Chickens Like Water

Chickens Like Water

Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed- and I will try not to get us too wet– Chickens do not like water…..
The Warm Up
Mosey up to school entrance and back down to front of school for some light warm ups
20- SSH
20- Low Slow Squats
20- Merkins
Calve Stretch

The Thang

Groups of 3-4 for Indian running to large lot on backside of school for some group work- In your groups starting in middle of parking lot go to each corner of parking lot and complete the following ( BELOW- each member do what you can do until group reaches the desired number)when complete each set come back to middle for 10 Mike Tysons each person in group.

100- Bobby Hurley’s

100- Merkins

100- Derkins

200- Dips

Stay in group and mosey to back of school exit where buses depart – Indian run the whole way, once at exit in your group the complete the Dreaded BEAR CRAWL LADDER– plank in a straight line and the PAX in the back bear brawls to the front and ask fellow PAX to complete 1 merkin then Pax member in back bear crawls to the front for another round of merkins ( rinse repeat 3 times).

Mosey to entrance of school for another round of Bear Crawl Ladders- 2 rounds this time– Thought Damascus was going to hurt the Chicken when I called this out again– YIKES!!

Mosey on your own to front of school under the cover to keep our feathers as dry as possible for group work. Partner up for some light AB work. One partner run around island while other partner works on ABS below

200- Flutters

100- Big Boys

100- Heels to Heaven

100- Gas pumps

Switch to different partner for some fun lunges. Partner 1 lunge walks in one direction while partner 2 runs in opposite direction once you meet complete 5 hand slap merkins- complete 2 rounds then switch for another 2 rounds.

Mosey to Flag Pole area for some set ups in the mud and dips – 2 rounds — 25 step ups and 30 dips

Mosey to front of school for 2 mins of Big Boy sit ups and 10 Column merkins

Mosey back to COT.


As always I really enjoy leading this group of men and leaders within our community– today we had 12 LEADERS on a wet start!!!. Heck of a job by all and I was very impressed with Centerfold and Brutus who came out to support the PAX and Mash while injured, these two dudes pushed themselves with a ton of AB work on a day that would have been easy to sleep in on a raining day– NICE JOB FELLOWS– Also is was awesome to see Radar back out with the PAX and very impressed with the progress- this was not a easy workout .. Zin as always brings everything he has got and was trying to lap everyone when running around the island- Showoff. Thank goodness I got Bottlecap during the AB partner work as I pretty much just laid there until he finished running knowing he would make up for my lack of AB execution.. Sorry.. haha —Schneider you continue to push yourself dude, hell of a job. Floppy Disk is killing it this dude is new to us and has been out multiple times since he started and he is hanging with the PAX, nice work man. It is always good when Legal-Zoom is out with the PAX when you are Qing since you never have to look back to find out where the PAX is cause you can hear that running behind you the whole time– dude can run for miles but sounds like he is stomping grapes while doing it.. I appreciate Damascus and Posse coming out to support the Chicken the OG’s where crushing it as usual even though Damascus seemed a bit angry on round 2 of Bear Crawl Ladder- Lastly  good ole Recalculating , something was different in the air today- he seemed positive/happy and was killing it today– was it the weather or is this the new Recalculating for the new year?? hum….   hell of a job by all..


Tooth brushes and Tooth paste collect over next week for Ray for Hope ( PERFERABLLY not used)- See Bottlecap, Dana, Shop Dawg, Dancing Bear ( you night need to go to his house though).

Wishing Centerfold and Brutus a speedy recovery


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