm-up mosey …

  • Al Gore position, apparently optional for some PAX busy being chatty
  • Lined up for Frankensteins (or Toy Soldiers) 35 yds, transition to running another 35 yds.
  • Rinse and repeat this with The Flamingo (thx for the name Zin), Butt Kickers, High Knees each followed by 35 yd run
  • And how could I forget, we all did Cheerleaders too, as you’d expect … we didn’t last long, 15 I think (SSH w/ squat and hands below the knees)

Now that fellow PAX was feeling satisfied and loose, your Q asked everyone’s 5K pace, by the reaction I got, few PAX do. YIKES! We shall have to remedy this in 2020. You can all do a 5K, time to sign up. My goal was to run “mile repeats” around the campus and run at your 5K pace or a little faster …   Yeah I heard a little mumble chatter, but hey, your VO2 Max just improved … your welcome:)

Overall goal was to get some mileage in right???  C’mon it’s IGNITION!!!!  With some exercises between laps to allow heart rate to come back down .  How many laps? Good question, read on …

So the first 100 yds, Zin pointed out that we all must have the same 5k pace, because we were all together and boy were we mov’in!  Especially Deadwood, he was leading the front of the pack.  I gave it a little while and thought sure about half way he’d slow down, but nope, that dude kept on truck’in the entire mile.  Had to be around a 6 min/mile.  When we passed by the Flash group of course we all sped up to show off, I glanced at the watch, yeah 5:30 min/mile pace, is that wrong???  This may or may not have induced some dry heaving is some PAX (DW).  I know my lap two suffered because of that stunt:)  Freaking Gerber and Hollywood, geesh guys, talk about holding the Q accountable … you both suck are really strong runners.  We all know Gerber is FAST, but you all should have seen him when he SPRINTED to the bathroom on that second lap, LOL!  By the way, his third lap, seemed unfair since he was carrying a lighter load at this point. He ran off and left Hollywood and I.

After the first mile, we did exercises to allow heart rate to come down, things like Circle Burp, Merkins, Ab exercises. Then start w/ slow mosey for about 100 yds, building up to 5k pace for the next lap/mile around campus. Following each lap with more break exercises before setting out again.  Ended up with 4 laps … due to Foundation.

Scores & Highlights

  • It was reported by PAX that Foundation was pushing especially hard on lap 3, lap 3 guys, that’s when I was ready to collapse. And most importantly you need to know that weinke was complete after three laps, it was Foundations fault that you all had to run mile 4. He said “We going again?” It inspired me … I said “Do you want to?” He didn’t even reply, he just took off RUNNING. #Truth.
  • I don’t know if you all seen Smithers Group Me post, but that guy gets it. He has the right attitude and that’s 90% of the battle. The speed will come in time, don’t ever change that attitude. I love that you pushed yourself as hard as you did this morning. 6+ miles with exercises is no joke. Great work man!
  • Sprinkles … where were you? How old are you again? See you in the morning.
  • Zin … can I file a formal complaint aimed at marketing “FAKE NEWS”? I recall hearing very loudly “CIRCLE UP”. This had a negative effect on PAX Training and cadence mojo. Next time we FIGHT. LOL.
  • Bottlecap, please remember me when you crush your goal of a 6 min/mile here soon.
  • I appreciated when Shake, Legal Zoom and Sprinkles finished strong chasing down Hollywood, that is not an easy thing to do.
  • COT wrapped up nicely with a 2:45 second plank and pretty good form (for most of us). I may have caught Dasher flat on the ground toward the end, it was dark, so not sure it was him. And I thought I heard something about Goodfella ‘boning’ his wife? I hope it was Goodfella? And I’m pretty sure he confirmed it was performed in less than 2:45 seconds. #OurHero


I got wordy above, so I will make this short …

  • Always humbled that you guys allow me to lead a workout. You all make me better. Thank you.
  • I really appreciate the way we work together, guys going back for the 6th and encouraging each other for strong finishes, just noticing and pushing each other. Builds community.
  • I know I missed recognizing someone or something special today, my bad, it was not on purpose. 6+ miles right, that’s pretty special by itself, great work, hats off to all of you!
  • Think twice about pairing up with Legal Zoom, Fortunately I was not downwind when he crushed half our group with a FART. I think Goodfella was right next to him on the receiving end of that gift.


  • Q school something and soon … reach out to Posse soon he will know details. Or check Flash BB.

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