You Are Not Feeling Old

You Are Not Feeling Old

The power of the fartsack was strong on this chilly morning, but 8 PAX showed up in the gloom at the Arsenal anyway. Being the Q, I was one of them.

Ideally I would have had time to visit the AO and find some new and interesting features to add to the weinke. Not having kids who go to school there,  it was difficult to find time to snoop around the high school or middle school.  I may have received unwanted attention while testing load bearing structures and challenging obstacles anyway.

Interested in keeping it interesting, we moseyed out of the parking lot to unfamiliar territory at the front of the middle school. A nice space which offered some soft grass for a little stretch and warm up.

I told the PAX we’ll begin with stretching because I’m old.  That was a lie.  The truth is, it just feels good. I hear guys in their 30’s complain they’re getting old.  And while being a teenager may be a distant memory, we spend hours each day repeating the same limited physical patterns, for years.  You are not feeling old, you are just feeling stiff and losing mobility.

I know this because I made the same mistake when I was younger.  Now that I take mobility seriously, I don’t feel old at all.  Seriously.  Well, maybe my knees a little, but I never stretch them, which really just proves my point (I think).

Full range of motion and flexibility is a wonderful thing, though yes, it is awkward and painful to get there.  I’m a mobility evangelist and will continue to advocate the practice, and mandate it while I’m Q-ing.   Two-cents deposited.  Rant-done.

The Thang

Mobility “Cal Poly Hip Flow” Highlights :

  • hip circles
  • reach high
  • plank
  • staying in plank, kick right-leg up high behind, pause
  • bring right-leg forward, place foot inline with the hands
  • twist to the left, lower right elbow toward the ground, as far as comfortable, pause
  • twist to the right, raising right arm to sky, pause
  • repeat left/right twist x5
  • return to plank, and repeat all for the left-leg up, then forward
  • with left-foot back, alternate between cossack squat to sun worshipper, x5, then repeat with right-foot behind

Well warmed up – some standards :

  • SSH x15
  • IW x10
  • cherry picker x10
  • merkin x20

Mosey to the middle school parking lot:

  • run 10 spaces, sprint 10 spaces, run 10 spaces
  • scorpion dry dock (Carolina Dry Doc with one leg held up/behind, scorpion-like) x20
  • run 10 spaces, sprint 10 spaces, run 10 spaces (back at start)
  • lunge x20
  • repeated for 2 rounds

Mosey to the Field – Grab a Partner

  • Flip Flop :
  •   Partner A: tire flips x10
  •   Partner B: burpies (until relieved by partner)
  •   repeated for 2+ rounds
  • Wheel of Merkin  (using tire for elevation) x5 each
  •   incline merkin
  •   left-tilted merkin
  •   derkin
  •   right-tilted merkin
  • return tires

Mosey to the Playground – Grab a Partner

  • Undertow (named that one myself)
    Partner A: Underdog (aka supine merkin) x15
    Partner B: Toes-2-Bar or Knees-2-Chest (until relieved by partner)
    repeat for 2 rounds
  • No name (Partner Pups?):
    Partner A: Pull-Up x5
    Partner B: Side-Plank (until relieved by partner)
    repeat for 2 rounds

Mosey back for MoM

  • box-cutters x20
  • rosalitta x15
  • crab cakes x15? (awesome pick Happy Meal)
  • heels to heaven x20


Saturday Convergence at Stonehenge –  Da Vinci cancelled (however, considering the smack talk between these AOs on Slack, I feel like I’m being punked)

After Thoughts

Thanks for overlooking my ineptitude in calling the cadence, and the mysterious issue with my timer (working fine now), we made it through & I hope the PAX enjoyed a beatdown giving you a warm blanket of soreness the rest of your day.   Special thanks to Brexit for introducing me to the Arsenal (you had me at tires!), and Happy Meal for giving me the opportunity for an earlier than planned Q (oh and those tasty Crab Cakes).

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Not the same without your 2.0’s!

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