The number is still 20

The number is still 20

Crisp, cool morning and an even 16 pax came out, even though Thin Mint wasn’t going to be the Q.  Actually, we had one more come into the parking lot- Goonie, who arrived late and said he could not find us.  I think he had a nice run.  Clock struck 6, no FNG’s, disclaimer was short and off we went.


The Thang

With no prerun for YHC (some noticed) I was ready to run.  Maybe I am predictable, but I love starting the workout at the top of one of the many parking decks.  Something about the air, the ramps and the stairs, always deliverers.  That said, we ran to the deck at the lowest level, utilized the very scary, lonely, dark stairwell.  If it wasn’t for the other 15 behind me, I would not of continued.  We made it to the top and to start the day.


Warm up

Imperial Walker x 15

Side straddle hops x 15

6 count man maker burpees x 10

Squats x 15


Next was the climb back down the ramp.  We ran down one level, then back pedaled to the top and performed some exercises.  Then we ran 2 levels down, back-peddled one level and completed a series until we got to the bottom.  Exercises below

  1. Wide arm hand release merkin x10/ LBC x 15 / 20 squats
  2. Diamond x15 / Right elbow to left knee then swap x 30 / 20 squats
  3. Hand release merkin x10 / Boat- Canoe x15 / 20 squats
  4. Wide arm hand release merkin x10/ Heels to heaven x 15 / 20 squats
  5.  Diamond merkin / Scissors x 15 / 20 squats
  6. Hand release merkin x10 / LBC x15 / 20 squats
  7.  Mabye there was another round….maybe not

Time to mosey to the entrance of the deck.  Directions were provided about the final destination, Rock Pile….the one by the pond.  Are there others….

Mentioned this should be a brisk run, but to keep the pax togther, we paused a few spots.  At the roundabout we paused and the directions we give to sprint to the bottom.  We paused midway as I thought we lost somebody, more on that later.


At the rock pile, partner as you come in- P1 grabs the rock and head to the parking lot


P1- Bi’s, Tri’s, Over head press, Squat – each x 15 / P2 run to playground and perform 10 pullups

2 rounds then P2 returns rock


Time to run around the lake

Stop at the first building – Decline merkins x15 / Step ups x30 / Dips x15

Stop at the second building- Incline merkin x15 / jump ups x15 / Dips x15

Stop at the benches- Decline merkins x15 / Steps ups x30 / Dips x15


Head back to launch…..but once we crossed the median, JAIL BREAK home.  DONE


Announcements: Church on the Streets- sign up!  If you can’t make the first weekend, it happens every Sun!  Go, take a 2.0, it is really humbling and good for the soul.


Big props for Snow Flake for taking us out!!


Ye’ Olde Mole Skinny

– I don’t sign up to Q often- some may have noticed the rust. However, I am making a point to try and help an AO when there is a hole.  I can’t always do it, but happy to help TM out today.

– I always plan the workout, but the warm up could use some practice…mumble chatter deserved

– The 6 count burpee count was rough, I admit it. I know you began to question the winkie, but there was a plan and it is on the paper

– I believe there were 3 prerunners – Wild Turkey, Fire Hazard and Nard Dog…sorry if I missed someone

– Mentioned earlier that I thought a member of the pax went down.  Apparently it was only Fraleys crap towel, quite the commotion!

– Hand release merkins are the best…it is the only way to keep the pax honest and do them all

– Trying to keep the pax moving today so I stayed up front.  Always thanks to those pax holding the 6 and not letting anyone left behind

– What is up with the stairwell mentioned above.  I don’t think I have ever been in it…yuck

– I was totally nervous when I thought the parking deck was closed, you all almost had an uplanned workout

– Good job Gonnie for not just leaving, way to get the miles in

– Special shout out to Brexit as he is getting back at it after his car accident in an Uber.  Glad your back at it!




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