I Bet You Get A Free Bowl Of Soup…

I Bet You Get A Free Bowl Of Soup…

So how many guys are going to show up? What could I plan to keep scratch golfers happy while allowing those that need mulligans to stay in play moving with pace? For such a prestigious site they have very little in regards to space close to the clubhouse. I would need to make use of the entire course.

I had a couple golf themes but they didn’t quite come fruition. What I had planned below I felt good about overall and only concerns was keeping the pack to get her. The big one was, once we are deep in the neighborhood, how in the heck will we get out?

A gang of people here. DiCCS given. Let’s roll.


Mosey around the lot and circle up for….

1. 72 x SSH IC

2. 18 x Moroccan Night Clubs

3. 18 x Merkins IC

4. 18 x Imperial Squawker

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

Mosey to 1st caldesac. Par 4. Out and back two times. 20 Speedskaters on the green and 5 burpees at the tee box.

Mosey to next caldesac. Another Par 4. Out and back one time. Side shuffle to circle, alternating as much as needed. 15 Merkins on the green and 15 Carolina Dry Docks at the tee box.

Mosey to next caldesac. Par 3. Out and back two times. Jailbreak to the green but mosey back. 20 big boys on the green and 20 gas pumps at the tee box.

Mosey to traffic circle. We are at the turn and it’s time to reload the coolers. 10 burpees a minute. 25 MTs in a minute. 10 burpees a minute.

Mosey to next caldesac. Small Par 3 with a dogleg left. Out and back 1 time. 20 lunges then mosey to the green. 20 heels to heaven in the tee box.

Mosey to other traffic circle. Lt. Dan time!! 1 squat, 4 jump lunges. Continue up to 10 and 40.

Our ball is lost in the woods. Let’s mosey and it’s time to find the trail! How much time we got left??

Suicides in the parking lot. Derkins in either end. Mosey to COT. Some ab work for the final 90 seconds.

Thanks to Goodfella for taking us out!


38 pax for my 36th Q and my 1st Q at Bushwood CC! Not sure if I’ve Q’d a workout this big but always my pleasure to lead the gang. Luckily the plan all came together and I only had to audible the 2nd par 4 down to a single round.

The opening 72 SSHs was awful, Lt. Dan’s just hurt but that freaking traffic circle with burpees and MTs was the worst. Those doing the actual full burpee would hate those MTs and even Frack mentioned at coffee that getting through that without a break is tough. The next round of 10 burpees was closest I’ve ever come to dry heaving. I will surely doing those again.

Thanks to everyone that posted! Set those 2020 goals and go after them. I’m still working through them personally but they will happen for sure.


See today’s BB. Whoops and sorry.

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