Am I Done?

Am I Done?

Here is my backblast disclaimer…I care about your safety, but I’m not responsible for it.

Ok, alarm sounds at 5am, get out of bed at 5:02.  Head to the throne, check email, twitter, internet, you know, doing some serious business…multitasking.  I wouldn’t say it was Melissa MaCarthy’esque in Bridesmaids (hot lava), but I had to ask that three word question that no PAX wants to ask, especially when you’re up against it and need to get dressed and leave the house by 5:15ish…AM I DONE??

Got in car sans shoes on at 5:18 (this can be done on the way to Latin), the beginning of Shot in the Dark by the Oz Man starts playing on Hair Nation.  Ahhhh yeah, everything’s gonna be just fine.  After that, turned it over to Classic Rewind just in time for Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol.  Fun fact, my wife for the longest time thought Billy actually said, “How’s about a date”.  Try it, it makes sense.  Said no one ever.

Pulled into Latin in time to see Hops unrolling the shovel flag.  We were both surprised that he got it in so easily. #terrafirma #thatswhatshesaid

All other PAX decided to dismount their warm climated (word?) chariots to start the chatter.  Outlined my morning timekeepers for the morning, Hopper and G-man, and gave the disclaimer and left the lot.

Mosey to the parking lot south of Ductwork’s building that he donated for COP:




Mosey to top end of the island we run around at the entrance of lower school and partner up.

P1 runs the island ring

P2 does excercise (dips, merkins, CDD)

Mosey through middle of campus to the parking lot we used to meet when HN first got started.  Stay with partner.

P1 runs the hot lap

P2 does exercise (LBC, Dolly, Flutter)

Mosey back through campus to the hot box (in middle of campus) for three rounds of Step ups, Dips, merkins

Mosey to landing above the stadium, partner back up.

P1 runs down to the track, back up ramp

P2 exercise (wide arm, military, diamonds)

Mosey down to track, lunge walk 50 meters, AYG 200 meters x 3




What’s the Haps

It is crazy that I had a full movement pre-workout, but absolutely ripped one during the Hillbillies in COP.  It’s pretty crazy to rip one like that when you Q, I think that’s the first time I’ve done that.  There is really nowhere for the PAX to hide.  By the time this happened. IHOP and Slingshot came running up.  I had to ask them if they were late, or G-man made us launch early.  Slingshot outed IHOP saying he was tardy.

Seemed I wasn’t the only one to be asking THAT question this AM.  Hops was lamenting that he might have one in the chamber, but Defcon level seemed to be at a solid 5, so no huge worry.

Everyone came correct with the layers this AM.  Gloss seemed to get by in his “required uniform”, you know, tights.  While Sardine was wearing pretty minimal layers, even though he had some kind of “body armor” on under?  Gross.  Or wait, maybe he said under armor…who knows.

Jet Fuel is back from his latest jaunt over to Korea, sharing kimchi with Kim jong fat boy.  He’s gotta go back in a couple weeks, I might start calling him Rodman.  He said there is a Korean whiskey he’s stumbled upon that is the absolute jam.  Interesting.

G-man recently got back from a trip to see his in-laws in Buffalo.  Thanks for bringing these crap temps back down with you buddy.  On a very serious note, I am very sorry to hear about your friend that recently passed.  Really appreciate you sharing during our track work.

IHOP nor Slingshot expelled any flatulence this AM.  Don’t let them fool you, they can play.  IHOP ripped one during Snowflake’s Q a little while back that was something to be proud of. #neverforget

Marge was rocking his Touchdown Jesus sweatshirt of Trevor Lawrence.  Pretty sure Trevor would find offense to this act of demi-God ‘ery (word?).

Thunder Road and Hopper were fairly quiet, but they were in the other group than me, so didn’t get to hear their banter.  Solid work tho gents.

That’s it, thanks to Hopper and Hops for the Q this AM.  Hops said we are approaching the two year mark for HN, time flies for sure.  Great site, great PAX week in week out.



Hops went to a Metro workout yesterday, and heard from Dagger about a recent death of someone he knew of a heart attack.  Just reminder to always check up on your other PAX, buddies, etc.

Thanks also to Hops for the strong prayer this morning.

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1 year ago

Good Q, Puddin’. Good call taking us back to the original launch lot…though Jet Fuel said it smelled like kimchi.
How much ground did we cover, Geraldo? Forgot my watch, but I only remember to set/start it about 50% of the time anyway.
Puddin’ did not even acknowledge my call for 5 burpees at the end. #savvyveteran
Some other sundry observations:
Trevor Lawrence is not Jesus. You Clempson folks have clearly lost it.
Sardine said he’s not doing lunge walks and squats in 2020 so that he can get back into his skinny jeans.
Gloss will not make the mistake of forgetting his Garlock lid again. #wardrobemalfunction
Sprockets on Q next week at the Nest, assuming he’s recovered from swine flu or madcow or the bends or whatever.

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