Clyent Dinner – Patio Seating available

Clyent Dinner – Patio Seating available

11 guests opted for the new patio seating area at #ClyentDinner.  Our motto is to be the only best nighttime workout in F3 Waxhaw.  Co-Site Qs Centerfold and Bottlecap have strived to make many improvements but to keep the whining PAX happy, we kept the buffet under cover.


  • 2.6 miles covered
  • Partner work with 200-ish Mike Tysons
  • Tabata with Legs and Chest and complaining
  • 5 animals (Bear Crawl, Frog Jump, Duck Walk, Crab Walk, Bunny Hop)
  • Column work (6 count merkins, Peoples chair stuff)
  • Lots of Mary


  • 11 PAX including 2 2.0s was a great showing for an evening workout
  • Maybe it’s New Year’s resolutions bringing PAX out
  • Maybe it was tough to wake up for this morning’s workouts
  • Whatever it is, this “different” workout is now over a year old
  • It fills a void for some PAX
  • All it takes is for someONE or TWO to step up and try something
  • What workout, project, event, etc. will YOU step up and lead in 2020?  


    • Swarm:  Official Launch.  Dasher on Q.  0515-0615 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Similar to Ignition; 4+ miles.  Bring a headlamp.
    • Diesel:  VQ from Mayhem.  Come show him some love at 0530 at Five Stones for a gear workout.
  • DONATIONS NEEDED:  Bring toothbrushes and toothpaste to a workout for us to donate to Ray of Hope for needy families
  • GLADIATOR:  Saturday Jan 11th 0630-0730 at Marvin Ridge High School.  Gerber is leading this month’s edition of the Black Diamond workout.  Come test yourself.
  • CHRIST’S CLOSET:  Saturday Jan 11th after workouts will be a folding party.  Dana and Shop Dawg will be providing location and more details.
  • NEW YEAR’S GOALS:  One Star shared about his experience down in F3 LowCountry where they opened up a sealed envelope with last year’s goals.  They read them aloud.  One letter stood out from a PAX whose goal it was to “complete 5k” . . . That guy just completed a marathon.  AWESOME stuff.  What goals are you going to put out in front of your F3 brothers so we can hold you accountable?  Is 2020 going to be a year where you ACCELERATE OR COAST?

Thanks to Nails for taking us out!

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