BagNest New Year’s Eve Convergence

BagNest New Year’s Eve Convergence

26 PAX put in a strong effort to close out the year and decade! I think we’re all looking forward to a brand new year and the opportunity to get better and stronger – more on that later with Dr. Kirby’s Fitness Test.

Disclaimer was made and off we went for some COP at the Vine:

*IW X 15
*Hillbilly X 15 (after a quick weinke check by YHC to make sure we stayed on plan-thanks for pointing that out, Kirby…I feel the love)
*Cherry Pickers w/ “the Clap” X 15
*Plank up for calf stretches – left, then right
*Mountain Climber X 15
*Mosey down to Loch Ness for the Fitness Test

Dr. Kirby’s Fitness Test – based on some in depth research involving firemen, Kirby explained to the PAX that those who are able to do at least 40 merkins in under 1 minute without stopping are less likely to have a heart attack. This was much harder than YHC first thought because I found myself pausing in bad plank form a few times before I finished. Runstopper saw to it that I didn’t get 50 reps in when he took a seat on my back at 49. I believe all the PAX passed this test with no heart attacks.

Now on to part 2 where we ran 3 laps around Loch Ness and then finished up at the rock pile approximating 1 mile. No one told Wingman that we were going counter clockwise so he ended up at the back of the PAX but pulled ahead very quickly for an impressive finish. Kirby timed the PAX and all I know is Snuka is a beast and finished his mile in under 8 mins. Amazing. Tagalong and Runstopper were breathing down his neck for a photo finish. All the PAX put in a solid effort. This gives us a good benchmark of our overall fitness level heading into the new year (YHC has a long way to go for sure!).

After we finished cussing Kirby for coming up with this idea, we partnered up and moseyed over to the rock pile. Each pair picked out 1 medium sized rock and then moseyed over the bridge to the parking lot.

*Round 1: Partner 1 runs with their rock to the end of parking lot and back while partner 2 does prescribed exercise, flip flop until each team completed 100 monkey humpers, 100 calf raises, and 100 LBC’s.

* Round 2: Partner 1 planks while partner 2 does 7 low rock curls, 7 high rock curls, and 7 regular rock curls. Flip flop.

Mosey back to Loch Ness (to the right, now left) for a lively round of 4 corners called out by Kirby which included step ups, heel tap crunches (what are those?), derkins and more.

Mosey back to launch for some Mary and time was called.

It was an honor for Kirby and I to have the opportunity to lead you men today. F3 has meant a lot to us this year and we look forward to 2020.  Happy New Year!


*Runstopper is 50 = Respect

*Kirby and Hops took us out with a double prayer. Kirby started it off by praying that we become better men of F3 in the new year. Hops wrapped it up with a prayer to leave behind the “junk” in 2019 and not to take that forward.



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